Monday, April 11, 2016

Insanity Max30: Day 4 - Tabata Strength {Take 2}

Monday after a weekend of cheat meals = withdrawal

Still eating Easter chocolates and feeling HUNGRYYY!

Maxed out at 5:19 doing what else? Burpee lunges.  

Workout started late because I couldn't get going (because I didn't want to).

Still tried to do regular moves first before moderating and then maxing out.  I feel like there was a balance of pushing myself and then just trying to make it through.  

Still really having a hard time with tricep push-ups. It just feels so much harder to work back upper body strength than it did the last time.  Also had a lot of trouble with the tricep dips.  But will continue working on it. I am looking forward to seeing some improvement!

I just wanna be stronger already!

Set up my "new to me" barbell and my baby plates (5 lbs each side) and put on some barbell workouts on YouTube to try to learn and copy from.  Tried it out for a bit to familiarize.  Every move and everything I'm doing seems foreign and wrong.  I'm also scared I'll injure myself.

And that was the day!  Ate the rest of the Easter chocolates.  If they're gone that means I have nothing left to think about, right?! 

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