Friday, November 15, 2013

Out of my gear element

Everyone knows that gear is my thing.

Whatever the activity, capture my attention with gear.  If it's electronic and gives feedback data of some sort, I want it.  Not just that I want a matter of days it's MINE.

Last year, to help jump start my lifestyle change goal, I wanted to add a bit of fun and games to the idea of getting myself to move more daily.  Seeing the Nike+ FuelBand (Short Review: Watch This) seemed right up my alley.

Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

Recently, Nike+ has come out with a new release of the FuelBand SE.  The most visible change in is it that it now comes with colors similar to the SportWatch (which I also have, as a member of the Nike+ trifecta club).  Since the SE's release, I've been contemplating how much I need a newer, more brightly colored FuelBand when I opened my E-Mail and received notification about the PolarLoop.

Source: PolarLoop

Hot dang!  Polar's got an activity tracker!!!

At first I was quick to just nod and go with it.  Polar's got its own fuelband.  That's cool.

Then I started thinking...

I'm a lover in all things Polar because of a major feature.  Heart rate monitoring.  When I started my lifestyle change, it was of course on the basis of losing weight.  I was able to jump start my weight-loss by monitoring the calories I was eating and the only way I could confidently figure out how much calories I could take in was to know how much I was burning.  I never believed in workout machine outputs or estimates.  If it wasn't connected to the way my heart was beating, then it was just a number.  It wouldn't help me.

I had started my foray into working out with a HRM with a Polar RS100 and it got me through until I lost interest in losing weight and running.  When I started the lifestyle change, I needed a new gadget to jump start my motivation.  Enter the Polar FT4 and we were BFFs all throughout my Insanity days until I re-discovered my love/hate relationship with running.  I then discovered PolarBeat that was an app I could run on my iPod and I went there as well.

So if the FuelBand gives rudimentary calorie information (rudimentary because it's based on basic information as opposed to the heartrate itself), it would be a shame if a product made by Polar wouldn't be heartrate monitor capable.

A quick visit to the website showed me that as an additional bonus, the Loop can be paired with the H6 or H7 sensor.  Well, cheese on a cracker, I've GOT an H7 sensor! 

The other tidbit I picked up while I was doing my quick visit to the website was that it said WATERPROOF as a feature.  Not water resistant. Huh. Now there's a very big difference in wording.  The PolarLoop was very specific in that it said it was waterproof for the purpose of SWIMMING.

Line 'em up and bang, bang, bang.  Right there were two of the cons I had encountered during my love affair with my FuelBand and right there, the Loop lined them up and shot them down by including them as features.  Hook, line and sinker.

I want it.

CONFESSION: This wasn't actually the reason why I started this post.  I got carried away and now I can't find my way back because I really want the Loop (one additional bonus is that it's running slightly less than the FuelBand.)

Ahem, okay, so where was I?

GEAR! Yes.  Electronic, gadget, techy-thingy.  I love 'em, I want them.  So you would think it would be the same sort of love affair with baby gear.

There's tons of gadgets for babies.  All different kinds of baby monitors, movement trackers, high-tech jogger strollers, breast pumps, toys, bouncers and swings.  You name it, there's like a high-tech version of it.  They even have baby wipe warmers.

At first, I thought going to register for our little one was going to be like a free pass in baby gadget heaven.  I was ready.  In fact, I was even impatient for that lady to hand me the scanning gun.  She wanted to go over how the gun worked and I was like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, lady!" You're talking to the gadget QUEEN!"

I get my techy greedy little hands on the scanner and I set out with a gleam in my eye and I hit a wall.

Not a real wall.  But the proverbial newbie, ignoramus wall.  There it is, right there before my eyes.

I know NOTHING about any of this.

WHY is there 800 different kinds of soothers?  Whyyyyy is there a bajillion different kinds of bottles?  And what the heck is THAT?!  There's baby monitors that monitor movement and alarm if the baby moves or doesn't move. Hel-LO, heart attack 20 different ways in one minute?  There's cameras to watch the baby, there's stroller tires that come in plastic or air-filled.

I look like a guppy with my mouth opening and closing wordlessly.  I don't know what to do.  My scanner gun is no longer at the ready.

I like fitness gear way better.  Less scary...

Disclaimer: I don't know how to do sponsored posts or any of that jazz.  I purchased the Nike+ FuelBand myself when I first saw it and tried it out.  All opinions regarding the FuelBand that I've mentioned in my blog posts are all my own.  If I buckle and make the PolarLoop my own (probably in the next couple of days if my one-track mind is anything to go by), any opinions regarding that will also be my own.  If it was a sponsored post, opinions would still be my own and still truthful. :)

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Emily said...

I am such a gadget junkie, too! I want .. no .. NEED this Polar Loop. Each time I buy a new gadget I think - "it's no polar HRM". I'm in love.

OH, and baby stuff. Seriously, you do not need 99% of that crap! haha. I remember being very overwhelmed, too. Babies are so picky, too. Sometimes you'll buy 20 fancy bottles, only to find out that they refuse to drink from anything but cheap Walmart ones. ;)

Stick with the basics, ask for lots of gift cards to buy stuff as you decide you need them! :D

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