Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa Baby...

"Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me
I've been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight"

- Taylor Swift

While looking for the lyrics for this song, it's come to my attention that there are a LOT of versions of it.  I don't really know who did the original song (was it Madonna?) but I like Taylor's swing-y, country version as opposed to those sexy, breathy, pouty-er versions.  Plus, I'm in the T-Swizzle fan club *insert hands making a heart shape here*

Last time, I had started things off on a well-meaning note in that I wanted to put together some ideas to help you think of a gift to ask for or to help someone who needs to get a gift for the fitness enthusiast in their life.  After it evolved into being just a listing of things that I want, the motivation behind this post has evolved with it as well...hence the song change *LOL*

Gotta admire this song's lyrics - it makes no ifs, ands or buts about it.  She just wants stuff.  Girlfriend is keepin' it real!  Just to be clear, I actually haven't ASKED anyone for all this stuff since I'm waiting on a much grander kind of gift (to be delivered by myself, actually LOL), but it's still fun to put it out there!

So without further ado, here's the rest of the stuff I had that didn't fit into my first collage!  My Christmas Want List - PART TWO!

  1. Shakeology (approx. $129.95 USD)
    Ever since I got on the Insanity bandwagon, there's a lot of mention of Shakeology in the DVDs.  Right now, I'm still a Vega girl in that, pre-preggo days, I used to drink one Vega smoothie every day for breakfast because I was never much of a breakfast person to begin with, so this was a happy little compromise.  But y'all know how well infomercials work on me and besides just being curious about it, I'm following a lot of BeachBody coaches through social media and it just seems like something I'd like to try.  At the end of the day, it doesn't seem to differ that much in price from the Vega cannisters I've already been getting (and I hate to say it, but I don't remember Shakeology having any recalls of late for bad chemicals getting into some of their lots - in which one of my cannisters was affected and I sent them an E-Mail and have yet to hear back... *coughs*)  But don't let Shakeology being on this list fool you.  I'm not pulling a switcharoo because of a perhaps bad experience.  I still like to pick up my shake mixes in person and still hate to wait for shipping from online orders.  It's just always been in the back of my mind that I'd like to try Shakeology, that' s all. 
  2. Nike+ Kinect Training (approx. $29.83 CAD)
    With my membership in the Nike+ trifecta (owning the FuelBand, SportBand and SportWatch), and the whole idea behind their FuelPoints, I've been wanting to try out this game for a while and it's only recently been reduced in price.  I think the last time Tara and I had an interest in getting it so we can compete with each other even more, it was retailing at $49.99.  For me, it just looks like another fun alternative to staying active while at home where otherwise one may just end up sitting on the couch and vegging out.  The thing I like best about the idea behind FuelPoints is that it's like a fun game - if you think being competitive is fun, I guess.  You forget a little bit that you're moving and being active because all you're trying to do is one-up the person you're competing against.  Add a video game to the mix and it's covering a lot of bases for the techno geek in me!  I've seen the game at Walmart or EB Games (here in Canada) but I'm sure you can pick it up at a bunch of other places + online.
  3. Jogging Stroller Travel System (approx. $200 - eleventy billion dollars apparently)
    Bart and I are pretty much all set with the important necessities for the arrival of the little one.  She has a place to sleep, feed and she'll be clothed and diapered.  The one thing that will ensure that we get to take her home with us in order to do those things is having a car seat in order to transport her from the hospital to our house.  Apparently, they won't let you take baby anywhere if you don't have a car seat and as of yet, we do not.  I never imagined it would be this hard to just pick one.  And that's the thing right there.  There's so frickin' many of them.  And the price range is from super affordable (and super cheap, plastic-y looking) to astronomical.  Is it a brand name thing?  Peg Perego seems to think people can pay $1200+ for a stroller that may or may not come with a car seat and the thing is, people ARE paying it!

    Even though I don't really know how my mindset and goals will change once the baby actually comes and how I handle it, in a perfect world, I would love to be able to get back to being active with her once she's here.  Hence the reason why I want a jogging stroller above all else.  The one pictured is the Baby Trend Expedition from Babies 'R' Us (and also seen on the Sears website) and the biggest pull for me is those air-filled tires.  I pushed it around Babies 'R' Us and it seems very nice and smooth.  The problem is, there are a TON of other ones that feel nice and smooth.  How can you decide what feels nicer and smoother?  The biggest downfall for me is that the ones I've got my eye on seem to be the biggest, bulkiest and heaviest out there.  I told Bart I don't really have a problem with hauling the thing around as the reason I want it is to get back/stay in shape and I can hardly do that by complaining about the thing being heavy, can I?  But every time we set out to just go ahead and buy it, or ANY, we always leave empty handed.

    The other super shallow thing about what's taking so long is for some reason, the ones that I like and can afford always seem to come in the UGLIEST colours EVERRRRR.  And of course the pretty ones that I like are either made out of plastic and superglued together, or their worth more than the car that I will be placing the car seat IN.
  4. Nike Studio Wrap Pack aka yoga shoes (approx. $50 - $160 USD)
    Are these not the coolest things ever?!  Or do you have to be a past ballerina in order to covet these?  In which case, your opinion may then differ from mine.  They just look so pretty and dainty!  I don't yoga as much as I used to before (and #letsbehonest, I never practiced yoga that much before anyway) but even with barefeet, I always had a problem with traction on the mat and these seem like the cutest solution besides wearing those socks with the rubber grips at the bottom.

    The price range differs in that there are plain Studio wraps without the straps and ribbons.  I haven't done a lot of research on them besides squealing that I want the ones with the ribbons, but aside from that, I can't really tell much of a difference that would account for the cost increase between the two.  In any case, you can view them from the Nike store itself or perhaps find them (hopefully) cheaper online elsewhere.
  5. Spinning/Cycling Shoes (approx. I have no idea)
    I can't be all helpful in this besides the fact that I want pretty nice looking ones.  That is all.  I don't have any thoughts or advice regarding any kind of spinning shoe or why you would even want to have them in terms of how they would be beneficial for you.  I took Courtney's spinning class a few times and if you know me, you know I like my gear and looking the part.  So while I cannot say how having spinning shoes will make me any less of a newbie on my bike (especially in terms of my poor, sore butt and flowery girl bits), it will sure make me LOOK more legit on my bike (despite my poor, sore butt and flower girl bits).  Sometimes you just gotta fake it 'til you make it!  And having some sweet shoes may not only make you look better, but feel better about yourself or what you're doing.  Dropping some decent coin on certain gear may also ensure that you stick with it a little bit longer and lessen the chance of you quitting, too. *LOL*  I'm sure you can look around and check local sporting goods stores or online cycling/spinning stores for some shoes - or feel free to ask Courtney, my very own spinning guru over at Treadmill Runway.
  6. Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer (approx. $50 - $60 CAD)
    I was never one to want to spend too much on a sports bra.  In fact, I never really thought much about it as my first sports bras used to come from Giant Tiger or Walmart.  In fact, being 34 weeks pregnant, these are still the bras that I'm wearing and they seem to be doing the job just fine (although I would guess it would all depend on how...endowed you are...)  I started thinking more seriously about support when I started considering how I wanted to return to an active lifestyle (specifically to running and ultimate frisbee) as soon as possible after giving birth.  With that timeframe comes breastmilk (hopefully).  Besides the fact that I have these very odd/disturbing/vivid quick scenarios in my head of smacking my own face with my own boob or spraying milk everywhere (yeah, I know, I'm sorry! :S), I just want to make sure that my return to the active force is as comfortable as possible as I'm under the impression that it won't be a walk in the park.  Enter the Ta Ta Tamer!  Get 'em strapped down so I can go back to not having to worry or think about them at all.  Again, you can order these online through lululemon's site, or Amazon or eBay, I'm sure or just go ahead and pop into  a local store near you in case you need to get fitted properly.  P.S. Not to stay brand specific, I've also heard very good things about Moving Comfort.  But again, since I never really spared much thought on sports bras or the fact that I never wanted to spend more than $20 on one, that's about all I know about this area.
  7. Non-slip headbands (approx. $6 - $20+ CAD)
    The brand that is photographed up there is Sparkly Soul headbands and of course it grabbed my attention because hel-lo, they're GLITTERY and SPARKLY!  Mama wants her some of that!  Not even taking into consideration the fact that I can't really wear headbands.  Like at all.  And I'm not being too picky or too vain here.  I literally can't wear them.  I don't know if it's my asian-ness or just the way of the world with my head, but the back of my head is flat as a what everyone thought the world was some 100 years ago.  There is no indent or groove between my head and my neck where a headband strap can rest securely.  I slip on those circular headbands and the bottom just snaps right back up and off it comes from my head.  It's sad because I REALLY want to be a headband girl.  There are so many nice ones out there including BicBands, BondiBands, a whole bunch of somethingsomething bands!  And I can't HAVE them.  Perhaps this is where the want is more.  More out of the fact that I can't have them.  Naaah, look at them, they're so cool!  Besides the fact that they'll pick up any of the loose strands that you can't get into a regular ponytail and keep out of your face during a workout or every day life, they're all guaranteed not to slip so you spend the rest of your day adjusting it (unlike me where I spend the rest of the day trying to get it back on and then crying when it comes off and then stubbornly putting it back into place again - it's a vicious cycle, people). 
  8. Camelbak Hydration Vest (approx.$56.00 CAD)
    I was never a big thing for needing hydration during a run.  Or more specifically, needing to WEAR hydration while running.  It seemed a little...overkill to me.  However, that was during the time when I said I would never run for longer than a half hour and then after that when I said I would never run farther than 5K.  I have since changed my tune since then and also since becoming with child -

    CONFESSION: My friend Josho recently just messaged me and was like, "did you know you were pregnant" and it kind of clued into me that perhaps I keep talking about that a lot and I was like, OMG! Is that your way of saying I keep mentioning it and it's getting annoying!?  Stuff like that occurs to me...

    - I realized that having hydration on hand helps with a lot of things besides thirst (ie. running with electrolyte tabs really helped with my leg cramps - or at least that's what my head thinks!)

    But now that Tara and I have our sights set on not JUST running the Princess Half Marathon but the 10K the day before and then the 10K and half marathon in Disneyland (we're going Coast-to-Coast, baby!) I'm thinking that it might be essential that I have some kind of hydration plan, if only for my training sessions (not going to wear it during the actual run because it would totally ruin the look of my costume!)
Anywhooosers!!! So there you have it, the end of Part II of my super greedy Christmas Want List!  (It's occurring to me now that I forgot to put a sweet triathlon bike on there, but even when it's just for funsies, it feels like you CAN look super greedy! *LOL*)

At the end of the day, it was fun to go on a no-holds-barred "shopping/I want that" spree!

Q: What would be on your list if you could hunt all over the interwebs and add things willy nilly?!
Q: Is there something that you can't believe I missed?!  Tell me, chances are I'll want it! *LOL*

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