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Hello!  If you've jumped on over here from NFIM's FB Page, first, thanks SO much for visiting :) I can now proudly state that for this one time, more than just my mama visited my blog! I hope you're not too scared off by the amount of text and chitter chatter that I unload via blog posts (I've been told I "talk" too much).  If you clicked over to check out my NFIM Race Weekend Recaps, please check Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking the links!

So it seems like this week is looking more like last week - except with less food binges (unless Voldemort has taken over my body and I have junk food binge sessions that I don't remember - I haven't seen any ominous messages on walls written in chocolate or anything... #nerdalert)
On Sunday, Bart and I drove up to Toronto with some friends to see an "ice show" as Bart had posed it to me a couple weeks ago.  He mentioned that our friends Andrew and Erin had gotten some free tickets and invited us to join them.  I shrugged and said why not and then threw a major pregnant hissy fit when I found out that it was in Toronto and not in town like I assumed it was.
Unfortunately, that made me bitter about the whole thing and I was all belligerent and determined not to have a good time on the way up there.  Especially since by "ice show" I was kind of expecting to see like, a Disney on Ice kind of thing.  When I found out it was for a taping of Battle of the Blades, I was is that?!
Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

Turns out it's a reality show that is similar to Dancing With the Stars, but instead of taking celebrities and teaching them how to ballroom dance, they take hockey players and teach them how to figure skate.
CONFESSION: For some reason, I was imagining a split between the movies "The Cutting Edge" and "Blades of Glory".  
It wasn't this...
Source: BuzzFeed
It sounded more interesting after that, but I still wasn't really all that sold.  I started thawing out a bit when we stopped at Jack Astor's and I got some food in front of me *LOL*
Afterwards, we headed over to the arena to pick up our tickets and my mood went downhill again when I saw the line-up to pick up tickets and get in.  It was COLD, man!
One of the production people with those ear/mic pieces came out and started yelling about the different types of line-ups and all I heard was "blah, blah, blah, free mittens, blah, blah, blah."
Funny how your mood can turn around once you realize you get free stuff! *LOL*  We finally get to the front and good news, our tickets are there and ready for pick up and they hand us our Canada Olympic gloves.  SWEET!
CONFESSION: When we heard there were free mitts up for grabs, you can totally bet your bottom dollar that all of us - at the same time - started pulling off the gloves we were already wearing just in case they were only giving them away to people who didn't have any.
There was none of this, either...
Source: BuzzFeed
So long story short.  It turned out that I actually had a really good time!  We walked in thinking we were going to get some back row seats somewhere in the dark and we had floor seats, third row from the ice.  There were skaters coming at us and you could like, reach out and push touch them if you wanted to.  We were like, whaaat?  And it was a live taping and when we realized where we were sitting, we were all like, "We're going to be FAMOUS!"
While we were weaving our way through traffic on the way to the show taping, I also realized that I was supposed to be in Toronto the following day for a conference.  How I forgot that, I have no idea, but I'm all about conferences (Read: I'm all about the food at conferences!)
Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

But besides that, I really do enjoy conferences and always get a lot out of it.  I'm also the one that takes eleventy-billion pages of notes, so that might be why.
The hotel where the conference was located was also across from Yorkdale - a pretty big, fancy shopping mall, so I wasn't hurting too badly about that and I ended up winning a Tassimo machine during the business card draw, so I was as happy as a pregnant little clam.  
Immediately after the closing of day one, I nipped on over to the mall and made a beeline for lululemon.  We don't have a store in my neck of the woods, so when there's one nearby, I always like to stop in even though I am aware that I'd have to sell organs or fluid in order to afford their stuff.  Which speaks pretty much for the entire Yorkdale mall, everything is so high-end and pish-posh feeling.
Walking around with a lululemon bag and a Starbucks (red cup!) made me feel like I fit in moreSource: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

I knew nothing was really going to fit me at my current stage, but I wanted to use this opportunity to buy a goal outfit for myself to keep my motivation up for after the little miss gets here.  The outfit ended up just being a running skirt and a bra because let's face it, I can't afford a lululemon outfit! *LOL*

I've been a big fan of running skirts since I got my first one at Target in the States, so as soon as I saw this one, I knew it was going to be coming home with me!  The ruffles had me!  The other pair of lululemon shorts I currently have are a size 10, so I thought I would be brave and get a size 8 which was the size of jeans I was fitting into prior to my pregnancy.  But somewhere in between me picking it out and then me getting to the cash register, I chickened out and ended up going with a size 10 again.  I still want to be able to fit into a size 8, but at this point, I also didn't want too much time to go by before I could even WEAR it!  
I also got a Ta-Ta Tamer - BONUS: From the clearance rack! - as I had heard a couple of times that these were good to have for getting back into physical activity without hitting myself in the face with my own boob.
Now that I was all goal-outfitted and all inspired to run, I headed back to the hotel and was determined to hit the gym!  I haven't done ANY running since Niagara, but there was no way I was going to miss a little exercise while I was on conference.  It just seems more official and admirable when you go for a run while you're at conference.
Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram motivation and inspiration kind of died the second the treadmill started up and I remembered I was preggo and had been lazy for more than a week by this point.
I know it probably has nothing to do with the treadmill or the situation itself and more to do with my mindset, but it's so funny how I used to only want to run on a treadmill and now I really, really hate it.  Everything just feels so different and slower and yuckier on a treadmill.  I want to be out and about!  Plus, it's easier to keep going knowing that you're nowhere close to home and you're going to have to keep your legs moving if you want to tinkle on your own toilet.
The "run" felt hard and I took it really easy.  "Running" even when I could technically walk at the speed the treadmill was at.  I did try hard to remember some of the tips I've been reading and picking up through the books I've started to read.
Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

I've currently started this one by Jeff Galloway as I've heard some pretty great things about his Run-Walk-Run method.  I'm thinking of employing this method and training plan when I start training for the Disney half.  
So besides just feeling like a focused, dedicated athlete for even just getting my feet into my Skora's and my butt on the treadmill, I was also going in with the mindset that I wanted to try a few things.  I experimented with some breathing rhythms to accommodate what I had read so far in Runner's World's book Running on Air and I was trying to make sure that my exhalations were coinciding with alternate foot landings.  When I got bored/tired/light-headed at that (that's what you get for trying out methods where you haven't actually finished reading what the method is), I focused my mind on my form and did some "check-ins" to see where I was at.  Were my shoulders hunched around my neck?  Were my fists clenched too tightly?  
Focusing on some of these things helped keep my mind occupied whereas otherwise, I would be focusing on the thoughts that were asking me when it was time to stop.  I was reading in one of the books (this is also what I get for starting a BUNCH of books simultaneously - but I'll get the actual source for you once I find it again) that once you've gotten past the part of "trying" to be a runner and you want to keep going and set goals and things, you can't just be a "distracted" runner, where you get out there and move and you make use of your time planning out grocery lists or to-lists and admiring the sky or flowers.  If you want to improve or move on from just your basic runner, you also have to do it mindfully.  You have to engage your mind in the run itself and not just go through the motions.  I think for me currently and I'm thinking especially later on, I'll have to work on that quite a bit.  
It's one of the reasons I don't run with music usually - I like to get lost in my own thoughts and then realize the run is almost over.  If I allow my mind to engage in and check-in with the run, then it will realize that I'm running and demand that I stop immediately!
I want to say that I'm going to get a run in today, but at the risk of sounding like an excuse board, Tara's away for the second half of the conference that I was at and I didn't bring any of my running stuff (so actually, yeah, that's an excuse for sure because there's no reason why I couldn't have brought my stuff and run on my own - although at 30 weeks, I don't really think I should be wandering around the streets on my own...excuse, still? Yeah, probably).  At home, Bart's gone cray-cray with the fact that we had a water leakage in the basement a while back and he tore up all the dry wall in the basement because he was convinced that it was now infested in mold (it actually was).  The treadmill is down there so as I've been forbidden to go down there, there's no option to do that either.
I know, I know...I have all these reasons why I can't go for even a short run and I have it entirely in my capacity to find a way around that, but it's just getting so much harder to do so.  I've also got some events lined up that are taking my attention - Melissa's baby shower is this Saturday and I've got things going on to take care of with that and next week, I have remembered that I agreed to make a wedding cake for the wedding that weekend so apparently...I'm going to have to make a cake!  I promise I will try my best to get moving one way or another!  I've written it down there, so it must come to fruition!
Q: How often do you let excuses get the best of you?  What are ways that you get away from that and get the job done?
Q: Have any other running book recommendations?  I'm in the running book zone at the moment!

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