Thursday, April 28, 2016

So far this week...

This week has been a week of celebrations and with that comes FOOD!
I have so been capitalizing on it, though.  Eating bad things just happens to be one of my most favourite things apparently!  I wish it was having nice thighs and calves that can zip up into boots, but there you go.
There's a retirement happening here at work and as she's been here for quite some time and is probably the sweetest, most nicest lady ever, everyone wants to celebrate!  
Monday, I made myself get a work out in because I knew what was coming for the week.  Instead of the usual Max30 I've been doing, I went with a full-on original Insanity workout.  It was definitely hard and a tougher pill to swallow at 30 minutes in and it wasn't over like Max30 would have been.

But check out my workout buddy.  She was having a bath when I started and she came roaring out of her room after Daddy got her all dried up in this outfit ready to go.  She basically takes what Shaun T. (pronounced "Shaunty by her) says as gospel.  If Shaun T. says water break, you best believe she's gonna grab her water bottle!  
She was actually all kinds of amazing though.  When she wasn't trying to copy the moves, she was doing her own running on the spot version or her own push-ups and then shouting "Go, Mama!" or "Come on, Mama!" whenever she noticed me slowing down or stopping.  I can't even describe to you how big she makes my heart swell. For serious!
Tuesday evening, we went out for a dinner for her and there was pasta and alcohol.  

CONFESSION: I didn't even try to behave, y'all.  I picked out the carbonara while I was still at work after agonizing over the menu for most of the day (and you know, working, obviously!)
Wednesday wasn't really a celebration, but there was still "free" food!  It was our annual union meeting at work and one of the big incentives to get our butts over there is a "free" lunch.  I keep air quoting it because technically we paid for our meal ourselves out of our dues, so you best bet I chose the chicken and roast beef!  

I wasn't very clear on some of the topics...but can I tell you how "free" food that I technically paid for wasn't really worth it?
Trying to understand gibberish about money and finances is exhausting, but look what met me when I got home!

I may be biased when I say that I think she's the cutest little hobo I've ever seen!  

No frisbee tonight because we're in between seasons.  My friend Melissa is coming back after birthing her second human, so she wanted to get a run in to prepare herself for the running that is ultimate.  Too bad for her, I haven't run that much at all the last few months and none of them were outside so I was also a little nervous about it.  She had mentioned doing Couch to 5K to get back into it and I took her literally and did day one. *LOL* But it's an ego boost when you finish it and feel like it was super easy, right?  Yeah, we weren't even really sweating and probably only out of breath because we were gossiping so much.
Thursday (today) is the end of season social for the sports league I'm part of and as my Wednesday team picked up a sweet first place finish (Sunday's team came in last - with almost the same members of the team as Wednesdays LOL) I'm definitely looking forward to celebrating!  In the almost five years I've been playing with the Disc Pigs, this is the first time we haven't placed in dead last or 3rd!  
CONFESSION: I know I could try to be good here since this week has already been so all over the place food-wise, but I'd already decided last week that I was getting chicken wings and a drink :S  I'll be good next week?
Friday (tomorrow) is my co-worker's last day and the final celebration at work - this time for the whole department.  There will be cake and she's also planning on bringing in pulled chicken sandwiches and other treats.  GAH!!!  
It really is getting to the point where I feel like I've indulged too much where I want to eat cleaner so hopefully that feeling will stay with me into next week when Monday comes and it's time to re-focus.  The scale hasn't moved too much, I've been hovering between a high 171 and this morning was 173, but I shouldn't let that make me complacent for sure.  It's not a sign that I can eat like crap and not have it affect the scale because we all know that that will sneak up on me again!
I'll finish with a reminder to myself that yesterday I zipped up my Running Room jacket and I was so happy because when I tried to do the same in December, I couldn't even bring the ends of the zippers together around my midsection to even try to zip it up.  Small, baby steps.  Trust the process.  CONSTANT VIGILANCE!
...but tonight, chicken wings.

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