Saturday, April 9, 2016

Insanity Max30: Day 3 - Sweat Intervals {Take 2}

It's funny how one of the main selling points of Max30 is that you can get your workout in in just 30 minutes, but when I do the workout, it feels like I'm suffering for hours on end.  I have no idea how I ever got through the original Insanity series when the shortest workout was about 45 minutes and up.
This workout felt harder to get started and harder to get through just because of the break.  I'm take a relaxed approach at completing this program, but after I just explain that I restarted it from all the breaks I took and workouts I missed, I already have a three day gap.
Wednesdays are Ultimate Frisbee days, so I never do an Insanity workout that day anyway.  However, I had a cake order this week and ended up missing Thursday and Friday.  I can't blame it all on the cake, because technically I could have worked out on Friday, but Lazy Cat had already come out to play.

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Had to have this baby ready for Friday, so everything had to get done Thursday evening.  The thing about cakes is that it feels like there's so much time to get everything done, but then really only a small margin to do it.  I had the cakes baked, but in order to make sure it's as fresh as possible, I don't decorate until the night before I have to deliver it - especially since the day of delivery isn't usually the day of the party. 

Anywho, no complaints and no excuses, but for Thursday, all my time went into hanging out with the munchkin before bedtime and then getting Ariel and her cake fin ready to go.  I don't even feel all regresty about not getting the workout in, that cake is my favourite I've made to date!

Friday was delivery day after work and by the time we got home and got the kiddo to bed, I was pretty much done.  Crashed on the couch with no hope (or intent, let's be honest here) of lacing up in the name of fitness.  I ate air popped popcorn drenched in butter instead! #youwinsomeyoulosesome

So come Saturday, I already knew it was going to be a struggle.  Got the munchkin down for her nap and was kind of hoping that she'd take her sweet time.  You know this girl didn't want to work out when she's hoping her kid won't nap! *LOL*

Everything was hard.  I was sweaty and weak and whiny and tired.  I took a lot of "pull up the pants" pauses and even then, barely made it through the warm-up.  I don't have a lot of goals in life, but making it through the warmup without maxing out is one of them.  But then squat lunges came along and it was over.   Besides the fact that my right foot is still bothering me with that arch/heel pain, squatting and lunging on their own are hard enough.  One regular set and I was done-zo.  I didn't even - or couldn't even, more like it! - cycle it down to moderate movement.  Just maxed out and took my sweet time writing it out on the board so I could recover.

Don't be fooled.  That is my surprised I made it through without throwing up on myself look. 

As hard as it felt, I'd like to think that I tried as hard as I could to push even just a little bit.  I'd also like to hope that today's workout was still better than the first time I did this workout.  I'm still nowhere near proper push-up territory yet.  But the tricep push-ups are coming.  I can bend my elbows a little bit! 

I proceeded the workout by staying on my feet for 3+ hours proctoring an exam and then I used all that to justify going out for a dill pickle caesar and a cheddar bacon burger and it was amazing. #noregrets

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