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2013 Year in Review (Part I)

I know it's a bit early, but thought I'd start my 2013 Year in Reviews since things might get a little busy starting next week!  I feel like I'm all finished my Christmas shopping, but perhaps because it feels early, I have this sneaking suspicion that I'm going to realize I forgot 15 or 20 people and will have to rush out on the 24th to buy stuff.

I couldn't decide which Year in Review I wanted to do from the ones I had done previously, so I figured that since I'm really proud and happy with how 2013 went, I'd do them all and break them up into parts! *LOL*

Happy 30th Birthday to ME!  Celebrated with family at LaserQuest *LOL* and then with the bestest friends and family at The Flying Dog where I also celebrated my 30+ pounds weight-loss at that time!  On that note, also finished the Insanity program ON my birthday - which was the best birthday gift I could have ever given to myself!  Also became captain of my very own Ultimate Frisbee team!

Excerpts from Twitter:
Catherine B. @Si11ySkitt1es 2 Jan
Wedding in March and my bridesmaid dress now falls to the floor when I try it on. Guess I'd better do something about that...

Think I threw my hip out trying to be sexy during Zumba *wince*

Went to VEGAS, BABY!  What originally began as plans for a bachelorette party turned into a joint birthday celebration for me and Melissa instead!  Got a really good deal flying out of Buffalo but then got shuffled around a bit on connecting flights.  Made up for it at the buffets and had the BEST. TIME. EVER!  Once we got home, I invested in my FIRST pair of Skora running shoes and ran my FIRST 3.1 miles EVER without stopping.

Excerpts from Twitter:
3 Feb
First time I have almost vomited on an airplane. Not cool.

At Ye's sushi - the belt has not only been loosened, it's been removed. True story.

Melissa and Rory got married and I was honoured to be a part of their special day!  Ended up losing enough weight to go down a bunch of dress sizes but didn't really notice the difference until I looked at this "before and after" comparison!  Also discovered the existence of VIRTUAL races and Tara and I signed up for the Happy 5K!

Excerpts from Twitter:
2 Mar
No hot water in the house. I had to wash my hair under the faucet. Like a savage.

Wake up at 6 to go to the gym. Worst . Idea. Ever. Uuugh!

Tara and I both started keeping track of our running mileage and discovered the Nike SportWatch and the Nike Running App and the games were ON.  We both logged a LOT of mileage this month just because we couldn't stand to be ranked 2nd after the other! *LOL*  Also discovered the existence of the RunDisney races and the Princess Half Marathon!  On that note, we pre-registered for the Happy 10K! ...something TMI may have also happened this month...

Excerpts from Twitter:
6 Apr
Waiting for my to charge so I can get out for a run!

I wish it wasn't creepy to invite you all to feel my arms. I have muscles now.

Went Stateside to visit our wonderful 'Murican friends and it was full of FOOD, FUN and RUNNING!  Noticed I was a little bit more tired than usual and couldn't bang out the km's as easily as before, but ran my FIRST 10K on the treadmill!  Found out May 14th why I was feeling so tired and my running pace was slowing down: PREGNANT!

Excerpts from Twitter:
1 May
I ate chicken wings. That is all.

Reminder: I am blessed.

Not much really happened in this month.  Once I had a giant secret I couldn't tell anyone, I had to pretty much drop off of the face of social media and whatnot.  Was really sad to have to stop playing frisbee though.  Also found out that someone else was expecting a little someone!!! WEEE!

Excerpts from Twitter:
11 Jun
Advice: There's a time and place to air your personal drama. Facebook is neither.

Still keeping the baby a secret so not a whole lot on the activity front!  Bart and I went up the Zwep's trailer to hang out and also to watch Tara and Teresa tackle the Warrior Dash (that I was originally signed up for but could now no longer do :( Boo!)

Excerpts from Twitter:
15 Jul
Shingles house arrest :(

Finally announced to people that we were expecting and we got to find out at the end of the month that our little munchkin is a GIRL! *SQUEAL*  Tara and I had also signed up for the Happy10K and did an easy run/walk/pee up at the trailer!

Excerpts from Twitter:
10 Aug
Baby's room, Percy Jackson, car wash and corn fest. It's been a very nice day :)

Bart: What are you thinking about?
Cat: How awesome I am.

Happy 6th Anniversary to US!  Celebrated it knowing that the next anniversary, we would have a little baby girl to celebrate with us!  Now that the first trimester tiredness is past, able to start "running" again.  Because it wasn't exactly running, I coined some new terms for it: Woggling (waddle + jogging) and waffing (walk + shuffle).  Ran a Donkey race with my friend Josho and tried out spinning for the first time!

Excerpts from Twitter:
15 Sep
Sweet mother of all that is holy...

Oh! The other instances were questionable, but today (few minutes ago!) marks the first time Bart and I felt the little miss kick!

Signed up for not one but TWO races at the Niagara Falls International Marathon weekend!  Of course, I'd signed up before I knew I was preggo, but since it was only a 5K and a 2K, I felt I could still woggle/waffle through them @ 28 weeks! Ended up finishing in 3rd place in my age group (for 2K) which resulted in a place medal - on top of the finishers medal we received! 

Excerpts from Twitter:
13 Oct
Earlier today on our woggle "run", I tripped on and almost fell 'cuz of bubble wrap. It was scary but fun and entertaining at the same time

I'm pretty sure some of my left ribs are in positions or places they're not supposed to be...

This was SHOWER month! I helped throw one for Mel and she helped throw one for me and it was all kinds of fabulous!  Our little munchkins are very, very loved and probably slightly spoiled already - as were we!  November also saw me put my cake decorator hat back on and I made a small wedding cake for the first time in a really long time!  P.S. It didn't happen to me but Paul Walker died in a car crash taking Brian from Fast and Furious with him :(

Excerpts from Twitter:
2 Nov
Today feels like a Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate WITH the whipped cream kind of day!

Confession: "...and so this is Christmas..." *change channel* :S

I know it's still a bit early to be posting December (today's the 17th) since the month isn't over yet, but anticipating things to be getting busy!  This week marks my last week of work until I go back in January of 2015.  It's crazy to think about, I can barely wrap my head around it - including the fact that in exactly a month from today (well, IF she comes on time which I've heard is unlikely) I'll be meeting that little girl in PERSON.  I'm excited and terrified all at the same time.  I can barely handle it all or take it all in!

Excerpts from Twitter:
3 Dec
Especially now that I know the reason behind it, is creepy. It's like a little, festive, holiday Chucky doll watching...

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