Sunday, July 19, 2015

Warrior Stroll 2015

Oh, that doesn't sound familiar?  You might know it as Warrior Dash.
This past weekend was the Warrior Dash weekend which is my second (and last) time participating in the obstacle mud run.  Besides the fact that I already outlined my downward spiral into the opposite of health and fitness lifestyle in my previous post, it was also just confirmed for me that being over 30 means you can no longer just wing shit and bounce back from it not feeling like your body creaks when you move #oldpeopleproblems
It's all fun and jumping pictures until the hills try to kill you

My mom and dad came to spectate and as luck would have it, they changed the parking format.  Last year, there were shuttles from the parking lot to the course, but this year, we noticed that they kept the $10 fee to park, but instead of buses, there was a "10 minute walk."  What they failed to mention was that it was practically half of the Warrior Dash course.  My dad was carrying their folding chairs while my mom had brought her camera and we basically all had to trek through rocky pathways and then all the way down a steep ski hill to get to the base of the grounds.  There was a sign as you were nearing the ground letting you know not to worry about the climb back up to the top to get back to your car as the lifts would be available to take.  My dad, who is pretty terrified of heights looked like he was considering turning around and hiking back to the top of the ski hill because he would rather do that than ride a lift.  I told him I'd go grab the car and pick them up instead *LOL*
Always came to all my track meets in elementary school, too!
Climbing up nearly vertical ski hills over and over again makes you really believe that you may have finally just reached your end.  Did you guys know that you could hit a wall during a 5K?  Well, you can.  And the wall is usually about halfway up one of the vertical ski hills at 3.28 kms and by then, you're feeling like you're just about frickin' over it.

I am literally asking Tara why the hell we chose to do this.  And my buns? They don't feel nothing like steel. #moviequotedrop

Celebrating our last obstacle.  We actually didn't know it was our last obstacle at the time.  Heading towards the finish line,  we see the mud pit and pretty much at the same time we decided that we've been in one mud pit, we've been in them all and last year was good enough.  It actually worked out pretty well because I was totally checked out for this whole weekend and forgot to bring a towel or an extra change of clothes so skipping this meant that I wouldn't have to squish around in wet clothing for the rest of the trip home.  #winning
Cleanest obstacle/mud run finishers

The race itself was pretty good.  We were one of the first waves after the elite wave, so when we got there, there wasn't as many people as I remember there being last year.  The obstacles were pretty much almost the same as what we went through last year.  But there was a water obstacle this time around - just some sprinklers spraying you with water as you walk over some wooden planks, but otherwise, everything else was pretty much the same. 
After that, I felt perfectly justified eating whatever I wanted, since you know, #earnedit!  The weekend is also marked by the annual ribfest that Tara and I made up.  And there was a LOT of food and I stuffed my face with an indecent amount of butter tarts and buns, cuz CARBS!!!!
Finished off the day with a sunset paddle.  Paddleboarding is so much easier when you're not surrounded by skinny, uber flexible 12 year olds *LOL*

I guess I'm going to eventually have to step up the running game and quit whining about hills since the Disneyland Half is just a little over a month away!  Who thought it would be fun to run 10K and then 21K again?!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm a Benjamin Button...

...albeit Asian and female, though now that I've Wiki'd Benjamin Button, I can kind of see how I'm not at all like Benjamin Button.
In the jumble that is my mind, I guess I'm trying to compare my journey to how Benjamin Button aged the wrong way.
I kind of think of me in three versions: 
  1. The me who was 200+ lbs and then lost weight
  2. The me who was pregnant
  3. The me who is no longer pregnant
Now, it's version three of me that I'm applying the Benjamin Button comparison to because it's pretty much the complete opposite of Cat 1.0.  In full, version three is actually:

  1. The me who is no longer pregnant and slowly getting back up to 200+ lbs
Sadly, this also applies to my running:

  1. The me who couldn't run 60 seconds
  2. The me who was really close to breaking into the sub 30 min 5K
  3. The me who takes walk breaks during a 5K

It's been almost a year and a half since Ava was born so I guess I can no longer keep seeing myself in the post-partum phase.  Time has totally flashed by and during that time, I've kind of half-heartedly been looking for the girl who wanted to implement this whole lifestyle change.

What prompted all this semi-wonky introspection and very inaccurate comparisons against a movie I haven't actually seen was that today is Wednesday which means that earlier this evening, I was at Ultimate Frisbee.  Actually, it started last week and this week cemented it.

Last week, Melissa and I were running the field as the female cutters and on the other team, the two other girls on defence did the ol' switcharoo.  Now, there are different kinds of switcharoos where if you were defending someone and your girl gets away from you and you yell switch so that someone else who is closer can cover.  But that wasn't the kind of switcharoo that happened.  There's also the kind where you switch with the other person because there's a mismatch.  Since we were on offense, we were able to choose who we were going to defend and then play began.  Halfway through the play, one of the girls from the other team asked her partner if she wanted to switch and the girl who ended up switching to me gasped out a very loud and grateful "oh, THANK YOU!"  Which basically means that she was so grateful to the other girl because she was out of breath from covering my partner that by switching to me, she can effectively take a break or catch a breather.  

I swear I'm not being sensitive!  This is generally a strategy:

Basically, I am #4's wet dream

This week, everyone was pretty much just running circles around me.  I'm not going to try to blame it on allergies, but I was literally WHEEZING up and down the field, which makes me so sad because not even going back to pre-pregnancy games, I wasn't this bad a few months ago.

So there it is.  If it were Transformation Tuesday, I would post my Benjamin Button of Transformations but it's not and let's be honest, I don't really want to.  

But it's out now.  I've admitted it to myself and in almost the same breath, the whole "world."

I'm not sure how to find that version of the girl who was focused and committed to her lifestyle change, but I am putting out there that I am no longer half-heartedly looking for her, I am actively stalking her.  Like #4...
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