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StrideBox Review - February 2014

BOOM!  It's finally HERE!
Which means that I have officially joined the world of box subscriptions with one of my very own!
ABOUT | "StrideBox is a fun and exciting way to discover running products and accessories. Each month, as a member, you will receive a curated box of apparel, accessories, and nutrition products to fuel your training sessions, workouts, and races."
COST | $15/month
SHIPS TO | USA, Canada (+ $5 shipping)
Ignore the other package, it's not included with the StrideBox.  It was just a happy mail day!

I ordered my subscription on January 16th and my first box arrived today.  I'm already pumped for March to come!

The package was a little smaller than I expected, but I don't really know why I was expecting it to be any bigger.  I guess it all depends on what's inside it for the month.

Ooooh!  Aaaah!  STUFF!!!

Sharkies Turbo Energy Chews - Strawberry - Value: $2.54/pack

Pocket Fuel - Cold Brew Coffee Energy Shot - Value $1.49/packet

I've seen Sharkies and Pocket Fuel around during my various running store haunts, but have never actually tried them out before so I was excited to see these included in this month's box.  I have "Mommy and Me" track date tomorrow and am hoping to get a run or two in this week, but I'm not sure I'll be using them just quite yet as I'll have to double check what kind of energy supplement I can take while breastfeeding.  Out of the two, I'm looking forward to trying the cold brew coffee shot as I've been having this thing with coffee since my pregnancy.  The Sharkies kind of remind me of sour gummy bears or some similar candy, so it's a no brainer I'm pumped to be able to try those.  They'll definitely come in handy during my half-marathon training and trial fuel runs!

CeraSport Hydration Drink - Fruit Punch - Value $3.83

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix - Pineapples - Value $1.95

More products I'm looking forward to trying as I've been having a love affair with hydration tablets since my pregnancy as well.  Although I've been using the Gu tablets, I haven't really found anything I'm totally loving, so I've still been on the lookout for my go-to hydrator.  I know I'm definitely not a fan of the Nuun flavor tablets I've tried or the Vega rehydrator that I bought, though for both, it could just be the flavors I'm choosing.  I tend to gravitate to the pink lemonade and citrus flavors and I have a hard time branching out, so getting samples of different flavors I wouldn't have had the courage to try is already a bonus for me.  I hope I'm not ruining it by saying that I kind of have high hopes for the pineapple Skratch!

February 21 UPDATE: So I headed over to the track today and thought I'd give CeraSport a shot and dumped it into my water bottle after going online to check if it's okay to drink while nursing.  Since the flavor is fruit punch, it was a pretty pink color.  Yeah, that's about all it has going for it.  I know that hydration drinks aren't supposed to taste like Kool-Aid, but this tasted like I melted down crayons and mixed it with water, y'all.  That was my very FIRST initial reaction.  I took a huge sip and was immediately like "OH. WTH?" after I swallowed (umm...TWSS? No?)  I kind of shook my head and thought I must have judged too quickly and took another big sip and this time, I couldn't even make myself swallow it.  I spit it back into the sink and that's the end of my acquaintance with CeraSport.  The rest of the entire bottle went down the sink and I was kind of resentful about that because that's a waste of perfectly good water I had and it takes forever to fill that bottle. OVERALL: I would not recommend this particular flavor to a friend.

CONFESSION: Prior to receiving this, I totally just placed an order for Advocare's rehydrator and Spark since it seems to be all the rage and hype these days.  I need to be in the know!  Besides, it could be the next thing that will up my game!  Did I mention that I start half-marathon training soon!? Say whaaat?

Mission Skincare Revitalizing Lip Therapy - Value $3.99/tube

Mission Skincare Foot Synergy Gel - Value $7.89/ 2oz tube

Two samples from the same company.  While I'm a fan of lip gloss and balms, unfortunately, I've already got a weakness for a particular brand as I'm quite picky about what I put on my lips (when I even remember to do so).  I am considering keeping this in my SpiBelt since the description notes that it soothes and hydrates dry, cracked, weather damaged lips.  Might come in handy since I'll be starting to run outside pretty soon.

Rise Protein+ Bar in Almond Honey - Value $2.33

The Rise 20 grams of protein bar is touted to have three simple ingredients and is gluten free and promises to help recovery after a run.  I like trying all kinds of protein bars since it's hard to find one that doesn't chew and taste like cardboard in your mouth.  Lately, Balance Bars have been my jam, but I'm always up for trying other kinds.  I usually stick them all over the place where I could get hungry - my purse, lunch bag, gym bag, glove compartment (NOT fun when done in the summer heat though), desk drawer, etc.

Safety Clip-on LED Light - Value $4.99

Lastly, some stuff from StrideBox.  A couple fun stickers that I know I'll be able to find a home for - chances are the "I {heart} 2 run" will go in my planner as well as the bacon powered one.

For this month's accessory, I had no idea what it was until I checked my product card and saw that it is a clip-on LED light.  Cool!  It just clicks on and off and clicking it twice puts into flashing mode as opposed to a steady LED pink light.  It makes me wish I didn't watch Criminal Minds or take criminal psychology otherwise I'd run outside more often with this baby.  Who knows, I wouldn't object to night running if I had someone or people to go with.  This will be handy if that ever happens!

Overall, I'm satisfied with February's box (probably since I don't really have anything to compare it to just yet!)  I paid $20.00 for February and I received approximately $21.37 in samples.  It gave a good assortment of "stuff" as in not just things to ingest and I'm glad to be trying out more hydration brands and flavors.

Can't wait to see what March's StrideBox has in store for me!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased a subscription to StrideBox personally for my own use and provided a review for fun.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  The provided links contain affiliations.  While you are under no obligation to make any purchases, should you do so by clicking on the links I have provided, I will earn a small percentage based on your purchase in commission.


Tamara said...

That is pretty cheap for a box subscription - everything I've seen online is upwards of $20 bucks per month. And it's running related - so WINNING, right?

I hate to hear that about the CeraSport, the race I'm running this weekend is using that instead of gatorade. I'll know just to sip it instead of downing it.

Oh and Advocare stuff (I'm a distributor) so, Spark is wonderful! It tastes really good without all the sugar and still gives me enough of a kick in the pants in the morning or afternoon to get going wihtout giving me the jitters. (I'm kind of a Monster Energy Drink junkie, Spark helps me with it). The Rehydrate is alright to me - I don't think it tastes nearly as good as Spark so I don't use it often unless I'm going for a run longer than 6 miles or so.

I'm excited to see what's in your next box!

Arie Rich said...

How you manage to get the clip light to turn on. I feel stupid, but I can't get mine to turn on. Do I twist it or something? There's no actual push mechanism on mine? Please help.



Catherine said...

Arie, you are not alone, my friend! I actually threw it across the room in frustration because I was getting pissed off that I couldn't turn it on! LOL, on one of the rounded sides, it's a bit softer so you can push it. You actually have to push pretty hard but it should click on. Also, it's barely visible, but I think it has a little power symbol on the side that you can push with your thumb. Click it once to turn on, again to get it to flash and once more to turn off.

Catherine said...

Hey! For a first time box subscriber, I was pretty pumped and thought that the $20 was reasonable since getting stuff in the mail is a big thing for me LOL I'm pretty "oh, shiny things!" excitable!

I was kind of surprised about the CeraSport! hopefully you'll end up liking it more than I did or maybe it was a one off for me or something. I went into it not even considering I might not like it, so maybe that's why it hit me harder LOL I am SO excited to try Spark! I've been blog stalking for over a year and it'd one of the fee things I've read about that people consistently rave about!

Cmooon March!!

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