Sunday, November 23, 2014

Random Insanity

Not exactly about me losing my mind...just the random things I think or notice or do before, during and after an Insanity workout.

▪️It pisses me off every time I see Adriana without a fricking hair tie.  Who does a workout with hair errywhere?! #tiethatshitup

▪️When Shaun T tells any one of the guys to go faster or asks for faster turnover and the speed doesn't change at all

▪️I die laughing every time Shanita says she wants to leave and it takes Shaun T a few minutes to register that and he's like, "You wanna leave?!"

▪️My OCD freaks out when Shaun T forgets to work one side after the other. Example: during the stretch after warmup, he doesn't do the knee to leg on the left hand side. I usually pause it and do them myself just to be even 

▪️I always play the day's workout DVD before I workout or while I'm putting the baby down for a nap and then getting ready. I just like to see what's in store for me and also watching everyone else go kind of psychs me up (on most days)

▪️The other day, my mind said I could probably try wearing shorts again for a workout.  Then my ears said: "That's not clapping, it's your baby pooch flapping errywhere." And my shorts were all sympathetic and like: "Too soon, junior...too soon."

▪️I get grossed out every. Single. Time Adriana haucks that loogey onto the gym floor. Not to hate on her more, but her legs are funny during power jumps. 

▪️Until I accidentally hit the closed captioning button, I always thought Shaun T was saying "It's all about speed and sexy, people!" as opposed to "speed and safety." 

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