Friday, November 29, 2013

Snapshot Confessionals

Since it's nearing the end of November (CHEESE ON A CRACKER, November is almost OVER?!?!) I thought I would do another snapshot confessional to look back on the things that happened this month...
Let's get to it!

I helped throw my BFF Melissa (not to be confused with my other BFF Melissa) a baby shower earlier this month and hopefully, the blue buttercream (and blue sparkly sugar) will show that her and her hubby are having a BOY!  The theme was a tea party and I made these cookie sandwiches for the dessert table.
CONFESSION: I totes ate more than one two three while I was making them.  I made them around 9 am the morning of the shower.  Breakfast of CHAMPIONS! #preggomamafail

About a couple weeks before I announced my pregnancy, some good friends of ours asked if I would make their wedding cake for their November wedding.  It was a little hard to try to explain why I wouldn't want to make the cake while seven months pregnant, so I said yes after the bride-to-be explained that they were really doing wedding cupcakes but just needed a small cake for them to cut for pictures.
CONFESSION: A few days before the wedding, I was SERIOUSLY regretting saying yes and was preparing to have 3 am fondant breakdowns where I would declare that I hated Bart's friends (yes, they would then turn into Bart's friends only as opposed to our friends).  At the end of the day, even though I hadn't made a cake in MONTHS before I made this one, everything turned out REALLY well and came together easily, so no midnight meltdowns meant that I didn't actually secretly hate them.

CONFESSION: Okay, fine! One of the BIG reasons why I also said yes to making the cake.  I needed to remain friends with these people so I could go to their wedding and attack the poutine bar.  Yes, I may have cake-whored myself out for this plate of cheesy, gravy goodness.  It's POUTINE, people!  For those of you south of my Canadian border, poutine is basically delicious fries that you sprinkle cheese curds on and then you drown the ENTIRE salty-riffic mixture with GRAVY.  It is also known as a fast-track to heart attacks.  That up there was probably my third plate.  To be fair, I kept the portions small because apparently there were other guests at this wedding who were expecting to get to eat some poutine too.  Seflish bastards.  I was about to say "and they're not even PREGNANT" but I had to stop myself, because our friends know an insane amount of pregnant people.  There were like, 10 of us!  I know because I totally counted and compared my bump and ankles and chubbiness of my face to each and every single one of them.

Last week, the big bosses of the departments in my area decided that it was time for an all-day department cleanup bonanza and scheduled it for last Friday.  Wherein we not only clean up our OWN desks and cubicles and offices and then after that, you clean up the REST of the department including shelves, storage rooms, cabinets and common areas like the break room, photocopy room and fridge.  That Hoops and Yoyo video is probably my favourite video of all TIME and we totally bust out Sarcastic Wednesday on Wednesdays.  Even though the clean-up day wasn't scheduled for a Wednesday, we still thought it was appropriate because it was memo'd that due to the all-day-ness of the event, pizza would be ordered for everyone.  

CONFESSION: There's also a contest/fundraiser happening within our departments where we are collecting socks and hats and mitts for the homeless.  We have to display them on a clothesline and hang them with decorative clothespins.  So on Friday when all the material was brought in for the clothespins, I pulled the spoiled-brat / diva /  'I'm pregnant' card and refused to do any sort of cleaning outside of my own desk (which is actually such a disaster zone that I'm convinced that the whole "clean-up" day may have been started just to get me to clean up my space).  I announced that I don't clean in my OWN house, so I wasn't really about to start doing that at work - even for a slice of pepperoni pizza! *LOL*  Instead, I hung out in the makeshift craft room and decorated clothespins which is JUST as equally important a contribution to the office since now we have lovely clothespins and we're TOTALLY going to win the contest.

Last weekend, my family and friends (my mama, my cousin Kristine and 'The Melissas') hosted a baby shower for me and Ava.  Even though they refused to let me help, I'm still that anal, obsessive-compulsive control freak that I couldn't stay out of it 100%, so I did the guest favors.  Caramilk chocolate bars with their own customized wrapper that I made myself and had printed on shiny, glossy paper.
CONFESSION: I overestimated the guests attending (perhaps on purpose) and bought more than 50 chocolate bars in the name of giving them away.  Not all of them got wrapped and in fact, some may have gotten unwrapped further.  And then eaten.  And then I hoped that there was lots leftover because then I could take the rest home and eat them.  Which there was and I did.  Thank you, indeed!

I didn't anticipate this, but there seems to be some people upset or in shock by this and I, by no means intended this to come off as trying to be better or to put others to shame.  These are my baby shower thank you cards all written up, sealed, stamped and addressed, ready to go out in the mail (they were actually put into a mailbox yesterday to go out).  
CONFESSION: I mentioned it in varying degrees because I still feel pretty bad about this, but these ones are done not really because I am a firm believer that thank you cards should go out immediately - in fact, I don't think much about thank you cards at all, but because for my wedding showers and the actual wedding itself, I never sent out thank you cards.  I think as an observation on culture - or perhaps I'm just using it as an excuse - but generally, Filipinos don't really do thank you cards.  Everyone sticks around for the gift opening at most events so they get to see their gift being opened and I generally call out who the gift is from and then thank the person right then and there.  There isn't usually a need to go ahead and say another thank you in mail-based format.  Because like myself, I don't really know what to do with a thank you card I receive after.  Do I keep them? Is there a certain amount of time that I keep them?  Do I need to send a thank you card to acknowledge that I got their thanks and that it's no problem?  Do I buy another set of blank notecards and is it acceptable to write just NP in the middle?  Stamps are expensive these days you know...seems a bit much to send back another card that says NP on it... 
ANYWHO.  While I heard nothing from my side of the family, apparently Bart's side were expecting thank you cards so I was hell-bent on sending out thank you cards this time around, if not for me, but for Ava, so she doesn't get embarrassed that her mom is an etiquette-ignoramus.  Can't start her off on the wrong foot with the other side of the fam, now can we?  Since I committed to it, I had the envelopes sitting at the front desk where guests sign in and while they were there, they were asked to just write their names and addresses on the blank envelopes so that it would help me out later on in that I could just worry about writing the cards instead of also having to find addresses for everyone (thanks to FB invites, people don't really need to know other peoples' addresses these days).  Since all the attendees had already done it, I had a nice stack of empty envelopes addressed and just waiting for a card full of written gratitude.  
Irony?  None of Bart's side of the family that were invited to the shower were able to make it, so the people who were REALLY expecting the thank you cards were non-existent.  But I had already committed, so there it was.  The very next night, after I showed Bart Ava's haul, I went through the cards and one by one systematically wrote out our thanks.  If I allowed any more time to pass, I just KNEW they would never get done again.  Then I had to make sure that I put stamps on them right away because I knew that even if they were done, if I didn't stamp them and send them out as soon as possible, they would just sit on the kitchen table until something was spilled on them and then they'd get thrown away and there goes my resolve.
Longest. Confession. Ever.
CONFESSION within a CONFESSION: There are still 7 cards still sitting here beside me because they didn't fill out an envelope with their address and they're not listed on Canada411.  I just know these ones won't make the cut and I'll bet you these are the people who are totally waiting for a thank you card and then they will secret begrudge.  I just know it.  (Or could I view this as their providing permission for me NOT to send them one because they didn't fill out an envelope, therefore telling me without words not to bother...? Hmmm...)

Speaking of Ava's haul (I know that's not really a good lead in since I mentioned Ava's haul like, three paragraphs back, so we technically weren't actually JUST speaking of it).
All joking and flippant comments aside, we are very, VERY blessed to have the people we have in our lives.  They were very generous to us and our awaited little munchkin and we are overwhelmed at how wonderful it feels to know that our little one is already so loved and excitedly expected - not just by us, but by the people who mean the most to us in our lives, too. 
Girlfriend has enough clothes to last her an original outfit change without wearing the same thing twice for at LEAST the first six months of her life (of course, I'm unrealistically pretending that she's not going to barf, spit-up, dribble or blowout her outfits within seconds of her getting into them).  Our family and friends have graciously and generously taken care of all the most important things that she will need (even attending with tools and materials to the things they can't actually provide for her since I alone have the only access to them).  I am still in awe every time I look at the things that need to be put away and are waiting on a little baby to be used.
CONFESSION: I say every time I look at the things because technically, they're still all neatly piled in that corner since I neatly piled them into that corner on Sunday night.  Her room is totally not ready.  It's not really even her room yet.  It still remains the room where we threw and dumped all our crap for the last six years and then closed the door so we could at times allow people into our house.  Currently, there is still an empty china cabinet/hutch in there (that we used to use to hold/display our bottles of alcohol and various types of alcoholic beverage glasses), a ladder, a tub of that cement stuff used to fill in holes in dry wall and a bunch of other varying degrees of crap.  Is it bad that I'm waiting for this "nesting" thing to kick in so that I'll actually feel like I want to get in there and start doing things?  I gave both my parents a key to our house each and told them that it's in case of emergencies like that one time they needed something from inside our house and Bart and I were out of town, but I'm kind of secretly wishing that they'd use the key and get into our house while we're away and surprise us by doing up the baby's room.  I mean, I asked my mom if she would retire to take care of Ava and she said no.  I ask her for ONE thing and she said no, so I think it's the the least that they could do.  *LOL* OMG, I don't even think I can joke about that.  It seems awful and I SWEAR it's 100% a joke (unless they really DID do it, in which case, I would totally send a GIANT thank you card!)
Aaaaand that leads me into the weekend!  Hope all my American friends (and dare I say readers???) are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and that you are escaping unscathed the madness that is Black Friday over there!  It's not Thanksgiving over here, but all sarcastic and slightly evil comments aside, I don't need a set holiday for me to know and express how THANKFUL I am for our family and friends and for the amount of love they have showered on both my family and our soon-to-arrive little one.  We are very, very blessed and from this emerging family to you, we wish you many blessings as well!

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