Monday, February 17, 2014

Family Day Fun

I think in the good, ol' US of A today is President's Day, yes?  Up here, we don't have a president and apparently the Prime Minister isn't cool enough to get a holiday dedicated to him/herself, so we had a full February of all work and no extra day of play.
I guess all the cold and days cooped up inside only to leave when it was already dark out got to everyone and it was decided that we needed a long weekend in February to break up the depressing state of it all.  Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing, you know!
So, in 2008, it was a done deal and Family Day became a thing!
Since Family Day began, our family has begun a tradition of going to a local tubing park and bombing down a hill for fun on an air filled donut.  Each year, because of work schedules (apparently some companies don't believe in Family Day and still make people work - you're ruining families, yo!) there's always been a few family members who couldn't make it.  This year, it worked out very well because everyone was able to come and it was right around my dad's birthday so we celebrated that too!
All bundled up and ready to go!
My niece Tiana and her godmother, Dawne from Dawne Aliza Blog

If Bart and I had wanted to, we could have gone tubing with everyone else as The Little Miss was in good hands.  Lola wasn't about to share her with anyone!  We didn't end up going though as we both took one look up the hill and just felt tired already *LOL*

Obvi, my brother is a male model.  He's got posing down to a science.

Apparently getting dragged around on the patio is way more fun than going down the tubing hills that the kids' parents paid for.

It was SUCH a good day!  Bart and I hung out in the chalet with Ava and kept nice and toasty warm while everyone else froze their butts off up on the hills *LOL*  It was actually a really nice day though, it's been quite a while since we've seen the sun, so as you can see, nobody looked like they were complaining about the weather.
I saw that someone on my Facebook posted that their son told her at bed time that he wished every day could be family day and that kind of made me want to say that every day SHOULD be family day - just like every day SHOULD be a version of Valentine's Day.  But I guess I shouldn't take it so literally.  It's hard to always focus on just spending time and having a dedicated day of fun with family and friends when every day life can quickly take over.  Don't I know it, when I'm home all day and I can look up and realize that the day is over already.
Q: So how about you?  If you're in Canada, how did you spend family day?  Otherwise, how was your weekend?

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