Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nailed it - My Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure Review!

Coming back from the brink of blog oblivion for a REVIEW!
Weeee!!! Happy Mail Day!

I've been a member of Influenster for just about six months now and it's been pretty neat-o!  If you've never heard of Influenster, it's basically this online community of bloggers and other social media peeps who use their "influence" to talk about products and help get the word out!  As a member, you build up your Impact Score in order to qualify/be eligible for upcoming VoxBoxes.  VoxBoxes are basically packages of product(s) that companies want people to try out/test and review/promote!
I have the {unfortunate?} pleasure of being Canadian which means that as an Influenster member, I only qualify for Canadian boxes.  Which is still pretty neat, but super sad when you see all the other cool stuff that our friends south of the border are getting to try out and review!  If you're interested or if any of this totally sounds up your alley, you should definitely join! 
So, I know you're screeching at me to show what's inside the box already, right!? {As IF the title didn't already tip you off *LOL*}
Yes, I legit did that when I opened the box!  I don't wear too much makeup or jewelry or shop for fancy clothes {outside of athletic gear at Walmart?} but if there's one thing this girl appreciates, it's a nice, pretty set of fingertips! 
Right off the bat, three things stood out for me about these:
{1} Even before The Little Miss arrived, I never had much time or patience to go to a salon and get mah nails did - especially the extra fancy things like tips and designs and whatnot, so this was already right up my alley.  {2} Even more so, because I'm pretty low-key when it comes to getting my diva on, I don't like a lot of hoopla and I definitely don't like to have super long nails, so I was also really happy with the designs that I received.  They were fancy and not boring, but not super loud that screamed HEY LOOK AT MEEEE!  {3} Lastly, the only time I ever usually regret that I'm not a "get nails done on the regular" kind of girl is when a special occasion or event/party has snuck up on me and I all of a sudden decide that I want to get dolled up.  I usually have a last-minute case of regretsies when looking at my short, stubby, ripped-more-often-than-not nails and by the time I notice them, there's never enough time to do a quick manicure and dry time, let alone go and get them done.  
Sooo, enter these imPRESS nails!  
After getting over the initial excitement of getting a Happy Mail Day and seeing the pretty designs, I realized with dismay that the meaning of the product name is that they're press-on nails.  90s peeps - you're all with me when I say remember press-on nails, right?!  I also reference the 90s because I'm pretty sure that was the first and last time I'd ever tried press-on nails.  
BWAHAHAHA.  Yeah.  I think of that every time I think of fake nails!  So, obviously, I was a little bit skeptical about these ones.
I can't get a box of fun things without wanting to try them out right away, so when The Little Miss went down for her nap, I snapped up one of the samples and got down to business!
Design: Working Girl

This design is called Working Girl and it totally tells me that my dreams of getting a job as a nail polish namer is an actual reality, because if someone was allowed to name this Working Girl when there are a million other names, well... {sorry, whoever named it - but SRSLY.  How do you look at that and think, "oh yeah, that totally screams working girl"}
Weird, that paragraph totally took on a life of its own.  I clearly have unresolved issues regarding the naming of this.  Sorry, folks.  I thought I had moved on.  
So, unfortunately for this section of my review, that's the only photo I have for you because I didn't exactly follow directions - or at least, I thought I did.  I'm not exactly a "fine lines" kind of girl when it comes to press-on nails.  Like I said, I was working on a time crunch, so after I put on my set, I realized I needed to get in the shower and you know, make nice with good hygiene before The Little Miss woke up and I missed my window of opportunity.  
Apparently, there's a optimal time that you should have your nails on BEFORE you get them wet and I did not meet that.  While I was in the shower, some of the nails pretty much just slipped off while I was washing my hair and of course there was stickin' 'em back on.  #UserError  Perhaps they should put a little star beside that "Lasts up to a week"
I had to wait another week before I could try out the next set because I had purposely saved this pretty pattern for The Little Miss' baptism celebration.  True to form, I lost track of time and procrastinated on a whole bunch of stuff that I was of course taking care of day before and day of, so the last thing I thought about was how I was going to look.
Good news for me this time around was when I looked down at my ragged nails and wished that I could do something about them in the half hour I had left before it was time to leave, these babies came to my rescue!

Et voila!  I exaggerated not when I said it took me 10-15 minutes tops!  While the husband was loading up food, paper plates, cutlery and a baby into the truck, I got these on and was ready to go!
I already loved them when I tried them out earlier that week {even though they didn't make it through the shower - my bad}, so after the huge baptism celebration was over {we had almost 100 people, if not just a little over - what can I say, we have a BIG fam and baptisms are kind of a big deal} and my nails were still pretty, I was SOLD.
Writing that is kind of saying a lot because up until I received my imPRESS VoxBox, I was kind of a Jamberry girl.
So...on to the actual review part!
Not counting the user error where I legit stepped into the shower immediately after I pressed the nails on, here are my thoughts:
  • Designs and design options - ummm, a-maaah-zing!  I really liked the two designs that were sent to me and after stalking everyone else's #imPressmanicure on IG and seeing what designs they got, I was definitely imPRESSed.  Enh, see what I did there? 
  • Nail length - they come in what looks to be three different sizes, regular and medium length plus toes.  The length I received were pretty perfect for me as I don't like to have my nails too long.  These felt like they were just the right length without being super stubby or looking like talons
  • Natural look - not talking about the design but I mean how my nails actually look once they're on.  The nails are flexible and thin enough so that they are form fitting to your nail.  When applied properly (I pushed back the cuticles prior to applying) they have a really nice, natural nail look to them
  • Material - as I mentioned above, because of the material that allows the nails to be flexible, I was able to really choose the right nail size for me - or even push it and get a slightly smaller size (to keep the nails short).  The nails flexed and fitted my fingertips just right
  • Speed - these nails are easy to apply - just peel the back off, press and GO.  No drying time, no waiting in between for multiple coats and it's fingertip-mess-free.  No fiddling around with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to clean up and little bits on the sides of nails.  
  • Cost effective - at least for me it was.  Since I don't usually like to have super fancy done up nails on the regular, the length of time for me to have these on were worth the retail price - especially since it's been known to happen on more than one occasion where I've gotten my nails down and I've messed them up BEFORE I've even left the salon or chipped them right after I got home while doing the dishes or whatever.  I usually just want them for a party or a special occasion and these lasted longer than that, so it was a WIN for me!
  • Availability - no waiting for the salon to open, no making appointments!  You can pick these up at Walmart and maybe get more than one set or design and you'll be ready to get your nails done anytime
  • Can't really say it was much of a con since it was probably my fault for not reading all the directions, but allow at least half an hour after application before getting them wet in order to make sure the nails stick.  The first time around, I didn't do that and my nails came off in the shower
  • If you're the type who wants your nails designs to last a super long time, then you might not like these as much since they're known to only last a week or less
Honestly, I'm actually trying to think of more cons and I really can't!  For what I needed them for and my usual nail type/preference, they met my needs and I got a lot of compliments about them at the baptism!
I would definitely try these again and will stock up on different designs {I've got my eye on: Shout, So, So Stellar and One Shine Day}.  I would also recommend them to a friend {which I already have} who is looking to try out something fun and isn't looking for a super long commitment.  
So there you have it!  My super fast, super quick {unlike this review} imPRESS manicure = NAILED IT!

DISCLAIMER: I received two design products of imPress Press-on Manicure complimentary of Broadway Nails and Influenster as part of their imPress Manicure Canada VoxBox.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If getting products ahead of the pack to try out and talk about it sounds like your jam, membership to Influenster is free.  Visit http://www.influenster.com to sign up and complete your profile to start earning badges and to up your Influenster score!

For more info on imPress Press-On nails and designs, visit http://impressmanicure.com
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