Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Subscription Addiction

You guys...

After last week's frenzy of Happy Mail Days, I have to say that I am TOTALLY on board with boxed subscriptions!

I've been online forever and programs where you get awesome stuff to try out sent RIGHT to your mailbox is OBVS right up my alley, so how did I not find out about this sooner?!

Clearly, I am making up for lost time, as you can see with my latest March StrideBox unboxing and review! (Psst!  You can find February's post HERE)

So, you won't be surprised to know that I got super excited when I found out about a new (or I guess new-to-me as I always seem kind of late to the party!) subscription!  And you know the best part?  It ships to Canada!  I totes lied.  The BEST part is that it ships to Canada fo' FWEEEE! (Translation: FREE)

After I realized that this wasn't just ANOTHER lame subscription that DOESN'T ship to Canada
Then I was like: Weeeeee!!! *HAPPY DANCE* Like so.
Of course this had to happen. 
One SIMPLY does not find a health and fitness subscription box that ships to Canada for free and passes up on it! (I feel like there should be a meme of that)
So before I get caught in the reaction gif intervention that I'm sure will be happening soon (don't do it, I love me some reaction gifs HARRD), here's the box and the deets #shortenedanalreadyshortword #anotherdollarinthedouchebagjar:
HerFitnessBox | Based out of Australia, HerFitnessBox boasts "Health and fitness boxed up and delivered to your door every month!"
From their website: Each box that you will receive monthly will contain:
2 x fitness accessories (they had me at fitness accessories)
4 x health and lifestyle deluxe samples
1 x collectable box
Judging from the reviews and IG posts of February's box, a lot of the stuff that came weren't even deluxe samples, but FULL-SIZED products.  That's my JAM, y'all.  Also, each box is said to have over $110 in value and the subscription features no contracts.  You can cancel at any time provided that you do so before the cut-off date for the next month.  
The box is $39.95/month and using this handy-dandy coupon code (HFB5OFF), you can get $5 off your first box.
NOTE: Prices are listed in Australian dollars.  Want to know how much it will cost you?  Sure, let me Google that for you.
Needless to say, I am PUMPED (CONFESSION: I'm totally beside myself excited) to get my first box and to see what it has in store for me!  I already feel like this will take me to a whole new level in my healthy lifestyle change journey (yes, I say this with every new thing that I try, but I think it's working!)
...aaaaand in other subscription news, my other health and fitness box subscription love (I am not cheating on it with HerFitnessBox, we have an open relationship and he's not the jealous type :P) BuluBox is getting real:
Whoops!  Wrong image! (Hehe, sorry, couldn't help it! #sorrynotsorry)

This is a special one-time (not auto-renew subscription) limited edition box that is geared towards discovering eco-friendly, all natural and all that jazz products. 
Or you could go the guaranteed monthly Happy Mail Day and get a subscription for only $10/month + free shipping for my south of the Canadian border friends.
And because you know me, you can use this coupon code (BULUGAN044) to get 50% off any BuluBox subscription.  Because, you know...
BWAHAHA, I'm just kidding. #imnotkidding
 Alrighty!  So that's it for my latest box subscription news!  I'm off to get some rest so I can sell my body and/or soul and/or organs on the street and/or black market in order to pay for my subscriptions!
Q: Are you into box subscriptions?  Which is your favourite? TELL ME! So I can get more!  I'm also signed up StrideBox, Ipsy, BuluBox (through ambassador-ship) and MommiesFirst.
DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate and ambassador links.  All subscriptions mentioned have been purchased by myself for personal use and enjoyment (#thatswhatshesaid).  Any and all opinions and thoughts provided are my own. For more information, please see the AFFILIATES section.

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