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StrideBox Review - March 2014

I LOVE Happy Mail Days!  
If you ever have to stay home for a whole year, totally get a box subscription.  It just kind of breaks up the every day by finding a surprise in the mailbox or having someone knock on your door with a package!  Wait...does that last part sound weird?  It sounds inapprop, no?  Maybe I've just been hanging out with a baby and no one to talk to too long.  Everything sounds inapprop.  $1 in the douchebag jar for shortening the word twice! *LOL* #newgirlreference



ABOUT | "StrideBox is a fun and exciting way to discover running products and accessories. Each month, as a member, you will receive a curated box of apparel, accessories, and nutrition products to fuel your training sessions, workouts, and races."

COST | $15/month (+ $5 shipping to Canada)

I think since this was my second box, I was in the regular rotation and that might be why my box came a lot earlier.  The photos probably make it look a bit bigger than it actually is - the box fits in my mailbox with room to spare, just an FYI.

Weeee! Look at all my stuff!
Lenny & Larry's Fit Protein Brownie - Value $1.99/bar
Honey Stinger Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond - Value $2.29/bar

Lenny & Larry's - Fit Protein Brownie | New product!  Packed with 13g of protein and 7g of fiber and no artificial ingredients, this gluten free bar is a guilt-free way to snack. REVIEW: I ate this the other day after my first T25 workout.  I was surprised by  how much I liked it.  It still has the protein bar consistency, but not as tough and chewy and the taste was really good.  I would purchase it again if I could get it in town or on (for free shipping!)

Honey Stinger Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond | Made with 25% honey, 10g protein and 22 vitamins and minerals, this bar is a great between run snack or an afternoon run recovery bar. REVIEW: I've seen a lot of honey stinger products since I started trying to get fit and I've seen it mentioned a lot among the running community so I've been wanting to try it out.  I was a bit wary about it as I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate, but this was REALLY good!  It was soft and easy to chew with actual bits of almond and cherry in the nugat-like bar.  It's sweet and kind of tastes like a black forest cake.  I would definitely pick more of these up!

Gu Brew Electrolyte Lemon Lime - Value $1.69/pack
Hyland's Bioplasma Sport - Value $0.82/pack
I'm a big fan of electrolyte drink mixes, so I'm always happy to see a couple packets.  Gu has always been my electrolyte of choice, but I've never tried the lemon lime flavor.  Since I've been breastfeeding, I find that I'm a lot thirstier and need to drink more water so this serves to get a little flavor in my water as well as upping my hydration factor.  I haven't tried Hyland's before (or heard of it) so it'll stay in my gym bag for those times when I realize I forgot my tablets or whatnot and it will come in handy that way.

Gu Energy Gel Salted Caramel - Value $1.34/packet
Yaaay!  I've been wanting to try Gu's new flavor!  I was actually thinking of shooting StrideBox an E-Mail requesting the new flavors and voila! Here it is!  I was kind of hoping for the salted watermelon, but whatevs!  Salt = good.  Caramel = good!  I'm super pumped for the electrolytes and the gel since I'll be getting ready to ramp up my mileage when I get started with my runDisney half training!

Skin Strong Slather Anti-Chafing Cream - Value $0.65
Just like I mentioned - this will probably come in handy for when my runs start to get longer.  Right now, I'm using Glide, so I'll toss this in my gym bag for any just in case situations.

Fluid Recovery - Value $1.06/packet
I don't usually drink recovery drinks besides water or chocolate milk when I have it, but again, with the long runs I'm anticipating, I'm sure I'll probably need it, so it will be good to have this on-hand. 

LaceLocker - Value $7.95/pair
The running gear that StrideBox included for the month of March is the LaceLocker - which makes sure that you never have to stop mid-run to tie or fix loose laces.  I've never actually had any issues with loose or untied laces with my Skora running shoes, so I'm not sure how much I'll use this.  Maybe if I ever switch running shoes (not really likely, though! LOL)

For March's box, the total value of the items I received comes to $17.79 and that's including the Gu gel packet that is listed as a bonus item.  While the subscription/month costs $15.00, factoring in shipping to Canada, it doesn't exceed the amount I paid for everything in total which is kind of disappointing - especially since I don't really have a use for the highest priced item.

Here's to waiting to see what's in store for April!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased a subscription to StrideBox personally for my own use and provided a review for fun.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  The provided links contain affiliations.  While you are under no obligation to make any purchases, should you do so by clicking on the links I have provided, I will earn a small percentage based on your purchase in commission.

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