Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Back in the Running - Take 3!

On February 7th (2.5 weeks post-partum), the answer was finally YES!
Gear Pictured: Skora running shoes, Nike SportWatch
Looks like the Little Miss will be forcing me to be more succinct with my posts otherwise I'll never get anything posted! *LOL*
I've started this post quite a few times but have to keep leaving it when AvaBear wakes up from her nap (more like cat naps these days!) and then I can never really get back into the swing of things!
So quick, Quick, QUICK!
Besides the couple of times that Bart's given me my "Walmart" breaks - basically, I get to go out to Walmart on my own for an hour to pick up stuff we need and to enjoy some free "me" time *LOL* - I've gotten in a couple other "me" time moments on my treadmill!
So it's not like I imagined when I was huffing and puffing away during my second trimester a few months ago!  
For some reason, I was imagining that if I continued to run while pregnant, it would make it so I could run just as well (or heck, even better, I don't know how my logic arrived at that) after pregnancy.
I dilly dallied for a bit and then finally decided it was time to just jump on it and get my shoes on.  As soon as I finished feeding and handed her to Bart, it was a mad dash to get changed, tie my shoes and get down to the treadmill to get in as much time as I could before it was back to milk cow duty.
I laugh again because I thought I was rushing to maximize my time.  As if, I wouldn't have enough time to run as much as I wanted - when in reality, I wanted to die less than a few minutes into it.  And I was going easy on myself by keeping the speed at 3.5 mph.

So, this is basically how I started out.  It was a little hard to adjust to running with...extra...baggage?  Is that weird to say?  
CONFESSION: I was hesitant in getting back into running because I kept picturing trying to run with milk squirting errywhere.
This helped the awkwardness of milk boobs. And it made me feel less like dying.
Actually, in all honesty, I was imagining things to be scarier than it actually was.  It wasn't like jumping back in and feeling like nothing had changed - but then again, it also didn't feel like I was starting back at square one.
It's really hammering home that as into fitness and physical activity as I was before my Little Miss came, I'm really going to have to work hard to get back into it.  And unfortunately, I have a small uphill battle since I have to get my eating in check, too.
CONFESSION: Lately, I'm pretty much ensuring that McDonald's remains the official Olympic sponsor for all of eternity.  And I'm having a really hard time reigning myself in.
But I've got my eye on the prize and my goal is still in sight.

I still want our first family vacation and to celebrate the Little Miss' first birthday to be at Disney World where her mama will run a stupid crazy amount of kilometers in order to earn a sparkly, tiara medal.  Now that my whole world was turned upside down and has started to right itself back, it's time to get into the new routine and to make sure that running is included.
Even though the run will most likely be in February 2015, which is just under a year now, the road to get there feels like a very long, hard, uphill road.

In the meantime, I'll just chip away at it, 2 km at a time.... #OperationRunFasterThanTheBalloonLadies
Hopefully all other running "me" times will sound better than this:

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