Friday, January 31, 2014

The Rundown

You know that feeling when you're working on an essay in Word or something and everything is going well and you're almost done and you have like, 80 pages?  Then all of sudden your computer shuts down and you realize you forgot to save and the autosave effed up so you're left with only the FIRST line you wrote?
Yeah, that's what happened to this blog post I'd been working on for the better part of a week and a half.
It was hard to get started on the post as it was about Ava's birthday and it was super long because I felt like EVERY detail was important and needed to get written down and remembered forever.  And now, I've got nada.
Awww, man.  Realizing my post is gone.

So, since the Little Miss is staying awake a bit longer during the day and I've lost the will to re-write everything at the moment, I figured I'd just do quick update and then I can just work on the epic novel another time.
So in a nutshell, what's been happening in the last two weeks?
Ava Grace
January 19, 2014 @ 6:37 pm

Met this little girl and she took over my whole world.
Despite the fact that all I could focus on and see was her, unfortunately, the epidural wore off and I could definitely feel things. Post-partum situation?  OMG.  As unprepared as I felt I was for labor and childbirth (regardless of how much I tried to prepare ahead of time), I was way more unprepared for the after.  Not life after with a baby, but just dealing with myself personally and handling everything physically.

Yeah, sorry, I went there #sorrynotsorry.  And also, sorry for those not prepared for what I'm going to discuss, but the Little Miss needed a little help making her entrance into this world and it took the form of something that looked like salad tongs.  Giant ones.  Post-epidural, let me just say that it doesn't feel like a prance in the park.  And regardless of salad tongs or not, post-birthing sort of resembles the aftermath of a serial killer's area.  Dexter's job had nothin' on what it felt like when I was standing in that bathroom. 
Okay, that's all I'll say about it for now.  Since you went into this unprepared and that's not really fair *LOL* Just know that if you're a guy, there is nothing you can ever really experience that I will ever feel sorry for you.  I also no longer believe in equality among the sexes, because after everyone and their mailmen practically got to see me and the new relationship I formed with a squirt bottle and all the other things that I had to go through so that new little human could come out looking like her daddy while I more closely resemble her sour milk smelling nanny, I'm sorry, but giving birth to new life just can't be equal to guys. #justsaying
Image Source: Melanie & Justin

Booked it such a long time ago that it was still hard to believe that the time had finally come (or that we actually had a little human!) but seven days after her entrance into the world, the Little Miss had her first photoshoot and she was a complete diva, pronounced Dee-VAAAAH!
Photo Source: @Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

A few days later, I got a bit of a "me time" break in the form of a walk with the fluffy little man.  I wanted to make sure that the pup was as comfortable as possible with the new changes to his world so Bart and I were both trying hard to give him a little extra love.  When he came home, it was so sad because he looked so out of sorts.  He would kind of just sit there in the middle of the room and look like he didn't know what to do with himself or where to go.  Awww, fluffy heart melt!  So he's getting a couple extra little treats (still no food off the table, vacation time at Grandma's is OVAH!) and we're making sure he's getting quality walks as opposed to just being let out in the backyard.
This walk was also nice because I was finally able to get back into my Skora running shoes!  It felt like the new-new me was meeting the old-new me.  I'd stopped wearing my Skora shoes about 8 months into my pregnancy because I didn't want to risk breaking in the new shoes in case my form/gait or whatever was changed while carrying a baby and extra weight.  At a week and a half post-partum, my feet had finally stopped looking like fat, hairless hobbit feet so I was excited to get my Skora on!
While walking, I tried to break out into the slowest of jogs to see what it felt like and then stopped.  Gravity isn't a friend to a week and a half post-partum woman, so I quickly stopped and just went back to walking.  I know I'm eager to try to get back into my pre-pregnancy lifestyle, but I had to admit to myself that I have time.  There's no rush and I just need to take care of myself and the little one.

Of COURSE Mother Nature decides to get her snowmageddon on after we've got a little one.  Despite the fact that Bart had a diaper kegger before the Little Miss came, we were still pretty surprised how fast she went through her newborn size diapers.  We quickly realized that we'd have to go out and get more and all around us, people are having to push their cars in and out of their driveways because of the snow.
Having spent the mornings of his parental leaves shoveling snow, Bart finally gave in and got himself a new toy.  I was hoping this would mean that Murphy's Law would come into play and him getting a snow blower would mean that it would never snow again.  Nope, two days after Bart got his toy, more snow.  GAH!  Bart gave me another little mini "me" break and I was able to step out to do a quick Walmart run for some more diapers and other random things that I totally threw in the cart randomly.
And that's pretty much it for now!  Those are pretty much the little moments that happen in between the feeding, diaper changing, spit up cleaning and rocking and then we do it all over again.  And then in between those things, I try to keep things tidy and wash and fold the massive piles of onesies and sleepers that smell like sour milk spit up - just like this new mommy I know of. *wince*
On that note, I can wrap this up as the General is now awake. Yes, I totally jump to attention (and in fear) when her sweet little eyes flutter open.  I usually have exactly three minutes to get her changed dry and a boob in her mouth before she screeches bloody murder. #wordtobigbird

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