Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Snapshot Confessionals

Happy Sunday everyone!
First off :

I couldn't post today without mentioning that! The men's Canadian hockey team takes the Gold from Sweden and that's that!  Canada sweeps the Olympics in gold medals for hockey!
Let's see how the rest of the week went:

Monday was Family day and after Sunday's tubing/birthday festivities, we spent some time with Bart's parents so they could see The Little Miss.  Besides the professional photos we had done for her newborn photoshoot, this might be one of the few family pictures we actually have together.  I'm usually the one behind the lens so this usually always happens.

Weeee! Happy Mail Day! I LOVE Happy Mail Days!  I can't believe I've only just started ordering things from Amazon.  Actually, I know why - I hate waiting for things to arrive via shipping so I'd rather pay more if I can just nip over to a store somewhere and have it ASAP.  But honestly, Amazon has been amazing so far!  I ordered this last Friday and it came on Tuesday!  
Momma Goose Teething Necklace
Focus T25

I originally went online to get my Focus T25 as Bart's {dating} anniversary/Valentine's gift to me and ended up adding an amber teething necklace.  I'd seen a bunch of FB friends talking about it previously and saw their kids wearing it, so I added it as a precaution since I'd started hearing scary stories about teething babies. I know next to nothing about amber teething necklaces...I thought the kiddos were supposed to chew on it. *LOL*

I braved a quick trip to Costco with The Little Miss and I made a beeline to my favourite section - the BOOKS!  I can never leave without at least walking slooowly down the book aisle - at least twice up and down to make sure I catch anything I missed on the first pass.  This time around, I couldn't go as slow as I wanted because I'm still nervous going out with her (even though nobody's touching her), so it was more of a whirlwind pass down the aisle and I grabbed two books for me and I can never go anywhere without picking something up for her.

We get home and WEEEEE!!! it's a Happy Mail Day again! And SO cool, it's my StrideBox subscription that I signed up for last month before The Little Miss came!  The other package is baby-related of course and bonus, I didn't even pay for it!  It was one of those free baby items that I just had to pay shipping for!  I love me some mail days.  Is it bad (in more ways than one) that I can't think of anything else to order or buy to make sure I continue to have Happy Mail Days? Baaaaad!

Next day, Mel and I managed our first "Mama and Baby" stroller walk at the track.  It's awesome how spending time and chatting with a friend makes things feel like they went so fast.  We walked around for almost an hour at a pretty leisurely pace and just chatted about new mommy kind of things.  Leisurely pace and idle chat aside, it totally didn't escape our notice when people lapped us.  It was fine.  It's our first time out after all.

CONFESSION: It kind of wasn't fine... *LOL*  And by kind of, I mean not at all...

So the next night, Bart spent some time in the evening with The Little Miss (I finally managed to get away around 8 in the evening - it's hard to just decide something and pick up and go when baby's come into the picture) and I went back to the track.  I felt a little like the old me - or perhaps I should say I tried to bring back a little of the old me and got back into my much missed rainbow kneesocks and my much more missed Skora running shoes.  I forgot I just had a baby and gained a crap-ton of weight during the pregnancy and got back into some shorts that I probably should have left well enough alone.  Meh.

Thought I'd start out with some dynamic warmups and tried to do some high knees and jumping jacks.  Everything started to jiggle and wiggle so I decided I didn't really need to warm up really...
Took it at an easy jog (read: I wouldn't let anyone walking pass me) and just got a feel for it.  
In all honesty, I think my body is doing pretty well with trying to get back into the swing of things.  I was out of breath and my legs were feeling okay, but what I didn't count on - or perhaps what I forgot - was the mental aspect of it all.  The second I started jogging, my mind was just telling me it was okay to stop.  It had every single thought and excuse for me to just stop.  I made sure that I made it past the ten minute mark and it got better and I was able to just zone out on the run.  I had one earbud in my ear but I never really like running with music because I like to pay attention to my run instead and I definitely needed to for my first time out (not including the treadmill - everyone knows the treadmill is like... a last resort kind of run - it makes things feel too easy).  
I noticed I had some work to do on my form.  When I first started out, I was overweight, but I think it was pretty well balanced.  I was overweight everywhere.  Now, I feel like most of my weight is all centered around, so it's changed some things for me.  Plus, with feeling more fatigued, I noticed that I was hunching a bit more and my arms were flailing around more from side to side.  I caught myself a few times before I tried to make sure to straighten up, run tall while following Run, Eat, Repeat's 'hips, nips and chips' form.  I wanted to keep my running form as clean as I could so I didn't start back up while taking up some bad  habits.  I also concentrated on my landing and heel strikes and turnover.  In other words, I've got some things to work on to build up my endurance and speed, but I'm very glad that it doesn't feel like I'm starting right from square one.

Check out the new addition to my workout door.  I've decided that since I've slowly started up with the running again, I would wait until the six-week mark to add the T25 work outs.  I don't have a follow-up appointment set up with my OB or my family doctor (I thought I would have one, but when I called my OB's office to make one, the secretary said it wasn't necessary unless I really wanted one - read: she made me feel like I'd be a weirdo if I insisted on one) so I said that was fine.  The Little Miss has an appointment with our family doctor next week so I'll mention it then.  In the meantime, Shaun T can wait a couple more weeks for me to make sure I'm good to go without setting myself back by jumping in too soon.
I'm hoping that once I've started in on the fitness aspect of my lifestyle, the healthy eating will eventually pick up too.  Right now, I feel like I just want to eat chocolate bars and chicken nuggets for the next few months.  My mind knows it's bad, but the rest of me is practically demanding it.  
Anywho...that was here and there throughout the week.  We don't have too many things planned for next week but I'm hoping the awesome weather we've been having (it hasn't warmed up much, but the SUN has made its way out making everything sunny and bright and awesome!) stays put so that we can wander about a bit more.  We'll be heading to Melissa's neck of the woods to walk their city's track with them, otherwise, it'll be a surprise what other shenanigans I can come up with for The Little Miss and I.  Hopefully there will be more Happy Mail Days!
Q: How was your week?  Do you have anything fun planned for the coming week?

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