Friday, March 14, 2014

T25 Cardio - Day 1: Ouch...

So, I thought I woke up this morning with the flu or something.  I opened my eyes and my body hurt all over.  OMG, I'm sick!  Then after I really woke up, I started assessing my symptoms and felt totally fine except for my achy body.
Oh, right.  I worked out for pretty much the first time in almost a year.  That'll explain it.
I'd been feeling pretty proud of myself lately for being able to keep "active" throughout  my pregnancy and beginning to get "active" again post-partum.  What I forgot was that running, while it is active, is just running.  Once you've broken your body in, when you run without cross-training, you're pretty much working the same muscle groups and not asking your body to do anything different.
So my thinking that T25 should be easy to just jump in to since I've been running and have felt okay was kind of like a huge BAZINGA! moment to my face.  This thinking was helped along when I watched the workout first.  
As with tradition that I started with Insanity, I always like to watch the workout first.  Kind of like so I know what I'm getting into.  Or more like to visualize.  I can see what I'll be asked to do so I can already envision myself doing it.  So, see it and then watching Tanya - the modifier - do the moves, I kind of actually scoffed.  I was like...pssssh.  I GOT THIS!  I mean, that's a workout?
More like...

The thing about this work out is that it's misleading.  It lulls you into a false sense of security and confidence.  You watch them and you think you can do it.  The gem behind this is that Shaun T's broken it down in sets that he calls progressions.  He takes a move and he breaks it down into these little pieces building up to the actual move.  
Example: Run progression.  He doesn't just come right out and say, "Okay, guys, let's run."  First he gets you to alternate knee lifts.  And that's like, super easy.  It's child's play!  I can do it in my sleep.  In fact, I'm pretty I do do it in my sleep sometimes.  Then after a minute or two - or whenever that little moving yellow timing bar says so, he says, "Okay, now keep doing that, but this time, come up on your toes." And it's such a little change it doesn't really feel like anything.  So you're alternating knee lifts on your toes and you're feeling all smug and figuring if they could just see you right now, BeachBody would TOTALLY contact you to do a whole series on post-partum workouts.  But then Shaun T says jog.  And then high knee jog.  And to do it faster.  And then all of a sudden you're getting slapped in the face with your own boobs that gravity has now discovered and that area that used to hold a baby is bouncing around so hard that it's taking your shorts and underwear down with it with each downward motion.

CONFESSION: I think I spent more time pulling up my bottoms than actually "working out."


The thing that's kind of sad is that I know I didn't really give 'er, you know?

There's that moment in the inspirational made for TV movie that is a workout where in your head you're thinking, "No, I can't do it.  I'll never make it.  It's over."  But then cue slow, inspirational music and everything starts to go slow motion and you lift your head up and you're like, "I CAN do it.  I AM doing it!"  And you dig a little deeper into your SOUL and you find it within yourself to push just that little bit harder and GO and it's amazing and the clouds part and this heavenly, sunshine-y light beams down only on you and the birds take flight and the choirs of angels sigh in adoration.

Sorry, what were we talking about?

Right, so none of that happened.

Apps don't lie. It's clear I chilled in the moderate zone.
Shout out to the five seconds I hit maximum intensity *LOL*
I know I took it easy on myself.  I know I could have gone harder when I didn't and I could have done more and jumped a little bit more but instead followed Tanya for the modified version.

CONFESSION: So how sad is it that even though I know I took it easy, I was still REALLY out of breath and REALLY tired?!

In my defense, I didn't want to just go into it bandying about, limbs flailing just so I can say I did it.  That's one of the main reasons why I watch the workout before I actually even do it.  I want to see the moves and I want to make sure that I am familiar with them so I can concentrate on doing them PROPERLY so I can get the most out of the 25 minutes.  I felt like with Insanity, because the workouts were an hour PLUS, I could get away with just going in and doing the moves however more because at an hour plus, as long as you're moving around, you'll get a workout (of course, I don't recommend just moving about and doing things half-heartedly, but not gonna lie, it sometimes happens).

So, like I was saying, with the workout time serious pared down, I wanted to be sure that the 25 minutes I was getting in was QUALITY.  So, yes, I was slower than the people on the DVD doing some of the moves, but I gotta tell you, my moves were GOOD.  Just like with the running progression, I made sure that my knees came up above my waist, I didn't just jog it out and call it a day.  When it came to the squats, I took my time and got my butt down there and parallel to the floor, keeping my back straight.  This girl was slow and tired, but this girl had FORM.

There were times though that Tanya's modified version didn't feel like enough for me, so I was able to find an in-between where I was doing the moves slightly more intense/at a higher impact than Tanya's but not at the higher level that the rest of the group was doing.  I'm just definitely not there with the jumping.  Perhaps I'll have to try to come better prepared for the next work out and get wear more compression gear or what not.  I never had this problem even with Insanity.  When I started that program, I was definitely heavy and big, but at least I was a solid all over big.  This soft and saggy in the middle thing was not something I had ever banked on when I planned to make my triumphant comeback to fitness.

Progression: I really liked how the entire workout was broken down into some specific moves that were then further broken down into smaller movements.  I almost feel like Shaun T. and the BeachBody folks really listened to some of the concerns that people had about Insanity when it was mentioned that people were hurting themselves just trying to do moves and doing them improperly.  The progressions make it so that it gives you a better chance to really do the workout effectively and properly. 

Burnout sets: After you go through a bunch of progressions (I'm sure it's with the understanding that you've gotten the hang of them and are doing them properly), you get to the "burnout" stage where it's time to MOVE.  You've been through the progression, you know what to do and so this is the part where you go for it.  You take the final, ultimate move in each progression and you string them all together and you go as hard as you can.

Modified moves: I'm not sure I'd really refer to this as a con because it's not like it really took away from the workout itself or detracted from it, since ultimately, you're the boss of your workout and you control what you do, but I thought some of the modifications were really basic.  I know that they're meant to be lower impact, but a lot of them ended up being just some version of toe taps at the end of the day and didn't much resemble what the rest of the team were doing.  But, like I said earlier, I feel like they incorporated the modified version of things as a heed to the feedback that they'd received from Insanity (since Insanity did NOT have any kind of modifications), so I don't actually dislike it.  And as I said earlier, when I felt like I could do more than what Tanya was doing, I made modifications to the modifications.  ie. incorporated small jumps and hops as opposed to the full-on jumps that everyone else was doing, but more than the toe taps that Tanya was doing.

Stretch/cool down time: There IS a cool-down section with the workout.  You just have to wait until after the 25 minute segment is over and then they'll cut into it after.  But It's about 2 minutes long and I felt like it was pretty quick and I missed the slow, deep stretches that I was used to after the Insanity workouts.  Again, I can't really count it as much of a negative against the workout since of course, you can do more stretching of your own choice if you want to at any time after the workout is over.

Even though it's slow going to sit on the toilet and then ultimately get back up, I'm looking forward to the next workout and to advance to the other focuses. Focusi?  What's more than one focus? Bwahaha, is there such a thing?  Since focus implies that you're diverting your attention to a specific thing?  If you're paying attention to more than one thing, can it still be classified as focused?  Okay, I nerded my own self out...where was I going with this?

Right, the workout program came with a resistance band so I know there'll be more strength training coming up and I think that's what I'm really looking forward to.  A year ago, I was interested in just getting skinny, but after going through the whole healthy lifestyle change and now that my perspective on health and my body has evolved, I know I want to get STRONG and I had made it a goal while I was preggo that when I came back, I wanted to focus a lot more on strength training and lifting slightly heavy.

You know, so I can have these:

Muscles, yo!

BONUS (if you consider "sweaty mess" a bonus):

Nursing straps for the win.
I don't know about you, but I just can't handle all that awesomeness. Just. Can't. Handle.

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