Monday, February 1, 2016

Fitting In

There are two garment bags hanging in my closet for some time now.  Basically, when I'm out and see something I really like, the part of my brain that processes how things would look good on me is overly optimistic and it just assumes that it will look good on me regardless the size, I'll buy it with the intent that I'll try them on at home.  Of course, the fitting room in my head that tried on the outfit before purchasing is complete different from the "fitting room" that is reality.

So, in a roundabout way, I'm trying to say that I have two garment bags full of nice clothes that more so than not, have the tags still attached because when I tried them on at home, they didn't fit or look quiiiite like the way my mind imagined it would look.  Then I never return them because I tell myself that it (shirt, pants, dress, etc.) will just be my goal shirt/pants/dress, etc. and into the garment bag it went.

I took a bit of a pre-workout today before starting Max:30 and I guess it carries on long after the workout.  I was still wired at 11, so apparently that was a good time to decide to clean out my closet.  You know, to make room for new clothes that I'll need because after 4 days doing Insanity, I must be super skinny by now LOL

Whilst cleaning out the closet, I happened upon the garment bag and even though I started a task super late and it was already closer to midnight than now, I thought it would be fun to try on some of the things that didn't fit me at all a few months ago.

The good news is, I got really excited and giddy because there was a lot of things in there that I was finally able to just get on and off without my fearing that I'd have to get it cut off.  so much more so than the scale, these are the kind of changes I love seeing.  When last month, I couldn't pull a shirt past my boobs and now I can!

CONFESSION: It still resembles a stringed up pork loin which means it wasn't pretty, but I'm looking at baby steps.  Scale numbers may lie and vary depending on so many different factors, but fitting into clothes when I couldn't before is a non-scale victory for me for sure.

It's encouraging and I'm hoping it will continue to act as such to get me through the next 10 weeks and beyond.

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