Sunday, March 9, 2014

DietBet: Initial Weigh-in

So, I've been really happy to be getting a bit more active since The Little Miss has arrived, but to be really honest, I haven't been talking about my diet and nutrition along with the physical activity. 
CONFESSION: Because it's been complete crap.
Think missing breakfast and then eating random things like burgers and chicken nuggets, etc.  Actually, McDonald's Olympic fan pack was my weakness.  I totally fell off the healthy lifestyle wagon with the whole pregnancy craving business and it's just been easier to stay off the wagon.  Or the wagon is going so fast and I can't hop back on.  Probably because I'm only running half-heartedly.  
Anywho!  During my pregnancy, my friend Courtney from Treadmill Runway Blog hosted a couple DietBets on and I was so sad I couldn't participate because it looked like a really fun challenge (and one of the prizes was Skora running shoes!) that I said the next bet she hosted after, I'd be all over it!
Image courtesy of Courtney @ Treadmill Runway
Join the game by clicking HERE
Ta-daaa!  And it's here!  And I've signed up!
CONFESSION: Okay.  So.  In the interest of full disclosure and being 100% honest with you and myself on this blog, when the challenge first came up, I didn't want to do it.  I didn't want to give up random chocolate bars whenever I wanted.  I didn't want to have to choose the healthier options from the menu.  
But the thing is...I didn't want to go back down that other road.  You know, the road where I couldn't think of a fast-food restaurant we hadn't eaten at in the last week.  The road where I thought the clothes on the mannequin would fit me and then crying in the dressing room when it didn't.
CONFESSION: And let's be
What? Too much?
So it was time to tell myself that I'd had my fun.  Pregnancy bad food bingeing = OVER.
Well, one last meal..everyone gets a last supper during Lent, right?
I feel like I need to go to church after saying that...
You can join the game and view the rules by clicking HERE.  There'll be shared recipes, motivation and PRIZES!
Actually, the best thing I like about DietBet is that although it's a game with other players it doesn't pit you against each other.  I was part of a weight-loss challenge at work where the pot went to ONE winner only and it got really ugly.  People were competitive and there was trash talking and hard feelings involved.  They said me and my bad attitude weren't allowed to play again. BWAHAHA! Womp. Womp!
Alrighty, so I decided that I will be documenting my adventures throughout this DietBet game and trying my hand at vlogs.  So that I'm not going on and on like I'm doing right now, I wanted to make sure there was some direction.  I will be talking about my goals each week and how I plan on reaching them.  I'll chat about any challenges I'm experiencing and any ideas on how to overcome them for the next week.
So, since this initial weigh-in pretty much marks the first day of the bet, here we go:
Goals for DietBet overall
  1. To start making better food choices and to remember that this isn't a "diet" and that it doesn't really have an end date as it's meant to get me focused back on working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  2. I will not be calorie counting.  When MyFitnessPal and I amicably parted ways last year, it was because I had decided that I didn't want to be a slave to counting calories because I didn't want to be afraid of my food or to be afraid of certain foods.  While it helped jump-start me on my healthier, active lifestyle by helping me lose weight, I wanted to be able to find balance in all my food choices as opposed to just cutting things out or limiting/restricting myself
  3. To continue to be active - find a way to move every day and to include The Little Miss as much as I can
  4. I will take things slowly.  Winning this bet isn't the be all and end all if it still helps me accomplish my goals in making better food choices and beginning my family's journey back to healthy living
  5. I will be kind to myself.  It's about balance.  There are no cheat days.  There will be BALANCE
Challenges I expect:
I am really expecting the food choices to be HARD.  I can't even begin to tell you how I don't want to eat clean.    I am expecting to find it hard to find the time with The Little Miss to meet the weekly goals in order to achieve the ultimate goals, especially with Bart working so often that I'm pretty sure I don't remember what he looks like.

Sorry about the crap video format and editing.  I'll figure it out along the way...
CONFESSION: So in the interest of FULL disclosure (as if seeing me in almost all my post-partum glory wasn't disclosed enough)  my actual weigh-in that I submitted to DietBet is different from the video.  I did the biggest faux-pas that irks me to no end when other people do it, but I didn't read the directions super carefully (or I totally forgot that I read them) and I was wearing shoes when I weighed in, so they asked me to submit another one.  The real reason I was wearing shoes was that I haven't gotten my toes done in for-EVER, so I was trying to do them a favor by not letting them see it.

So there's my assessment from DietBet after they accepted the second weigh-in shots that I submitted - sans sexy Skora running shoes.  I listed my activity level as "very active" to account for the breastfeeding calorie burn.  I've also got my Ultimate frisbee on Wednesday plus my 5K training runs and if I find the chance (or energy) my T25 workouts to fill in any gaps.

Okay, y'all, there it is!  I'm actually really nervous to start, so cross your fingers for me!

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