Monday, February 24, 2014

Runners Tell All Link-up: My Running Story in 250 Words

Happy Monday, friends! (Is there such a thing!?)
During The Little Miss' morning nap, I usually sit down with my glass of iced coffee and settle in to read the blogs on my "Blogs I Love" list.  Today, I was stalking visiting my new running BFF's blog EVELINRUNS and saw that she posted her running story by participating in a link-up hosted by Amanda from The Lady Okie and Beka from Sunshine to the Square Inch.

Every month, they cover different subjects for "runners to tell all" and this month, the subject is telling your running story - but in 250 words or less! For anyone that's read any post from this blog, you would know that that is a CHALLENGE for me so I thought I would give it a shot and participate in my FIRST link-up!
Here we gooo!

After week three!
June 2010

 A co-worker and I had recently started walking over our lunch breaks as a way to get out of the office and to stop us from spending money (since we used to go to the mall a lot!) 

On one of our walks, I happened to mention to her that I had heard about the Couch to 5K program that helps any person run 5K in a certain number of weeks. Without thinking about it, I rashly announced that we should do it – not really thinking that Tara would actually take me seriously! 

A week later, I’m wearing old running shoes I found in the back of my shoe closet and I’m not just struggling through the 60 second intervals. I had to stop. Unacceptable!

Finished Couch to 5K! Yes, I totally made completion certificates
August 2010
I would have quit except that we found a way to keep us motivated. Running gear. I was convinced that it was my shoes that was holding me back, so I got new ones. Then I was convinced that I would die so I got a heart rate monitor to keep track. We figured we’d feel more like runners if we looked more like runners so to the Nike store for running outfits! On and on! 

Expensive but it kept me going and day by day I went further and (slightly) faster! Next thing I knew, we were hitting 5K’s and then slowly tackling 10K’s! Now, we’ve got our sights set on the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in 2015! I’m on the road to Disney!

After we finished running the 5K and the 2K at the Niagara Falls International Marathon
We both even placed (and medaled!) 3rd in our age groups!
October 2013

BWAHAHAHA! 249 words! I did it! Yay me! *fist bump*

CONFESSION: It was really hard to keep the story under 250 words and it's slowly killing me that I can't share all the little stories and other details that happened in my journey to running, so if you want to read all the gory details or if you have insomnia and can't sleep, or if you have a big term paper due and doing anything else in the whole world sounds more fun than writing the paper, you can check my C25K series HERE.

Tell me your story, grab a button and link-up over HERE.  If you've arrived here from the link-up, thanks so much for visiting!  I hope you have a nice time and feel free to leave me a comment or two and I hope that you decide to come back!  I am actually loving the link-up and visiting everyone's blogs and hoping to add more to my "Blogs I Love" list!

Next month's topic for March 21st is: favourite running gear/product! I am SO IN!


Tamara said...

Disney?! I'm so jealous, I totally want to run that one day.

Also, I completely relate to the running gear helps keep me motivated. I know anytime I buy a new shirt, or shoes, or hell, even a headband, the first thing I want to do is go out and run in it!

One of my favorite sites for running gear is - the sales change daily but I've found some really good stuff for cheap! Workout gear can be pricey! Oh, and Sierra Trading Co is good too!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by my page! I swear by the C25K program! Disney sounds so exciting.. I may have to look into that one:)

The Lady Okie said...

So glad you linked up with us! Thanks for sharing your story :) I agree that sometimes the running gear gets expensive, but it totally does make me feel like a real running! Excited to read your post for next month!

Evelin M-H said...

Oh, the power of new gear! I love it!

So fun that you joined in on this link-up. And I can NOT wait to March Runner's Tell All either - you know how much I love my running gear (um, SKORA's..) and how happily I go on and on and on about them :)

Beka said...

Totally cracked me up that you picked up walking and running to refrain from shopping =) That's a pretty clever idea. I think those certificates are great! It's important to celebrate running achievements. They are a BIG deal.

Thanks for linking up with us and for sharing your story.

Catherine said...

So I'm just noticing the irony that I said we took up walking at lunch to avoid going to the mall and spending money and then when it turned to running, it became the most expensive thing ever! LOL bit you're so right! Whenever running has started to feel old or not fun, getting just one new or little thing makes me want to go for a run to test it out!

Aaaah online sites to buy things!! Enabler! LOL I haven't gotten into zulily yet! I didn't know how bit worked and was kind of intimidated but I'll have to check it out again...maybe next pay! LOL

Catherine said...

You totally should!!! That have a BUNCH of different races throughout the year, at both parks and different challenges and lots of medaaaals!!!

Catherine said...

And I'm totally excited to join in on next month's link up!! (where a few days a go, I didn't even know how or what a link up was - look at me go! LOL) I'm glad there's no word count limit this time! LOL

Rebecca said...

I really enjoyed reading your linkup blog! I totally agree - turning lunchtimes from shopping trips into walking sessions is a genius move, it's exactly what I did. I've saved so much money, and now I resent any lunchtime where I am not walking/running. Best of luck for your 2014 running and for the Disney-thon in 2015!

Miss Nutralicious said...

Ha ha ha! "I was convinced that I would die, so I bought a heart rate monitor." I'm glad that you were able to overcome your fear of death with a new running gear purchase. Great story, thanks for sharing!

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