Monday, April 4, 2016

Insanity Max30: Day 1 - Cardio Challenge {Take 2}

I had started Max30 sometime after my birthday and it was also when the weight-loss challenge started.  I LOVE me some Insanity (the original) and it really helped get me not just skinnier the last time I lost weight, but STRONGER.  Honestly, I was more in love with being stronger than I was at being skinnier.  I was so super proud of being able to do "real" push-ups and I credit a lot of that to Insanity.  #pushupjacks4life
Anywho, as the weight-loss challenge went, I got competitive and cut back on Max30 because the scale had stopped moving and I wondered if it was because I was building muscle.  I switched to just cardio only and forewent (is that a word? what's the past tense for forego?) gaining muscle and was rewarded by not winning the challenge and not having built any mucle *LOL*
In any case, I'm pretty sure I was about a week out from finishing the program, however, because I skipped/missed days for frisbee and running, I just figured it would be easier to start over then to try to pick up where I left off.  So tonight was back to Day 1 with Cardio Challenge!

I swear, I stared at this screen for about 45 minutes before I could finally bring myself to press play.  It just looped over and over again and I continued to play Candy Crush until it got late enough that I finally figured I really had to go or get off the pot.

It's funny how things always go.  Before getting started, I don't want to start.  I can't bring myself to start.  It's agony getting my shoes on knowing that I'll have to get moving and things will burn and hurt.  Then after it's over I feel amazing and can't get over how proud I am of doing the workout and putting the work in (and hopefully having pushed myself).  I love me a post-workout sweaty selfie!  The more sweat, the better!
I still went with the moderator track this workout.  I wasn't under any illusion that I could just jump in and go with the gang.  But I did tell myself that I would always start with trying the regular move before cycling down to moderated movements before maxing out.  Also with this workout and hopefully for all the rest of the workouts, I didn't down any pre-workout.  I figure if I get through the workouts without and additional help, it will be better for me in the long run, right?
I maxed out at 11:20 but I can't remember what the move was.  I'll probably have to start trying to keep track of that so I know where I need to try to push past next time. 
When the weight-loss challenge was over and I took a break from running - also had to miss a day of frisbee - the rest helped my plantar fasciitis calm down (if that's even what it is that I'm feeling).  I felt it flare up again as I was doing the first few moves - a lot of them was different movements that had jacks for the base.  I found that it helped if I didn't open my jack so wide.  BWAHAHA, that's the funniest sentence.  But whatever the case, when I was jumping out into the jack (as opposed to stepping out like the moderator), I definitely felt the twinges and it stayed with me for the rest of the workout.  I finally had to stop the jumping jacks when we got to the medicine ball twist and went the moderated route.  To compromise and to help keep my heart rate up, I took an actual medicine ball (8 lb) and used it.
30 long minutes later and the workout was done close to 10 pm.  

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