Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Snapshot Confessionals

Hoping that I'll be able to keep up with a weekly "dump" of some of the pictures off of my iPod.  Beginning in January, I cleared off ALL the photos from it and not even done February and I already have 816 photos *LOL*
So here we go!

So this is what running for me looks like right now in the winter.  Whenever I can get the Little Miss to stay napping for more than five minutes, it's a mad dash to get changed and downstairs and to get going.  Instead of counting the seconds slowly tick by as I run, I now stare at a baby monitor eagle-eyed for any movement #momproblems? I also feel like a mommy version of a peeping tom? Just me?

Chewy also makes sure he keeps an eye out for her too, which gives my heart the warm fuzzies because up until a few days ago, I feel like he was still pretending she didn't exist.  Bart and I are still half expecting him to jump into The Little Miss' bassinet one of these days, but he's proving is wrong!

You know I'm all about my electronic gadgets, but I've always - and will always - have a thing for planners and journals and basically anything stationery like.  No matter how advanced technologically, I still love me some pen and paper!  Also, now that I no longer have an umbilical cord attached to myself and a computer, I'm not as on top of things as I used to be - forgetting which bills need to be paid, which days money is coming out of my account, etc. So I totally splurged a minimal amount on a new, paper planner.  I say a minimal amount because if I was truly living it up, I would have totally gotten an Erin Condren life planner and adddd all the bells and whistles. But alas, I don't have $75 PLUS another $45+ more dollars in shipping in order to totally to all out on a paper planner, so I went "poor man's Erin" and got a planner from Plum Paper Designs. I'm kind of really excited for it to get here because I swear, I love filling out planners! (Actually, in random facts about me moment, I seriously have a thing for filling out forms and surveys too).

Valentine's Day and I just happened to look out the window to check if it was snowing and saw what looked like two hearts in our driveway.  If Bart didn't leave the house at ass-crack am when it's still pretty much pitch dark outside, I'd think he was trying to be all romantical.  As it turns out, it was not intentional even though he insists that it was and he's just that awesome.

Bart wanted to give me a break from The Little Miss and took her for a bit while I nipped over to Babies 'R' Us and ended up at Home Sense. Turns out, even when I'm getting a break from her, she's on my mind and I miss her so much that all my thinking of her turns in to shopping FOR her.

Target dollar spot finds!  I am such a sucker for any cute paper products.  I'm totally being all creepy and planning out my days with my free planner until my Plum Paper to get here. I'm using the dollar spot finds as little additions on my planner.

I am still always alert for anything running-related when I'm out.  These are reflective wrist snap-on bracelets which I think is kind of totally cool.  Makes me want to run outside at night now so I can justify the quick purchase.  Unfortunately, I took a psych course with a focus on getting inside a serial killer's head, so it's pretty much guaranteed that my nighttime running will be limited.

In this case, why buy anything when you can get the milk AND the cow for free.  If you're not one for analogies, I'm the cow.

I think this is one of the main reasons why Chewy has decided to acknowledge her - he understands that together, they have a common frenemy and it's mommy.

That's it from me today! All the rest of the pictures are just endless shots of her face with minute changes in her expression that only her own mommy will ever really care about, and the rest are still of her face, but with some part of my boob - or should I call them udders since we've established my milk cow status - photobombing her. #aintnobodywanttoseethat

This weekend is a long weekend for us Canadians with family day on Monday, otherwise known as "let's make up a holiday long weekend to break up the long and depressing winter that makes Canadians less nice" day.  As per family tradition, we are all meeting up to go tubing, except this year, The Little Miss and I will be hanging out at the chalet watching everyone trudge uphill (read: I'll be stuffing my face with French fries while she's hopefully sleeping). We normally go on the actual holiday Monday, but this year, a lot of family is working the night shift so we will be going today instead!

Q: What do you have going on for the rest of the weekend?

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