Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{Road to Disney} It's a DATE!

This is it.  The first official marker of my "Road to Disney" dream/goal.  Up until now it was just an idea...something akin to what people come up with when they're drunk that they think is an awesome idea, but never actually comes into fruition once sobriety sets in.
But now...

I'm sort of in a bit of a stupor.  Or in awe.  This is going to
be a real thing now!  Not just some random, far-off idea I dreamt up.  There's a date.  It's in my calendar.  I now have something official to work towards.  Not just "oh, I want to run the Disney Princess half marathon some time." Now it's: "I will be running the Disney Princess half marathon on February 22, 2015!"

Planning can really start now!
As a precaution, since I didn't know the exact dates, before I left work for my mat leave, I booked pretty much the entire month of February 2015 off of work for vacation to ensure that nobody would be able to book time off and I'd be SOL.  Now that the date is known, I can actually sit down with Bart and really plan everything out so that we know when we'd like to spend the week there and then I can free up the rest of the dates in February so the rest of the folks can book their vacations or whatever.
The next bonus with knowing the dates now (especially while on mat leave) is that we can start planning $$$!  I am under no disillusions that this won't cost us an arm and a leg, but with the right amount of time and planning ahead, I think we'll be able to find ways to save and look around for deals since this will hopefully also be our first big family vacation with The Little Miss - or "The General" as I've also slowly been getting to fondly refer to her as.
CONFESSION: Is it a bad thing that I kind of fear my own child?  I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I've slowly been looking at this super cute, tiny person with unequal mixtures of adoration, love, fear and terror.  Sometimes, she'll be looking at me and making all these cute faces or smiling and drooling and my heart is all gooey and melty and then all of a sudden, she'll get this new look about her that's like, "I'm going to annihilate your boob," or "guess what?! I just blew out my diaper and there's NO WAY in hell that you'll be able to clean me up without the shit hitting the fan. Literally!" or "Ha! Just kidding! I'm not even REMOTELY CLOSE to being sleepy! Let's do a night shift!"
Image Source: @Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

That means it's also really time to start putting that into action.
Seriously, though.  Am I really going to run a stupid-ass-crack amount of kilometers? For fun!?  ...and like, pay to do it?
Yes. Yes, I am.
CONFESSION:  Actually, if all goes well and I win the lottery sometime soon, I seem to be planning to run a LOT of stupid-ass-crack amounts of kilometers...and from coast-to-coast!  Because that event schedule has also included the 2015 Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend as well.
CONFESSION-WITHIN-A-CONFESSION: Aaaactually, to go even further...I'm actually looking at the 2014 Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 miler.  I mean...doesn't it seem like a good idea to try out a shorter distance first before jumping in for the entire thing?  I mean, if I can eventually get to running 10 miles, what's another 3.1 more, right?! *LOL*  It's also funny because I talk like it aint a thang to run 10 miles when I can't even get half a mile in right now.  Details, details...
But seriously though...
LOOK at that price!  For $421.64 USD/person, Tara and I could totally nip on over for a weekend and get a 10 miler in.  Easy peasy.  I didn't say the cost wouldn't be worth it for three days, but that's why I said I was hoping to win the lottery sometime soon, didn't I?  Note to self: Should probably look into starting to buy some lottery tickets if I'm hoping to win it...
Okay, so maybe the 10 miler isn't all that realistic or feasible or financially sound, but it's a nice goal to aim for if circumstances changed/allowed for it.  At the end of the day, I've got my sights set on 2015 and no matter what Disney adventures (if any) awaits me in 2014, I will get "crowned" my tiara and my little girl will see her mommy cross that finish line (whether or not she comprehends it is beside the point).
So there it is.  I've officially begun my journey on the road to Disney...

In order to really make things a reality, I think it's time to get some goals down and written out on here:

My Goals On My Road to Disney
  • Start saving up - start putting money aside every week and/or month to put towards registration, flight and hotel bookings, etc.
  • Remember: Fail to plan, plan to fail.  Start researching and planning: accommodations (hotel vs. villa rental), race weekend details, training plans, etc.
  • TRAIN! It's time to really get those running shoes on and start clocking some mileage!
I can't wait to meet the Catherine who crosses the finish line at the Princess Half...personally, I think she's going to be pretty awesome.  I know I'll like her already!


Tamara said...

My first half I did the Rock N Roll Strip at Night in Vegas (we live in Texas) and it was ridiculously pricey. We stayed a few days after to enjoy the city (our daughter didn't come with us, so it was our first vacation gone that long without her) and it was amazing. I went with the intention of just enjoying it because hello, it's a destination and it's VEGAS BABY! So my only goal was to finish. I did and it was wonderful.

So yes, start planning as much as you can. If you're flying, I would suggest putting your running clothes, shoes, etc in your carry-on JUST IN CASE the airline loses your luggage. That was the one piece of advice I found really helpful for destination races.

Excited to hear all about it!!

Catherine said...

My only goal is to finish as well!! The beauty of a first-time distance is I have no time yet, so nothing to have to try to PR! LOL plus, i plan on stopping a lot to get pictures taken with each of the characters! LOL

Seriously AWESOME advice about the shoes. Honestly, I doubt I would have even thought of it and would have been SOL if something bad happened to my luggage!

goddessoftheseas said...

I plan on running my first half , scratch that , my first of an races at the 2015 Disney Princess Half Marathon. I am turning 25 this year and want to get healthier so I wanted to attach a fun goal to make it more achievable! I look forward to following you as inspiration. --Amanda

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