Thursday, February 13, 2014


...that's my excitement after calming down already.

So as per my usual hourly ritual, I opened up Instagram to see what was new in the world of all things photos.

CONFESSIONS: Bwahaha, that's so lies, it's like a 10-minutely ritual.  Cuz I'm a creepy stalker.  (If hourly is a word, is minutely a word?  In relation to time, not attention to detail.  Did I make it up? DIBS.)

Aaanywho, where was I?  Oh, right!  So I was being a creepy stalker on Instagram when I saw that my friend Sarah posted that she just got her monthly shipment from Little Life Box.  Of course I'm already curious: a box full of awesome different things for you to try delivered right to your door?  I. am. IN!

So of course I Google'd it -

CONFESSION: I asked about it but I have the patience and attention span of a gnat so before I could wait for the answer, I started researching it on Google right away.  This is pretty much how I first look into anything.  I hate it when people ask dumb questions that they could have looked up themselves.  Usually when people ask me things that I think are unnecessary, I like to reply with a: "I'm not sure, let me Google it for you," as a not-so-thinly veiled hint that they could have totally found out the answer themselves, but of course, since they're the ones asking the question, what I'm REALLY trying to say goes over their had too.  

...anyway, what was I saying?  Right, so once I started Google-ing around, I noticed that there were quite a few other boxed subscription programs out there on the interwebs. 

Hook, line and SINKER.  I was a total goner. 


Like, you sign up and then all of a sudden boxes start arriving at your door filled with tons of different things that you can try and it's like Christmas every month! You exchange for money and stuff.


Unfortunately, being home for a year with the Little Miss means I have a reduced income.  And apparently to Bart that means I am now on a budget.  A whatc!?  For just a second, I kind of miss being a DINK.

From getting ALL the boxes, I can get ONE. 

*whimpers*  I have to pick only ONE?!  Hardest. Thing. Ever.

There are SO MANY?!  And to make it worse or harder, I discovered blogs.  Two blogs actually:

Canadian Subscription Box Addict and My Subscription Addiction

I thought it would help me be able to pick a subscription service, but instead it took even longer because they're full of reviews of a bajillion different boxes.  So now, instead of trying to decide which subscription service to order, I just want to read their blogs for all the reviews.  It's even BETTER than getting my OWN box.  I can just sit here and read and SEE pictures of ALL the boxes they've ever gotten! 

CONFESSION: Basically, looking at their blogs and seeing all the cool stuff they get is what I equate do-gooders/volunteers or donors feel like.  It's almost better than getting things for MYSELF!  And then somewhere not so in the back of my mind, I'm super jealous that I didn't discover subscription boxes first because these ladies are so well into the box subscription scene that they get boxes for FREE to "review" aka talk about to up-sell naive, excitable people like me (totally worked).

I was on these blogs for like, EVER.  I must have single-handedly increased their analytics stats or bounce rates or something.  I went through their blogs page by page.  Looking at every single un-boxing picture.  Poring over their reviews.  What they liked, what they didn't like, how it compared to last month's shipment.  OMG, I want to be these girls.  I WANT BOXESSSSSS!!!

Eventually, I finally realized that I still wasn't any closer to figuring out which box I was actually going to order. 

Okay, focus Cat.

I mean, I like makeup and getting a box full of fun lipsticks and girly stuff would be cool, but was it really me?  I barely wear makeup.  Some of my FB friends had recently been posting their Ipsy hauls and they looked cute and stuff, but I mean...meh.  It's good for them and it's a pretty good price (I think it's like $10/month) but if I'm only allowed to have ONE, it better be an AWESOME one.  Moving on...

Finally, finally I've narrowed down my search.  There's pretty much a subscription box for everything.  Fashion, jewelry, makeup, clothing, shoes, wine, food, grooming, blah, blah, blah.  At least I've got my genre: health and fitness.  Of COURSE!  So now, which one do I choose?  Decisions, decisions!  LIFE IS SO HARD! #savethedramaforyourmama, Cat!

The final winner:

Stride Box
It was kind of a no-brainer.  It's a subscription box that is specifically for RUNNERS.  Uh, hel-LOOO! That's me now! (Kind of...)  As I started the search right before the Little Miss came, I thought getting this box and having it delivered to my house in February (right after having had her) would be the perfect motivation to get me back into the running groove again!  The boxes are curated specifically for runners and filled with "a selection of products focused on enhancing your trainings, workouts, and races."

The subscription is $15/month + $5 shipping to Canada (USD).


So, you know how I was only allowed to have ONE box?! (Boo!)  I was having trouble deciding whether or not I would go with the StrideBox or another subscription from BuluBox, I had E-Mailed BuluBox with some questions.  This led to that and guess whaaaat?

 I hit my first blogger milestone: I am an Ambassador for BuluBox! Whaaaat?!?!  I know, right!? Weeee!

Anywho, this one is a bit different since they haven't started shipping to Canada, but are in the works to do so!  So unfortunately, my Canadian buddies will not be able to sign up for this box subscription just yet, but I get to find out when and of COURSE you'll be the first to know!

BuluBox is different from my StrideBox in that BuluBox is geared towards health, nutrition and weight-loss.

There's two kinds of boxes that you can choose from, the regular Bulu Box which will have a general variety of health and nutrition products or the weight-loss box which will have more products geared towards weight-loss (dur).

With either boxes, you'll get a selection of samples as well as full-sized products to try out before you really commit, which I think is awesome because I'm always on the look-out for the "next best thing" that's going to "up" or help improve my game (or help me THINK it is).

If my kind of sickness is your kind of thing, I would definitely give it a try!  Subscription is $10/month (+free shipping) and you have the option to try it out on a month-to-month basis (so you're not locked into a specific length of time) or you can sign up for three months, six months or a whole year and ensure that every month you're going to have a happy mail day!

As an ambassador, you have the option to sign up through my link by clicking HERE and as my little perk, you can also use the coupon code: BULUGAN044 to get 50% off your order (*giggles* My FIRST coupon code!)

AAAANYWHO!  So that's my new obsession right now!  I am currently waiting for my February StrideBox to come and make a happy mail day for me and I am also looking forward to discovering new and awesome things from both StrideBox and BuluBox in the months to come!  I'm hoping that these monthly little deliveries will help keep me motivated and wanting to push into getting back into the active/healthy lifestyle that I was pursuing.  C'moooon, mail man!  Bring me the goods!

DISCLAIMER: As a BuluBox Ambassador, when clicking on the links and/or using the coupon code I have specifically provided and subscribing, I will receive a small percentage in commission.  You are in no means required to use any of the links or codes I provide and of course there is absolutely no pressure for you to check out the website/company or to subscribe.  This is just me sharing yet another one of my new obsessions on top of my fitness gadget obsession and if it was something you were into, then by all means, I hope the coupon code will help save you some cash money.  Besides the commission I would receive for each completed subscription purpose, all thoughts and opinions I have provided in regards to the service/products are all my own. :) Mmmmkay?

BWAHAHA! Okay, FOR REALS, don't take this seriously.  I have just really been wanting to use this GIF for the longest time. 
CONFESSION: In case you haven't noticed, I have totally turned into a reaction GIF whore

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