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Hello! It's me, 2006, just checking in...

As I've mentioned a couple times, I was a bit of a blog whore jumper before I settled into my little space here on the great WWW.  This morning, while everyone was returning to the wonderful world of reality by getting ready to go back to work (and I only say that with a slight degree of smugness because I know I don't exactly have a vacation in store for me soon and I might well be wishing I could be getting ready for work, too!) I sat down and started thinking of things I could blog about.  
Since I had put it out there that I want to blog more, the next logical course of action was to think about what.  So far, my blogging tactic has been to just sit down and write whenever I have done something that has seemed remotely interested to other people, ie. a race or before and after or decorated a cake, etc.  Leaving my only blogging criteria to what I think is interesting has yielded spastic results, so I thought that in addition to that, I would have some set posts with set topics that I could fall back on for some content.
I felt like I had a much more creative outlet back in the day so I hunted down some of my older online journals and came across one of the first generations of "Catherine let loose in the online world" aka my Livejournal account. 
Which, incidentally, I think is fitting considering that today is Thursday and commonly known as #ThrowbackThursday.  So let's throwback to 2006, shall we?!  While perusing around my 7-8 years ago thoughts, I cam across an updated version of my "bucket list" if you will.  Seeing that it's labelled as updated, I'm curious to go looking for my original list, but I've already committed to this list so I'm just going to go ahead and throw it down because I'm really curious to see what's happened to it since then and if I've done any of the things that I deemed "worthy" to do before I died.
CONFESSION: Although it's not really so much a confession since it's painfully obvious that this list came on because of Mandy Moore's A Walk To Remember movie.  

Catherine's New Life's To-Do List as of 2006

  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Be in two places at once (yeah, I punked that from A Walk to Remember, but I still want to do it...)
  3. Earn more than one degree
  4. Swim with dolphins Accomplished a couple times actually! Both times in Cuba 2012 with Bart and family!
  5. Travel around the world
    1. Mayan Ruins in Guatemala
    2. The Taj Mahal in India
    3. The Eiffel Tower in Paris
    4. Acropolis of Athens in Greece
    5. Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt
    6. Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Iraq
    7. Temple of Artemis at Ephesus in Turkey
    8. Alhambra in Spain
    9. Angkor in Cambodia
    10. Pyramid at Chichen Itza in Mexico The Chichen Itza tour was full both times we were in Mexico and it was explained to us that the steps were no longer stable enough for people to climb it so we would have just been able to look at it.  Instead, we went to another pyramid that is a whole bunch higher than Chichen Itza! Last time we were there was September 2007 for our honeymoon.
    11. Christ Redeemer in Brazil
    12. Roman Colosseum in Italy
    13. Statues of Easter Island
    14. The Great Wall of China in...well, China
    15. Kremlin and Red Sqaure in Russia
    16. Machu Picchu in Peru
    17. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany May 2010
    18. Stonehenge in the United Kingdom
    19. Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
    20. Timbuktu in Mali, Victoria Falls separating Zimbabwe from Zambia
    21. An Aurora in Canada
  6. See the Seven Wonders of the World
  7. Read the ENTIRE Encyclopedia
  8. Learn one new word every day until my 25th birthday
  9. Read the whole Bible
  10. Learn about photography
  11. Make my parents proud
  12. Make myself proud
  13. Learn Japanese
  14. Fall in love
  15. Get married
  16. Have kids
  17. Get my teeth whitened
  18. See a shooting star August 13, 2006 on my front porch with Bart
  19. Get a star named after me
  20. Save someone's life
  21. Be a talkshow host
  22. Have a column in a magazine
  23. Be famous
  24. Go to Disneyland/World This was also accomplished twice in one year! January 2010 @ Disney Land and December 2010 @ Disney World
  25. Run a marathon
  26. Write a thesis
  27. Start my own business Cake decorating
  28. Buy a house
  29. Learn to be an interior designer
  30. Own a boat
  31. Learn to do an oil change
  32. Go hang gliding
  33. Make a sculpture
  34. Be featured in an art gallery
  35. Have something I write be published
  36. Celebrate a 50th marriage anniversary
  37. Name my daughter Grace
  38. Donate blood Melissa was a volunteer at the Canadian Blood Donor clinic and pretty much made us do it.  Can't remember the exact date, but it wasn't exactly my favourite experience.  The needle was a lot bigger than I thought it would be *LOL*
  39. Volunteer at a hospital
  40. Invent something
  41. Lose 10 15 pounds Awww, yeah!
  42. Help fulfill a wish from The Children's Wish Foundation
  43. Design and build a house
  44. Have something dedicated in my name
  45. Be a millionaire
  46. Learn how to tap dance
  47. Fire someone
  48. Start a charitable foundation
  49. Be someone's boss (I guess I would need this before I can fire anyone)
  50. Own every single Friends, Angel, Buffy and CSI episode Thank you, boxing day sales!
  51. Be the inspiration of a song/poem
  52. Have a portrait painted of me
  53. Take Bart on a trip
  54. Be a juror in a high profile case
  55. Try my hand at waitressing
  56. Meet my grandchildren
  57. Meet my great-grandchildren
  58. Go down in a submarine
  59. Stop a pursesnatcher or mugger (without getting hurt hopefully)
  60. Go to a symphony
  61. Spend the rest of my life with Bart
  62. Own a black Audi A4 or A6 with tinted windows and silver rims

Reading through the list...some of the things makes me legit LOL!  I have to remind myself that this is an updated  version of my bucket list and that there's more things that I aspire to do.  I remember when I had it written out in my physical journal, that it was pages and pages long, so these 62 things are just in addition to what I already had.  Now I really have to find that list!

The list seems all over the place, mixing some pretty big things with just random things that I'm sure some of them I just made up off the top of me head as opposed to having life-long dreams about them *LOL*  Especially my travel list.  I'm wondering or trying to remember where I got the inspiration to go to those specific places.  I was able to cross off the destinations in general that I've been able to visit, though not exactly the destinations within them.

Some of the points are also kind of...vague.  Make myself and my parents proud.  How in the world do I decide officially that I've done that!?  When do I get to cross it off?  *insert blank look here*  I also want to fire someone!? BWAHAHA, man, 2006 me was a bit of a jerkface, huh?  I also feel like I need to clarify what I mean by point 58 when I say I want to go down in a submarine.  I'm preeeeetty sure that I don't mean I want to go down in one as in, I die in one.  Hehehe, at least hopefully.  I know I've forgotten a lot of things during this pregnancy, but I'm sure I would remember if I had any suicidal intentions to live out the last of my moments in life in a submarine.  So I think I would just like to hang out in a submarine while it does its know...sub water and all.

There's also a few points on there that I'm not really sure I want or care to fulfill.  Own a black Audi?  I wanted that specific vehicle that badly? Funny how when you're a grown up and you realize you just want one that you can afford or pay off within a realistic period of time (including the gas) and it just runs more than it doesn't.

Well, that's that.  My next goal will be to find the original list and see if there's anything that I have since been able to cross off and I think a good goal to have in 2014 would be to take stock of where I am in life now and make up a new, 2014 updated bucket list!

Q: What about you? Do you have a bucket list?
Q: Anything you plan on crossing off your list THIS year?!

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