Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Roundup

30 Weeks
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Sadly, I haven't been very physical or active (as in exercise on purpose) since the Niagara weekend.  Since then, it feels like I've finally "popped" as they say, although I've clearly been showing for quite a while now.
It's been *knock on wood* a very easy and enjoyable pregnancy thus far, so I'm having a hard time adjusting to any kind of discomforts and lately, it's really been feeling like I'm hauling another little human around with me.  Similar to a beached whale, any time I want to roll over in bed, I have to really haul myself over - even having to rock myself back and forth to gather momentum.
It almost seems like overnight that I've gone from feeling her every once in a while to feeling her all the time.  In the way that she seems to be running out of room in there so that every time she makes even a tiny movement or shift, I can feel her.  I had my hand on my belly as she was moving and while I'd grown accustomed to her sharp kicks and jabs, it was definitely weird to feel this slow, undulating movement underneath my hands.  Eeee! SQUIRMY!
Besides getting used to the new adjustments in my change in center of gravity, I've been busy going overboard in helping plan and execute a baby shower for my BFF Melissa - not to be confused with my other BFF Melissa (yes, you have to be named Melissa to get lifelong BFF status with me *LOL*).  
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I spent a lot of the weeks leading up to Saturday working on DIY projects that I of course punked a majority of from obsessively stalking Pinterest.  The photo "booth" turned out to be a really fun hit with everyone and it was a good way to make sure that Melissa got a picture of all the guests.  I had made a lot of blank conversation bubbles in the hopes that the guests would write out their own messages to Owen or the parents-to-be, but everyone kind of just grabbed the pre-made ones.  I'm definitely going to insist that we set up the same thing for my shower in a couple of weeks which, incidentally, is at the same venue.
I totally pigged out at the tea party - in the most unladylike way.  I walked around double-fisting cucumber sandwiches and then just randomly walked by the table and did gingerbread cookie/rice crispy squares grab and stuff-in-my-mouth maneuvers.  Shameless.  I didn't feel too bad because I did get a bit of a work out in...some upper body workout...
Note to self: I really need to start lifting weights or something!  Babies are HEAVY man.  After that picture I took with Olivia, I had to hold her out to her mama and was like, 'take her, taker her' because my arms were tired - and also, I'm still in the "awkward holding" phase.
I really insisted on a tea party theme and I loved every minute of it - even the set up (probably ESPECIALLY the set up) and the clean up, but it was a busy day for sure.  Right after that, I had to head over to the next city over to meet up with Bart for a wedding rehearsal dinner.
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I cried a little bit when I realized that most of it would be a standing room only.  I didn't want to be that girl who was all like, let's all sit 'cuz I'm pregnant! Waaah!  So I sucked it up and then I managed to forget that my legs and bag were on fire when the rehearsal part was over and I had been fed and we were taking pictures.  Weird how that happens...
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Sunday was also a write-off.  Apparently wild and crazy tea party baby showers and rehearsal dinners wipe me out and I slept in until noon and then got up and went over to Bart's parents' house to spend some time with his dad for his birthday...where we shamelessly ate half of one of his birthday presents (a bag of chocolate covered almonds). 
Then right after that it was straight to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet where I ate my pregnant body weight in crab legs and melted butter.  It was a hard weekend to eat through, but someone had to do it...

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