Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Road to Disney: It's ON!

Sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet.  
...and other times, you just have to have a friend like Tara who drags you out of {the proverbial} bed and kicks you in the butt to get you going.

So Tara didn't actually have to drag me out of bed since I now have a human alarm clock that doesn't understand the concept of sleeping in, but that right up there in running form is what happened today.
You see, Tara has this weird thing that she does where she takes me seriously.  Like, when I say, "hey, we should totally do Couch to 5K!" she actually thinks I mean it and then I end up having to do it.  Or when I say, "Disney has a princess half marathon.  We should totally run an ass-crap amount of kilometers that normal people would just DRIVE for a medal!" 
Take it easy, Gordon!
CONFESSION: Yes.  Yes, I really do want the medal. It's got sparkles and rhinestones and HEL-LO! {it was his fiftieth birthday!} it's in the shape of a TIARA! What? like I run and pee in bushes for the sheer joy of it?
Where was I going with this?  Right.  So about this Disney idea.  That happened and yesterday, I messaged her and said, "Hey! Want to go for a walk at the track tomorrow?" So today I got The Little Miss all milk coma-ed, packed up and off to the track we went.  I chilled on the gear and heavy duty milk straps (I feel very wrong calling a sports bra that, I feel like I crossed a line...) because here I am thinking we're WALKING and we get there and surprise, we're NOT walking. Whaaaat?!
We started out walking and then Tara's looking at her watch and she's announcing that it's time to start running.  So I said, okay, have fun with that, I'll meet up with you later as I continue to get my walk on and she totally shamed me into running.  
CONFESSION: Plus, apparently everyone and their grandmothers seem to have gotten the memo that today was bring a kid and stroller to the track day because there were a TON of strollers out and one of the ladies was even running.  I wasn't about to get lapped again, my friends.  Not on my watch! {I'm not sure what that means or how it relates to this topic, but read it in a really dramatic, self-sacrificing movie voice.}
So here I am running {like legit running, none of this woggling-as-fast-as-people-are-walking business} and everything's all wiggly and jiggly and I feel like I could possible leak everywhere.  Plus, pushing a stroller in front of me with both hands makes me feel like an awkward running T-Rex.

Well, that one looks like he's prancing.  Which now that I think about it is probably closer to what I looked like.  But look at his arms.  That's what my arms look like when I run with a stroller.  I'm afraid if I continue to run like that, my arms will get stuck that way.
...Also, with everyone who meets The Little Miss commenting on how much she looks like Bart, I've started to develop a little...thing.  I mention it in the video we shot to commemorate our inaugural Road to Disney run, so you might be able to notice what it is.  
Right, so with that said.  There's a video!  I thought that with my referring to it as the "Road to Disney," I could kind of make it into a thing and document the journey. 

So...that's "Day 1".  I'm not really sure if it's official because I went into it thinking we were just going for a walk and then it wasn't and well..everyone knows the mental portion is like, 90% of the run!  But no worries.  I am ON it!  I've already started the preparation and have gotten out my running and half-marathon training books and lookws up some training plans!  If Tara's really going to take my blabbering seriously and we're really going to do this {I really want that sparkly, tiara medal, y'all} then by gee golly gosh we're going to have a training plan and charts that I can check mark off!
So...okay.  This is happening.  No more talk.  We're training!  With like...real running and sweat and everything! WOW! 
Q: Do you have a workout/training/running buddy that gets you going? 
Are you the one that cracks the whip or do you fly solo?

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Evelin M-H said...

Hi! This is exciting, can't wait to follow along on your journey :)
Also, I am very impressed with you being able to get a video, while running and all! Plus, I'm not even close to brave enough to show myself on a video..
Sooooo.. High five girl! You ROCK!

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