Friday, August 22, 2014

{Road to Disney} Here We Go...

I realize that I have been MIA for quite a while.  I have tried to jump back into blogging but again, with my tendency to overthink, I couldn't figure out a way to ease back in so I ran away and hid and now, it's just come to a point where I just need to skip dipping my big toe in the water and just cannonball straight in.
So here I am!  And with NEWS!

We REALLY did it!  It's no longer just a plan or some far away goal that Tara and I just say we're going to do but really have no intention of doing.  We are REGISTERED and going to Disney to be half-marathon running princesses (cuz #YOLO!)

Can I just tell you that I lost about three-years worth of my life trying to registering for that weekend?  Just goes to show you the power of Disney.  They've got me clamoring and freaking out just so I can give them $300+ dollars so I can run.  RUN.  The thing that I do multiple times a week for free.  I was refreshing the registration page right as it was about to open and about a second after the clock struck noon (should have been midnight so that it could have been more Disney-esque) my page just totally went blank!  It took FOR-EVERRRRRR to get the page to even load and then another few years to get it load each page.  Then when it came time to hit register and go to the payment portion, it would totally give me an error and I'd have to do it ALL. OVER. AGAIN!  Don't even get me started on the payment page and all the errors it gave me!  I was convinced that I had paid for the stupid registration 18 times.

So, 2010 Catherine can't figure out who this girl is that is having a conniption trying to register just so she can run twenty-one kilometers.  2010 Catherine also finds out later that year that she can't run for 60 seconds.  Crazy!

Anyways!  Before I get too chitty-chatty, I'm just going to keep this as the big news update and get going.  I actually have a 5K scheduled for today and as it's almost midnight and I'm watching ice bucket challenge fail compilation videos on YouTube, you can clearly see how much I'm procrastinating.  So I'm gonna get laced up!  Just another day on the Road to Disney!

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Ali said...

Congrats! It is crazy what is runners will do in order to run a race. Great job making the commitment!

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