Thursday, January 16, 2014

Then and Now: My Original 2002 Bucket-List

After much tag/label searching, I finally found my original list that I made back in 2002.

CONFESSION: I also took some time out to read some reeeeally old posts from the good ol' LiveJournal and I know I was just writing for myself to remember things I did, but holy crap.  You know how sometimes you get embarrassed by hearing your own recorded voice played back to you?  I was kind of embarrassed reading some entries.

Looking at it, it seems that I didn't really have high aspirations as an 18/19 year old (example: #47. Get a job at the mall) but looking through them more, I think I'm going to rename these lists the "Random Small Things That I May Not Remember to I Want to Do But Would Like to Someday" list. 

I think the whole idea is just to have random things that I may be able to accomplish without thinking about it so that one day, 12 years later, I can look through them and see if I can check anything else off.

So let's jump right in then, shall we?  Anything in pink, I've done since the last time I ever went through this list and checked things off (I'm going to guess 2005 since that's the last date that pops up when looking through things) and anything else italicized, my 2014 self wanted to voice thoughts about...

  1. Go on a cruise January 8, 2003 @ Ali'i Kai in Hawaii
  2. Make my own dress
    I think the point behind this was that I just wanted to know how to sew, henceforth have the ability to make my own dress
  3. Get braces January 6, 2004 @ Dr. Pus'
  4. Ride on a horse December 18, 2002 in the Philippines
  5. Go on a trip without my parents June 26 - July 3, 2005 - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with Bart
  6. Fall asleep with someone June 12, 1999 - telling ghost stories with Francis, Marian and Mariel
  7. Go waterskiing
  8. Get dipped while dancing November 22, 2003 @ Staples Christmas Party
  9. Catch the bouquet
    I think this might be out of the running now... (you know, in a good way!)
  10. Go white water rafting
  11. Write a book
  12. Go on a no-holds barred shopping spree
    I think what I really meant behind this is "have the money to GO ON one...."
  13. Drive on the left side of the road (meaning I'm somewhere where it's legal!)
  14. See an actual waterfall January 9, 2003 @ Waimea Falls, Hawaii
  15. See a volcano January 9, 2003 @ Diamond Head, Hawaii
  16. Get my legs waxed
    Whyyyy would I want to do this? Ever? I must have forgotten that I'm Asian...
  17. Drive a big-rig truck
  18. Read all books by John Grisham
  19. Go rollerskating October 2005 @ Cambridge Roller Rink with Bart
  20. Have someone ask for me phone number September 3, 2002 - O-Week @ Laurier
  21. Be on a gameshow
  22. Be featured in a magazine
  23. Go to the zoo July 18, 2003 - Metro Toronto Zoo with Bart, Kristine & Jazzy
  24. Go to a concert January 2008 - Three Days Grace
  25. Have a walk-in closet
  26. Meet someone who looks like me
  27. Go to a drive-in September 1, 2003 - Guelph Drive-in with Melinda & Bart
  28. Go to one of those bars in the water September 2007 - Sirenis la Salina, Mexico (Honeymoon)
  29. Learn to play the guitar
  30. See an actual igloo
  31. Go to a strip club
  32. Ride on a motorcycle
  33. Write a romance novel
  34. Eat an escargot
  35. Win a large amount of money at a casino (over $500)
  36. Build a giant sandcastle
  37. Watch a scary movie without shutting my eyes once
    Big wuss that I am, I doubt this will ever happen.  I've made peace with it. *LOL*
  38. Find something and find out it's valuable of Antique Roadshow
  39. Make humongous bubbles
  40. Whisper all night with someone
    I've learned that I value sleep too much to really want to cross this off my list...
  41. Learn how to skip rocks over water August 3, 2003 @ Grand Bend with Bart and EJ
  42. Go snowmobiling
  43. Swim with sharks June 27, 2005 in Punta Cana, DR
  44. Get all dressed up and see a ballet
  45. Go to a football game September 2, 2002 - O-Week @ Laurier
  46. Have a secret admirer
  47. Get a job at the mall
    *LOL* Wow, I had high aspirations in 2002
  48. Win the lottery
    I'd probably have to commit to buying tickets first...
  49. Cut my hair super short (above my shoulders counts as super short) May 2010 - Before trip to Europe
  50. Go skinny dipping
  51. Learn how to tango
  52. Slide down a winding staircase bannister
  53. Catch a firefly
  54. Learn how to figure skate twirl
  55. Drive a BMW
  56. Jump on a trampoline
  57. Swim with tropical fish June 27, 2005 in Punta Cana, DR with Bart
  58. Go snowshoeing
  59. Get a bellybutton ring July 4, 2003 @ Tora Tattoo with Melissa
  60. Go to a luau January 10, 2003 @ Germaine's Luau in Hawaii
  61. Be in a limbo contest
  62. Have a love song sang to me September 20, 2003 - Bart sang me "I Swear" by All 4 One
  63. See a jelly fish December 18, 2002 @ Villa del Prada Beach, Philippines
  64. Jump in puddles in the rain August 23, 2003 @ Grand Bend with Bart and EJ
  65. Go up the CN Tower January 23, 2005 with Bart
  66. See a circus September 2013 - Cirque de Soleil
  67. Bake a cake May 2011 - After signing up for cake decorating classes and finding out we had to bake the cake first
  68. See a broadway show
  69. Be in a parade
  70. Graduate from University 2007
  71. Ride in a hot air balloon
  72. Go to a hockey game Night with the Leafs @ Work 2008
  73. Build a giant snowman
  74. Get a mud bath
  75. Go sailing June 30, 2005 in Punta Cana, DR with Bart
  76. Speak in multiple languages
  77. Go on a road trip
    I'm not sure how far a distance counts as a road trip, but as I've yet to get in the car and drive anywhere while yelling out "ROOOOAD TRIP", I'm going to say I haven't been on one yet...does driving to Virginia Beach count?
  78. Solve a mystery
    Again, I kind of wish 2002 me was a little more specific.  How much of a mystery are we talking about here?  Like a murder?  How the caramel gets in the Caramilk bar? Who didn't put the toilet seat down?
  79. Stay at a cottage
  80. Go to a bar mitzvah
    Might need to add "know a Jewish person" somewhere on this list before this can get crossed off...
  81. Ride in a helicopter
  82. See real pyramids (Egypt)
  83. Get out of a speeding ticket
  84. Adopt an animal
  85. Keep a pet for longer than a year December 25, 2004 - March 17, 2006 RIP Barf
  86. Go ballroom dancing
  87. Learn self-defense
  88. Take CPR classes 2008 - CPR classes with Melissa
  89. Win a big prize at a midway game
  90. Learn how to hotwire a car
  91. Get my fortune told 2011 - Psychic Fair
  92. Learn to drive a stick shift June 29, 2003 with Joe Wycoco in his Jetta
  93. Go to Mardi Gras
  94. Skate at Rockefeller Center
  95. Go on a carriage ride in Central Park
  96. Slow dance under the stars
  97. Fly a kite Summer 2002 @ Sauble Beach with EJ, Bart and Sabrina
  98. Eat a banana split August 22, 2003 @ Dairy Queen with Linda
Is it sad that in the nine years since the last time I crossed something off this list, I've only been able to cross off nine more things?
Hopefully there will be more things that can get crossed off this year and since I was in the mood for all things list-y, I have already started an updated version of my bucket list of randomness!  I currently have 68 new things on this list!  Should probably gather it all together in one giant list of lists to make sure I haven't repeated myself *LOL*
Q: Do you have a bucket list of randomness?
Q: Anything on it that you absolutely MUST do?

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