Thursday, March 6, 2014

Home Turf

Six weeks and three days after The Little Miss made her entrance, I laced up and dug my cleated feet into some familiar and much missed green turf!
FACT: If my feet aren't in Skora's then they're usually in cleats!
It's so weird how much I missed playing and looked forward to returning to Ultimate (frisbee).  If you've been around for a while, you'll know about my love affair with the sport and how it really inspired me to get fit and in turn get healthy.
...and this was already after I had started losing weight.
I didn't actually intend to really get fit when I first started.  I was just following Melissa around making sure she didn't make any other cooler friends than me.  I'm creepy like that. So when she said she was going to join an Ultimate league, I decided to join her and the whole 'get fit' thing came from the fact that we totally got yelled at on our FIRST day out.  
Turns out watching people run as fast as they possibly can and then pivoting and running as fast as they can the other way is easier than actually doing it yourself.  GAH!  I'm pretty sure I blacked out.  And when you black out, you're not running, hence why I got yelled at.  The guy actually said, "if you're not running then get off the field!" SRSLY.
Mel and I were both "we don't have to stand for this! We're gonna QUIT!"
Except we didn't.  For some unknown reason, we kept torturing ourselves and going back.  And it was always our goal to not get yelled at.  After that, the goal was to keep up to the person we were guarding.  And then to catch the disc once.  And then finally to score a point.
Right before I found out The Little Miss was no longer just an idea
Being able to play was one of the things I was saddest to give up during pregnancy.  I'd have to say I was even more sad about it than giving up certain foods and that's saying a LOT.  I tried to play after I found out and managed about two games before I had to toss in the towel due to paranoia and the one girl on the one team who almost ALWAYS seemed to tackle whoever it was she was guarding.
So fast forward and The Little Miss is now here and when my thoughts aren't on adoring her and feeding/changing her, it's on when I can get moving and when I get back on the field.
Mine and Mel's original plan was to come back in May since by the time Mel had her baby, spring season would definitely be underway and too late to join in.  Except that Mr. Owen came early and there we were with the Ultimate spring training registration E-Mail and it started exactly at our six-week clearance.
Uuuh, YESSS!!!
I was really excited and was counting down the days.  Except when the day came and it was only hours until game time, I started getting nervous.  When I stopped to really think about it, it's been 10 months since I last played.  That's almost a year!  Which means it's almost a year since I've really sprinted and pivoted and all that jazz.  I remembered that Ultimate asks a LOT from you and takes a lot out of you.  I was starting to wonder if I could cut it.

But I laced up and got my cleats in the turf and I was home.
And then I ran like never before, zigged and zagged and dove and caught and scored points like crazy.  It was amazing.  Everyone was in awe and if this was being aired over a sports channel, they'd be slow-motioning me.  And apparently I didn't get any more humble while I was taking a season off.
CONFESSION: Okay, so none of that stuff actually happened.  First time out in real time and after signalling a throw into the corner, I sprinted for it for the point and I just couldn't reach it in time.  Except my momentum was still going and my stomach fell victim to gravity as I was leaned forward sprinting it out and kept going long before my legs stopped and I face planted.  Knees hard into the turf and SKID!
Turf burn, that is!
When Mel and I were first warming up, I joked and said, "imagine we got out there and we realized we got even BETTER while we took time off?!"  And we both laughed and continued tossing the disc back and forth to each other.  Except the thing is...I was kind of expecting that I'd be just as good.  It would be a bit slow going in the beginning but that I'd get my groove back.  Kind of like getting on a bike after a long time.  Wobbly at first but still able to do it.
I think what I didn't like the most was that it felt like my brain/mentality was there but my body was refusing to cooperate.  It wouldn't do the things I was telling it to do and the things that I knew it could do!  I mean, I'd be looking at the girl I was guarding and I'd blink and she'd be across the field already.  How did that happen!?  I'd be signaling for the disc to get thrown ahead of me and I'd run to it and basically just watch as it flew right by me.  When ten months ago, I'd be there waiting to catch it with enough time to spare.  FRUSTRATING.
About twenty minutes in, things did seem to feel a bit better.  One of the girls even commented and said that Mel and I were "back!" after we'd scored a couple points.  Yeah, tell that to my stinging knees.
Just to be clear, we're the blue team
We were behind when we first started but the points started picking up once the team got into the groove.  To be fair, besides Mel and I just coming back, because this game was the first game of the spring season, the team hadn't actually played together yet so there were still some kinks to work out.  It's still relatively the same team, but players come and go depending on schedule, husbands and wives take turns playing a season while the other takes care of the kiddos, etc.  Besides a few other players, I hadn't actually played with the rest of the team.
So it was harder than I expected and not as bad as I expected.  I'm hoping that next week will feel better...
CONFESSION: I totally bought Spanx-like underwear to wear next week.  I'm hoping it'll keep the wiggling and jiggling to a minimum so that gravity can ease up a bit.  I'd rather not eat turf again next week.

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