Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Just Do It

About once a week I keep saying I'm going to blog more regularly because I will regret not at least getting some things down so that I can read back on them later on down the road.  
I had started a Twitter and E-Mail account for Ava (not really for her to use, but for me to use about her so I wouldn't end up being that mom that turned my own personal social media stuff into all about my baby stuff).  It lasted a few months and then I kept forgetting about it or was too lazy.  I looked back at some of the tweets that I did about things that Ava was doing at the time and loved them and now I'm sad I'm missing months and months of daily things she did that I would have loved to remember!  

I also had an E-Mail address where I would send her letters and messages so when she was older, I'd be able to give her the password and she'd have lots of letters to read from me.  I have about 10 letters in there from about the first month when she was born and then I went MIA.
I suck so much at follow-through *LOL* we go again!  Try #84736275!

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