Wednesday, January 1, 2014

31 15 Things for 2014


I had actually started writing out this post yesterday, but I was being a lazy butt and doing it on my iPod in bed so of course when I fell asleep and the Blogger app timed out, I lost my entire post.

*requires no words*
Ah well, now that I've gone back to it, I realized that it was perhaps a little bit wordy (a LOT wordy, my one goal was to reduce the amount of novel-sized paragraphs and run-on sentences).  So instead, I've decided to try my hand at some bullets and short-form to keep things short and to the point.

I'm not really sure what I want out of this list since I'm just going to go ahead and jump in both feet first.  With things being so up in the air and my having all these hopes and goals and plans when really the little miss will be in charge of the show from here on out, I figure this will just be a compilations of things I hope for and things I've learned along the way.  Meh, let's just get to it, shall we?
  1. Blog more often/frequently.  It's always something that I mean to do and I used to be really good at it (read: I used to have a lot of time at work to blog) but somewhere along the way, I would sit down and open up a new post for an entry, stare at the blank emptiness and then log off.

  2. Going hand-in-hand with this is the goal to adopt the notion that this is MY blog.  For some reason, even if my readership is limited to my mom and the few other people I manually subscribed to my blog so they have no choice but to see that I've updated it, I seem to care a lot about what I think they want to read about.  I will be in the middle of composing a blog post in my head about just a regular, ol' day in the life of me and then I'll catch myself thinking "nobody will want to read about that" and that's usually when I end up not blogging anything.  So the goal is to remind myself that this is my blog and while I would LOVE an influx of readers this coming year, the blog is also meant for me to keep track of things going on with me (both good, bad and things that don't seem like they would be particularly entertaining).

  3. Become more organized.  Like, in all aspects of life. This is kind of a big one because for some reason, there are things that I'm REALLY OCD and anal about and then there are other things that I'm not even on the same page about.  Maybe I should start small.  My fellow blogger Mary from Stories of Suburbia is one of my favourite people to follow on Instagram because her #throwbackthursday's are all kinds of awesome.  Girlfriend's got pictures from any day in any decade and I LOVES it!  I always mean to get organized with my photos and about three months after I resolve to do it, I've got 8 SD cards full of photos that I haven't even moved onto my laptop or hard-drive.  For an asian someone like me who LIVES to take pictures of every little thing, I KNOW I will have a conniption if I ever lost even one photo or SD card.  I really need to get on that!  I think it's even more important now that the little one is coming!

  4. Avoid being one of THOSE people.  You know...the ones that ONLY talk about their kid(s) once they have them.  The ones that think that every. single. thing their kid does is miraculous and ah-maaay-zing and it must be shared with the world because NOBODY has ever seen a diaper blowout as mind-blasting as the one THEIR kid did *or insert whatever wondrous moment here* Don't make me feel bad for saying it out loud, man...those people exist.  Think about it....the ones whose FB status updates are ONLY about what their kid did every hour of the day.  The ones whose IG pictures are ONLY of what their kid is doing at that moment every hour of the day.  I'm reading your blog, following you and friends with you because I'm also interested in other aspects of YOUR life, not necessarily everything that your kid (kid can also be interchanged with dog, cat, boyfriend, etc.) does.  My goal is find that fine line between sharing those AWESOME kid moments and also talking about other stuff.  I feel like that makes me sound like an asshole... #sorrynotsorry?

  5. I have no plans to change my addiction to hashtags.  I love 'em.  Please don't intervention me.

  6. Also learning that I have no concept of short and to the point as I'm only on point six and this is already looking like it's super long. #aintnoshameinmygame

  7. I'm hoping to be able to have the capacity to forgive myself as a mom.  Does that sound weird to say?  I'm not entirely sure what I mean by it, but the general idea is - especially since she's not here yet - is that I have all these plans and moments when I've said "I will/will not ever do that to my kid." Working in an educational setting where I spent the entire DAY with other peoples' children kind of brought on/enforced a lot of that and the thing is, I'm really slowly realizing how much of a judgemental bastard I am with those thoughts.  I don't know the circumstances to any of the situations (example: the kid who screams bloody murder in the store aisle until her mom finally just buys her what she wants and I raise an eyebrow and totally tell myself that I'm not going to be a victim of a toddler terrorist who will only grow up to run me like I didn't give her LIFE itself when in reality, the mama has probably been awake for 36 hours straight and has been taking care of everything at home while her husband earns money to cover her missing salary while being on mat leave and she really just wanted to go out real quick to pick up milk and if this is what's going to get her kid to give her a frickin' break so the judgemental asian girl who has NO kids can stop staring at her all high and mighty, then YES, she can bloody well have it).  Something like that.  I hope that I'll be able to forgive myself when reality and real life show me that all the "plans" I thought I had about how to be a perfect parent gets poopy-diaper-blowout-ed-on.

  8. On that same note, and not just about parenting in general, I hope to learn some humility, humbleness and compassion.  Perhaps that's the emotional, preggo person in me, but I'm realizing that pre-preggo me didn't have a whole lot of it.

  9. Pay attention to Chewy.  Make ACTUAL time for him.  I love that creature a whole whack of a lot.  I am aware that things will change a bit in our household, but I don't want Chewy to have to pay for that because it's not his fault.  For some reason, when I tell new parents or other people that this is a goal/hope of mine, they're quick to kind of just brush it off and tell me how much I won't care about him once the little one arrives.  I understand they're trying to tell me how much I will love her, I just don't understand why it has to be at the expense of someone else.  I say someone because Chewy is not a thing or an it.  I've watched him yelp when something hurts him and I've watched him whine and do whatever his puppy version is of crying when things upset him.  All same reactions that other living things have.  Therefore, just because he can't TALK and TELL me things, I do not want to disregard him and have that be okay or explained away because I have a baby that I carried and love oh so much.  I understand that I will be busy, but I'm hoping that because Bart and I have a "plan" that he'll be okay too.  I remember when I first found out I was pregnant and someone kind of carelessly told me that I won't even care about Chewy after I have a little one, I found myself crying thinking of how left out or lonely he would feel.  I literally bawled my eyes out and made Bart PROMISE that if there's a time when I'm busy with the baby that he has to make time too!  And when he's having Daddy and baby time, that if I don't do it on my own, to remind me to spend quality time with Chewy.  I'm staring at him right now as I type this and it's feeling REALLY important to me.  And it's also blowing my mind considering the fact that I flat out told Bart before we were married that we would NEVER be a pet family.

  10. Renew my commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.  I know when I started my journey towards it, I meant it to be for LIFE.  As in, no matter what happens.  I never counted on - okay, well I did count on getting pregnant since we were trying, but I never knew how quickly that resolve would get thrown out the window in the face of wanting to shank someone just for a poutine.  Sometimes I wonder if I couldn't have been a little bit stronger.  If I didn't give in to these so-called pregnancy cravings because I wanted to.  I get upset at myself for thinking that, but at 38 weeks now, I guess that's neither here nor there.  So what can I do?  Refer to goal/hope number seven and forgive myself for it and resolve/renew the commitment.  When I first started, I also knew that in this aspect that failure was going to be an option.  I know the saying means well, but it just gives people nowhere to go.  It's like saying that if you did fail, you might as well just give up because it's over.  My goal back in October was to understand that failure was going to happen but that I could pick myself up and keep going.  Even when I recognized that I was making poor food/health choices and I probably could have chosen otherwise and I didn't, that's done with.  I know it could technically start now, but again, with things so up in the air, I don't know what I will feel like/BE like after the little one comes so I don't want to cage myself in and set myself up for failure.  Once we've got some kind of handle of what life is going to be like, I'd like to renew our commitment as a family to a healthy lifestyle.  I know it can be done based on my friend Courtney's life as she's currently living it (you can read about it here on her blog Treadmill Runway) but like everyone else has to, I will find my own way there.  I may have gotten lost along the way, but I'll get there.

  11. Get my RUNNING shoes back on the road!  No more woggling, no more waffling or walking!  I want to RUN!  I'd like to continue my new-found love/hate (where it's more love than hate) relationship with running and log some more miles!  I want to start the half-marathon training plan and put the things I learned in the running books I read this year to the test!  I want to fall back in love with fitness and being active and getting sweaty.  I want to also renew my commitment to making sure that I do something active every day in any way that I can find.  And if possible, somewhere along the way, earn some more points to get more SKORA running shoes! *LOL*  I'd love to get some more 5K races under my belt, experience an obstacle race, work on my 5K time while also working on getting more distance - therefore getting some 10Ks in there as well (and longer hopefully!) and making sure that I don't lose my focus on my goal to Disney's 2015 Princess Half-Marathon in Florida!

  12. It had to make it here somewhere: FINANCES!  I was very un-strict with myself these last few years.  The beauty of being DINKs.  I let myself go quite a bit this year knowing that there was a baby coming because after that, I'm on LOCKDOWN for the next 18+ years *LOL* I want to really start helping Bart put money away into our savings and build a significant nest egg or emergency situation stash.  Bart and I have gotten a good hang of our finances while we've been married the past six years, but of course with a new baby, things are going to change and we'll have to learn new ways to handle our finances.  I also want to take a more front-seat approach to our finances as well.  These days, I've been pretty content on letting Bart deal with the "grown-up" stuff in regards to our mortgage, what we can afford, our savings, etc. and I don't ever want to be caught off-guard not knowing anything about it later on if something happens and Bart's not able to sit with me or help me.  It's time for Catherine to start dealing with grown-up money things! GAAAH!

  13. Apparently, I seem to be functioning under the impression that mat leave is going to be like this carefree vacation since I wanted to start this year, but I was hoping to go back to school.  I work in an academic setting wherein a good chunk of my tuition would be covered as an employee and it just seems silly not to be taking advantage of that.  Maybe I could have an MBA or a degree in marketing or communications or accounting even.  It doesn't matter, I could take it and it wouldn't hit us so hard financially except that I would actually have to find the time.  If I can't jump into it full force now, I'd really like to start thinking more seriously about it and taking the steps to getting there.  Maybe one credit course here and there?  I can graduate at the same time as the little miss! *LOL*

  14. I'd say get famous but I think that might require too much work! *LOL* I'll settle on getting more readers who are genuinely interested in my blog thoughts, my endeavors, what's going on in my neck of the woods and what I have to say about it (however uninteresting it may seem) and basically making a few really good friends.  But, while I'm not aspiring for fame, I wouldn't mind becoming a FitFluential, Skora or SweatPink ambassador, too :) #aimhigh

  15. One last thing: FRISBEEEEEEEE!!!! #nuffsaid
So, here's a few of the hopes and goals rattling around in my little nogging right now.  I had to cut myself by more than half because while I want to work on not caring so much about what I think people do or don't want to see on my blog, I figured it was quite daunting to continue to sit here and list more hopes and goals up to 31! *LOL*  I have a lot more small, specific hopes and goals, but when I think of them all collectively, I really just want not just sit here and hope for the best year yet.  Like I'm expecting the universe to just hand it to me.  I would like a specific hand in it and help the universe out when I can.  I want to continue to strive to be a better version of me than I was the day, week, month, year before and I want to be more of an inspiration (rather than an annoyance) to myself, my friends and family and anyone else who can find that they're experiencing something similar to what I am at any given time.  I want to make MY life meaningful to me and I want to make an impact this small piece of the WWW that I am granted.   I am hoping and wishing for the amazing but am hoping and wishing to stay grounded and content with what the world has in store for me.  I want to be aspire to greatness but I want to be able to laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously.

So with all that said: I hope you have had an awesome first day of the new year of the rest of your life and from my family to yours, wishing you all the best in 2014!  I hope you experience enough hardships to sincerely appreciate your blessings, enough obstacles to celebrate your achievements and *insert more quotes from movies that I may or may not have borrowed here*  Whatever the case may be, may your 2014 be filled with love, laughter and blessings!

Q: Did you make any resolutions for 2014?  What are they?
Q: Did you keep any of the resolutions you made for 2013?

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