About pages are my least favourite thing to work on even though considering how much I love talking about myself, you'd think it would be on the top of my list.

However, it's a very delicate balance to be able to talk about oneself with the right amount of humbleness without coming across as weird and the right amount of confidence without coming off as a complete tool bag.

I guess my photos do a good job of illustrating that all in their own.
I like to start blogs.  I have quite a few of them too, I guess.  Some I've probably forgotten exist.  I remember this one though because it's the first one I have owned with its own domain name, so I'm reminded of it every month when it shows up on my credit card statement and I freak out and start thinking I've been a victim of credit card fraud  until I remember that no, it's my blog address.

I have a bad habit of starting -> getting obsessed -> going all gung-ho about things until it fizzles out and then I'm left with this empty void that I need to fill with something else.  I was once a scrapbooker/cardmaker blogger until a magazine company contacted me and wanted to use some of my projects.  I was all ecstatic and thought I had made it to the big leagues until they sent me their guidelines for everything I would need to do in order to be featured and then it just felt like work.  I got into cake decorating and blogging (after belatedly realizing that I would have to bake cakes first in order to decorate them) and that was fun for a while until people started asking me to do cakes for them in exchange for money and then all of a sudden I had to answer to people and I was stressed out about whether or not they really liked the cakes they were getting or they were trying to be nice and then I'd have fondant breakdowns in the middle of the night and I'd be crying and wailing about how I got myself into this situation.

Then I got "into" weight-loss.  Except things were different.  I didn't want it to be a "thing" that I got "into".  Because that means I can get out of it any time I wanted, or when I got bored or it lost it's shiny value.  I wanted it to be an ongoing part of my life so I said I would start one last blog and this would be about anything and everything (even though most of it would detail my journey towards a different lifestyle than the one that I was headed down) I didn't want it to be ONLY about fitness or what I was eating because to box myself in would mean that if I got interested in anything else, I'd have to start a whole new blog, etc.

So voila! Here I am!

I used to always love keeping journals and diaries and documenting things that go on.  I haven't been as steady as I used to be or would like to, so sometimes I drop off of the face of the earth.  But just to note, this isn't ALL of - or only me.  Things I share here are snapshots and moments of my life - heck, snapshots and moments of my DAY - that I choose to share.  And for most of that, considering how I always tend to lean towards sarcasm and exaggeration, everything on here should also be taken with a grain of salt. 

And now that I find myself on a WHOLE new path on a completely different journey - to mommy-hood! - who knows what kind of posts and topics will evolve, but I hope that for the most part, I will be able to incorporate the new lessons I've learned on the lifestyle change that Bart and I embarked on a year ago (typed as I currently munch on a Halloween packet of Reese's Pieces *cringe*)

But without a doubt, I am always a work in progress.

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