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The Week After...

Hello!  If you've jumped on over here from NFIM's FB Page, first, thanks SO much for visiting :) I can now proudly state that for this one time, more than just my mama visited my blog! I hope you're not too scared off by the amount of text and chitter chatter that I unload via blog posts (I've been told I "talk" too much).  This post is more of a roundup of the week after Niagara, so if you were interested in reading about my actual race weekend experience, please check Parts 1 & 2 of my race weekend recaps!  I am almost looking for blogs to read and follow, so please let me know you stopped by for a visit in the comments (CONFESSION: Let's just face it, I love getting comments!)

So remember that time I "ran" a 5K and a 2K in Niagara (Recap Part: 1 | Recap Part: 2)?
Then there was that time where I "accidentally" (okay, not-intentionally may be a better word for it) took the entire week off after and did nothing but stuff my face.
I don't know why I let myself do stuff like that when I regret it so much after the fact.  *sigh* Hindsight...20/20...all that jazz.
To be a tiny bit fair to the me who didn't really intentionally mean to get all lazy, the night after we got back from our Niagara trip, I was busy hanging out and blogging about the experience and IGing pictures of my and my new best friend John Stanton when I realized that my left side was kind of ache-y.  
In case you only saw the pre-race photo of me and my BFF.  This one here is post-race.
Shoot, I wish I had asked him to put the medal ON me! There's that hindsight again!
For a while I thought I had just twisted the wrong way and there was a cramp in my side, but by the end of the next day and it was still there and hurting more I knew it might be something else.  So of COURSE I complained and whined about it for one more day before I finally went in and saw my chiropractor because I was suspecting it was something to do with my rib, and sure enough, it was.
CONFESSION: So, one of my OB's rules when I first began to see him was to never, EVER Google anything pregnancy-related instead of calling him, but we all know that was never going to happen, so I did it anyway because for some reason, I was worried that the baby's foot was stuck in between my ribs and every time I twisted and turned to try to alleviate my pain, I was squishing her teeny, tiny little foot.  Or her hand.  Or whatever other little baby parts could get stuck in my ribs.  See, I'd like to know how come things like THAT isn't covered in "What to Expect..."
So, after explaining to me as nicely as he could (it really looked like my chiropractor was hurting himself trying not to roll his eyes at me after I told him my fears) that that can't really happen, I was told that my ribs had indeed done a slip and slide - although he can't really be for certain if the baby didn't just kick or punch it, or if it didn't just happen of its own accord due to the hormones causing my joints to relax and loosen in preparation for labour - and it actually had a bunch of muscle pinched between them.  HA! I knew it was pinching SOMETHING!  So I wasn't entirely wrong there, now was I?!
Anyways, I got all nice and cracked (un-Toronto-Mayor Ford-like), I did notice that it felt a lot better than it was feeling before, but it was still really sore and I was told to ice it for the next few nights.  I still feel a twinge every now and again that I'm hoping will get cleared up with my next visit, but I can move a lot more freely now.  
The bad thing about not being able to move around too freely was that the week after Niagara, I felt like I had accomplished something pretty big considering I was in my third trimester and apparently I can't handle things like that.  I felt like I deserved to eat EVERYTHING for the whole week.  And by EVERYTHING, I mean every BAD thing.  Add to that the fact that it was Halloween and it was game over for me.  I earned Halloween.  It was like Halloween was invented for me specifically after I "ran" Niagara so that I could eat.

I was missing that peanut butter cookie sandwich from Niagara so badly that I had to recreate it - you know, for the sake of bringing in Halloween treats for the office.  It was thoughtful, selfless thing I did there.  Unfortunately, it wasn't the same as the real thing, but it did take the edge off.  
I was also distracted by the fact that I had a doppleganger walking around the office that day.
L: Me back in May | R: Halloween Tara/Cat

BWAHAHA, still cracks me up every time!  You can't see it in the photo since black really must be very slimming, but she's got a stuffed bear in her shirt to replicate the pregnant part of me.  
I had my OB appointment that morning so I didn't get a chance to see Tara first thing, but everyone was all scandalized when she came out and people were asking her if I knew what her Halloween costume was *LOL* As if I wouldn't think it was the most hilarious thing ever!  Plus, I gave her most of the pertinent stuff - like the knee-socks since Tara doesn't really condone them.  I'm lucky she even comes out running with me when I insist on wearing them.  Clearly it helped her out this Halloween since it's now a trademark and one of the ways that helped identify her costume so she wouldn't just look like a weirdo walking around the office.
And it's not Halloween if I didn't harrass Chewy-bear.  This was a sad one for him though.  Usually I like to dress him up in super hero costumes.  His first Halloween, he had a really awesome Superdog costume and last year he was Batdog.  I dropped the ball on his costume this year, so he got to be:

So this is how I guarantee that I find pools of vomit or pee on my side of the bed only.

This past Wednesday was also the last game of the Ultimate season.  It was bittersweet for me because it also marked my last season of having any hand in Ultimate at all.  I haven't been playing and the fall season was the last season I would be captaining since the indoor winter goes through until January and I knew I wouldn't be able to commit for that full length of time.  I'm hoping to be able to get out to watch some of the games so I can continue to remind myself how much I LOVE this game and how much I want to come BACK!
My team came in third - which seems to be our going rate for placing.  HOWEVER, we once again took top spot for sportsmanship - because what can I say?  I have an awesome team!  The players will mention that while we have great sportsmanship, their captain can come off as a little scary *LOL*  Apparently threatening to cut them (and not from the team) scares some people off...
I couldn't even take pictures of the stuff we ate.  I justified it in that the sportsmanship award was $50 in free food that night so if it's free, it technically doesn't count, right?

Now that Ultimate is done and my running - or the ability to - is dying down, I'm starting to get really antsy about letting things go for fear that I'll be unable to pick them back up again.  Actually, I should clarify that it's not the fear that I'll be unable to.  It's the fear that I won't want to.  You can clearly see that I don't trust myself all that much in terms of my priority in heatlh.
I'm hoping that what Courtney told me the last time I had a little meltdown will hold fast and true when the time comes.  It was SO needed at the time and I was so grateful to read it and have something to hang on to that it totally brought tears to my eyes.  I'm not sure how much of it was hormonal tears as me crying over every single little thing seems to be coming back with a vengeance, but it was truly taken to heard nonetheless.
You will find your new self once she arrives. She will become your "why". You will run again, you will PR, and you'll make it work. You got this!
I guess I'm still definitely in the 'me, Me, ME' mindset and can't really fathom what will happen after the little one is actually here.  Plus, I guess I was also looking at it in the way that she's not even here yet and I'm "blaming" her for the reason why I've lost or missed out on something when perhaps, she may be entirely the reason why I will come back to it and have more passion for healthy living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Poor little munchkin.  I seem to have put so much on her little not-yet-existant shoulders!  BAD CATHERINE!

I may have mentioned somewhere that I can get obsessive about things at times...
In an effort to maintain my interest in running, I got it in my head that I wanted to pick up some running books.  I always read these tweets and FB status updates from runners and especially Skora Running, where they post these different running facts and info and I wanted to fashion myself after that.  
I didn't want to just be the person who laces up and goes and just runs for the heck of it.  I want to be a mindful runner.  I want to know what happens when I run.  I want to know the reason for things happening when I feel something.  I want to know how to prevent injury.  I want to know what overtraining means since I can't fathom such a thing (since I go out for the BARE minimum amount of runs).  I want to know why a person may prefer a zero drop shoe as opposed to one with a crap ton of cushioning.  I wanted to know what the heck zero drop really means and how it relates to the anatomy of a runner's foot.
I was a bit surprised at the AMOUNT of running books that were available and also surprised at the thickness of it.  I mean, it's running.  Put some shoes on and get out there.  What in the world could these people be talking about?
Turns out, quite a lot and I busted out the high lighters a la university style and I made like I was aiming to be top student (which of course I am even though there aren't any actually classes.  I'm a gold star kind of girl!)  
As obsessive that I can get - I ended up with 4 running books in less than 48 hours, not only is it keeping me interested in running and the idea of getting back into running after the little critter comes, it's making me WANT to get out there!
Since when?!  I still hate running....don't I?
I've been reading techniques and plans and suggestions and all these different things I kind of knew but didn't know it was an official thing and it's inspiring me to want to know more, be more knowledgeable about running and to want to KEEP running.  To get FASTER.  To work for PRs!  To not just finish a half-marathon, but to do WELL in it!
And on that note....I'm at a conference out of town for the next couple of days (I'm actually currently AT the conference now) and I've brought some of my reading material with me!  It's currently downtime until the sessions start again tomorrow and I'm about to get started on Jeff Galloway's half-marathon book.  ANOTHER goal, I want to KNOW who these running peeps are - I mean, since John Stanton and I are BFFs now and all, it only seems right!
We've got an early start again tomorrow so I'm going to use my pre-bedtime downtime to get a bit of reading in!
Q: Did you dress up for Halloween?  Your kids? Your pet?
I don't usually like to dress up.  A headband of some sort is the most I can usually do.  We all know I'm shameful about dressing up my pet! *LOL*
Q: Did you manage to stay out of the Halloween candy?
Which kind can't you resist?
For me, hands down Reese's Pieces.  Or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 

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