Monday, April 21, 2014

Runners Tell All {Link-Up}: Learning from the bad

It's that time again!  "Runners Tell All" is a monthly link-up for runners of all ages, skill levels and experience. It's hosted by Sunshine to the Square Inch, The Lady Okie and SURPRIIIIISE! this month is also be co-hosted and sponsored by meeeeeee!  Each month, we chat about a particular running topic for a chance to reflect on our own running, expand our friends in the blogging community and to win PRIIIIIIIZES!

DISCLAIMER: Sorry, y'all. Oprah jumped the gun and got carried away. Buuuut one of you could win a prize, though!
This month, we're talking about any of our bad race/training experiences and how we learned from it, so grab a button and link-up with us!  Ready, set, GO!

My worst race experience would have to be my first one.  My friend Tara and I signed up for the Niagara Falls International Marathon's 5K race and to train for it, we started doing Couch to 5K.  At the time that we started, we were NOT runners.  Like, at all.  But it seemed easy enough since the first week called for 60 second run intervals.  I mean, who can't even run for 60 seconds?


I totally had to bail on the last interval in order to save my life.  It was bad.  From the looks of it, I was NOT going to make it through the program.  Soooo, cheater that I am, I started doing the rest of the program indoors on a treadmill.  My ego got totally boosted because I was breezing through the scheduled runs.  I was like, "OBVIOUSLY I was meant to be a runner.  I'm like...a natural."

Sooo, fast-forward to the end of the program and I "finished" it in August.  Did not run again until the actual day of the race which was at the end of October.  

I swear the asphalt came alive and kicked my butt.  First of all, I hadn't run in two months and the only running I'd ever done was on a treadmill - a moving belt that simulated NOTHING about what it was like to run outside.  I was DYING.  I remember crossing the finish line and someone throwing one of those silvery, foil blankets on me and some volunteer EMT actually coming up to me and watching me and then asking if I was okay.  I wheezed an "uh-huh" because I was pretty much incoherent and trying to walk by him and all the black spots dancing around him.  

And, CONFESSION: I walked most of that 5K.

So, yeah.  That would fall under both worst training and race experience.  Because I knew I was cheating by running on the treadmill and not EVER running outside and then going ahead and disappearing off the face of running earth for two months before the race.  #facepalm

Lesson learned.  I hated how I felt like I was almost dying, I hated my finish line pictures and I hated my time so I resolved that none of that would happen again!  It took a while, but I got back into running again and OUTSIDE and I haven't looked back since!  I can now run a full 5K outside and since I picked up running again post-pregnancy, I haven't gone more than a day or two without lacing up and going for a run!  In the hopes of getting a PR or two this year, I also picked up a running coach who is working with me on getting a faster 5K time and he'll also be helping me train for my first half-marathon in February!  Lesson = LEARNED!


You. Guys.

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    1. You MUST leave a comment on the person's blog who linked up directly before you.  This is not a link-up for the sake of linking up.  This is a link-up to build community and spread the love and encouragement to your fellow runners.  Don't be lame.
    2. Only link up the post that is related to our running prompt.  Do not share links to unrelated running posts or to your blog's homepage, or we will have to delete your link. (Amanda's done it before, so she's not joking). 
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    Ali said...

    Yikes! That sounds like a difficult 5K! Glad you're back to it and doing better this time around. Thanks for sponsoring the link up!

    Andrea H. said...

    Not being properly trained is a killer! I have been there as well! Glad things are going well for you with training currently though. Good luck as you hope to PR this year :)

    This One Italian Girl said...

    It's amazing how much a difference running indoors vs outdoors can make! I've learned the hard way too that you have to practice in race conditions to really prepare.

    karin said...

    thanks for the advice!

    Al@PolkaDotsandPaisley said...

    I hate that first outside run after being on the treadmill for a while. I always kicks my butt!

    Miss Nutralicious said...

    Ha ha ha!!!! I LOVE this! I love that you did the couch to 5k program, completed it in August, and then eagerly awaited the October race.

    I would SO do this. I would completely convince myself that finishing a training plan 2 months ahead of schedule MUST be a sign that I was SUPER ready to race! Like, "I'm so fast, I TRAINED faster than everyone!" Ha ha ha!

    Also, I love that your Road ID says "Stop my GPS watch!"

    The Lady Okie said...

    Fun! You have a coach. That's awesome. I think it would be great to have someone to talk to about training and give me tips and such. I hope that's working well for you! I totally agree with you about the treadmill. I run on it a lot during the winter, but I try to get outside at least once a week. Thanks again for linking up and for hosting this week!

    Beka said...

    As had of a learning experience as that was I'm glad you learned it at the beginning and got it over with. I do enjoy treadmill runs but they can't be the basis of your runs.

    Thanks again for hosting with us this go around!

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