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T25 Day 2: Speed 1.0 - Speed & Underwear

If by Speed 1.0, Shaun T. was referring to a turtle, then:

Why yes, yes I did.
I have no idea why successfully being mediocre at these workouts continues to surprise me.  I think the whole, 'watching the workout in advance' is lulling me into a false sense of security and confidence.  Or I have this huge ability to overestimate what my body can still do - which I'm learning is not all that much these days!

I think that's the whole thing about pain memory or something.  During one of the sessions of childbirth class Bart and I went to, the instructor asked us to think back on the most painful thing we experienced.  The whole exercise was to illustrate that the mind has this way of helping us to forget pain.  Like, we know we went through it, but we have a hard time recalling the feel of it, or how much it hurt, or something like that.

I think that's what's happening here.  I know I gave birth.  I can see that I did.  But for some reason, my mind kind of just glosses over that fact.  So that when I look at workouts or see peoples' bodies doing coordinated movement, my mind just thinks back to my body PRE birth and is like, 'Oh yeah, you can TOTES do that, too!' and then it gets surprised when my body attempts to do it and says, 'Bazinga! No I can't.'

Aaanywho!  Despite the reminder that my body is not where it used to be despite what my mind seems to remember, the good news is that I got it done!  The even better news is that I feel much better about this work out than Day 1.

Much better in that it felt harder.  It felt harder in that I feel like I was able to give it a bit more and go a bit harder.  And I think a lot of that was all made possible by the invention of control tops and underwear.

Pictured: Flexees by Maidenform Firm Control
Note: Those sure aint my thighs!

CONFESSION: Yes, I totally rocked these.  I initially got them for frisbee after my awesome turf faceplant, but I realized it would come in handy for these workouts as well.

You know what's irritating?  That they always advertise or show control underwear or slimming undergarments on SKINNY people.  And what's even more annoying?  That it totally works on me and for some reason my mind thinks that I'll look just like that too when I wear them.

But this time around, they worked out for me because I wasn't trying to wear them and squeeze myself into a dress two sizes too small and look nice and smooth.  I just needed them to hold things in and didn't care what it ended up looking like - which is a good thing too because the end result wasn't smooth.

Have you ever seen a clown do balloon animals? Random question I know and under normal circumstances, I wouldn't bring up clowns 'cuz those fools are straight scary, but have you ever seen one do an act where he blows up a balloon and then presses on the blown up part and it disappears or it moves?  You know, because when he squeezes it, the pressure causes the bubble to move elsewhere or whatever?

CONFESSION: This was my long way of illustrating what happened to all the stomach I tried to tuck into my new extra firm control underwear.  It sure flattened everything down there all nice but you know that extra bit has to go somewhere right?  It totally got pushed up above the waistband so I ended up with what looks like six boobs.  Six boobs?! you ask.  Why yes, four in the front and two in the back!  Back boobs. 

Word to big bird.  If you look closely you can totally see the back boobs.
Don't let that smile fool you.  I'm strapped in TIGHT. a tiger.  Where is that from?

But I didn't care.  I did what I had to do and I got that workout done and I earned me another check mark!

I seriously love my check marks.  If there is something written down that is next to an empty box, I get all MUST. CHECK. BOX. OFF.  Which is a good thing because this was the only way I was able to get that work out done.  I was puttering around the house and it feels like I'm coming down with a cold or sniffles or something and my throat has been feeling pretty dry so I was going to use that as a by to get out of doing the work out.  But then I looked at my planner and there it was all written down.  With that blank box.  Just waiting for a check mark.  

I tried to close the planner and ignore it but it was too late.  My entire BEING was aware of the empty check mark box.  It gnawed at me until I couldn't take it any more.  I threw on all my layers and pressed play.

Kind of regretted it after - but only until I was done!

This workout, while it still built up to more difficult/faster moves, it did it with less progression.  So right away, it had me hopping and jumping and lunging.  Perhaps because I haven't done these kinds of workouts in a while, maybe it just feels that way, but I think these moves require a lot more coordination - at least if you want to go at the same tempo the rest of the crew is going.  I couldn't get the 'high knee cross overs' for the life of me and it's basically just a funkier toe-tap practically!

There's a LOT of jumping, hopping, hop lunge-ing and hop squatting in this one.  It felt like a lot of leg-work with cardio thrown into the mix, so it wasn't unlike day one which was basically supposed to just be cardio.  I'm not sure what the difference is between these two except that day two had stretch and stability thrown in.

You might recall that yesterday I mentioned that I missed the stretching that Insanity had at the end of their workouts.  Day 2 had it actually mixed in with the workout itself.  It would alternate between faster progression workouts and then there would be a small break in the form of a stretch of some sort, ie. hip flexors, hamstring stretches, etc.  Since there were squats in day one that my legs were feeling, it felt good to have the stretches incorporated into the workout, plus it was nice to have these "breaks" in between progression sets.

Overall, I liked this work out.  It had some different moves from the Insanity program (I noticed that some moves were the same but just with different names in the T25 program) and I'm really happy that I was able to keep up with the crew a bit more than I was the day before.  Despite the fact that I know I'm not up to speed, I like being able to see marked improvements from day to day, even if it's just small things.

BONUS (if you consider potty-mouthed rambling a bonus):

So there's Day 2 = Boom.  DONE!

DISCLAIMER: The Focus T25 program was purchased by myself for personal use.  Any and all opinions provided in regards to the workout program are my own.  I have not been compensated in any way.  However, the post contains affiliate links for some products pictured.  Please see "Affiliates" section for more information regarding affiliate links.

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