Tuesday, February 11, 2014

31 Things: Current Playlist (As of: February 11, 2014)

  1. Hold On - Colbie Caillat
  2. Rude - Magic!
    This one was pretty catchy right when I first heard it, but it was only after really paying attention to the words that I realized that the singer was actually talking to a girl's dad and asking for her hand in marriage.  *LOL* Don't know how I would have felt about the song if I had heard it BEFORE Ava came, but I'm kind of in Dad's camp on this one.  Nobody will be good enough for my little girl, although at the same time, I also hope that one day someone will love her so much as to ask her Daddy for her hand.  Bwahaha...okay, gotta cut myself off, hormones are taking over and I'm totally tearing up just thinking of it!  Hoping it doesn't happen for a very loooooong time - as I'm sure her Daddy is too!

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