I have recently become affiliates with particular companies who's products I believe in and am a very big fan of.  When I discuss any products I have tried or owned that I believe you also might enjoy, I always try to provide a link for you to the main website where you can get more information about the product (if I haven't written an entire novel about it yet) or to purchase it.

In the interest of full disclosure and just because you have the right to know, I will always try to mention in the blog post itself if I am an affiliate with any products that I mention and provide a link to.

I am completely brand new at any of this affiliate stuff.  But from what I know about it, my becoming an affiliate means that if I take the time to discuss or review a product that I have tried and loved (I will also make sure to tell you whether or not I received the product free of cost or if I purchased it myself or if I get anything in return for providing the discussion/review) and provide a link, if you choose to click on the link and purchase the product, depending on the affiliate guidelines, I may be entitled to receive a small referral percentage.

Company affiliate links and product links will be the most you will see on my site as I in no means intend to monetize my blog much further than that.  I'd like to be very clear in that you are in no way obligated to click on the links I provide or to purchase any products that I mention - but if you choose to and I receive the referral percentage, know that I greatly appreciate it and I will of course be using anything I earn to turn around and purchase more fitness gear/gadgets or baby gear/gadgets that I've had my eye on :P

Currently, I am affiliated with:

Skora Running ( (
BuluBox (

If you currently have a blog or discuss products in which you provide links, please feel free to click on any of the links I have provided to become an affiliate with the provided companies.

Thanks so much!

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