Friday, November 29, 2013

Snapshot Confessionals

Since it's nearing the end of November (CHEESE ON A CRACKER, November is almost OVER?!?!) I thought I would do another snapshot confessional to look back on the things that happened this month...
Let's get to it!

I helped throw my BFF Melissa (not to be confused with my other BFF Melissa) a baby shower earlier this month and hopefully, the blue buttercream (and blue sparkly sugar) will show that her and her hubby are having a BOY!  The theme was a tea party and I made these cookie sandwiches for the dessert table.
CONFESSION: I totes ate more than one two three while I was making them.  I made them around 9 am the morning of the shower.  Breakfast of CHAMPIONS! #preggomamafail

About a couple weeks before I announced my pregnancy, some good friends of ours asked if I would make their wedding cake for their November wedding.  It was a little hard to try to explain why I wouldn't want to make the cake while seven months pregnant, so I said yes after the bride-to-be explained that they were really doing wedding cupcakes but just needed a small cake for them to cut for pictures.
CONFESSION: A few days before the wedding, I was SERIOUSLY regretting saying yes and was preparing to have 3 am fondant breakdowns where I would declare that I hated Bart's friends (yes, they would then turn into Bart's friends only as opposed to our friends).  At the end of the day, even though I hadn't made a cake in MONTHS before I made this one, everything turned out REALLY well and came together easily, so no midnight meltdowns meant that I didn't actually secretly hate them.

CONFESSION: Okay, fine! One of the BIG reasons why I also said yes to making the cake.  I needed to remain friends with these people so I could go to their wedding and attack the poutine bar.  Yes, I may have cake-whored myself out for this plate of cheesy, gravy goodness.  It's POUTINE, people!  For those of you south of my Canadian border, poutine is basically delicious fries that you sprinkle cheese curds on and then you drown the ENTIRE salty-riffic mixture with GRAVY.  It is also known as a fast-track to heart attacks.  That up there was probably my third plate.  To be fair, I kept the portions small because apparently there were other guests at this wedding who were expecting to get to eat some poutine too.  Seflish bastards.  I was about to say "and they're not even PREGNANT" but I had to stop myself, because our friends know an insane amount of pregnant people.  There were like, 10 of us!  I know because I totally counted and compared my bump and ankles and chubbiness of my face to each and every single one of them.

Last week, the big bosses of the departments in my area decided that it was time for an all-day department cleanup bonanza and scheduled it for last Friday.  Wherein we not only clean up our OWN desks and cubicles and offices and then after that, you clean up the REST of the department including shelves, storage rooms, cabinets and common areas like the break room, photocopy room and fridge.  That Hoops and Yoyo video is probably my favourite video of all TIME and we totally bust out Sarcastic Wednesday on Wednesdays.  Even though the clean-up day wasn't scheduled for a Wednesday, we still thought it was appropriate because it was memo'd that due to the all-day-ness of the event, pizza would be ordered for everyone.  

CONFESSION: There's also a contest/fundraiser happening within our departments where we are collecting socks and hats and mitts for the homeless.  We have to display them on a clothesline and hang them with decorative clothespins.  So on Friday when all the material was brought in for the clothespins, I pulled the spoiled-brat / diva /  'I'm pregnant' card and refused to do any sort of cleaning outside of my own desk (which is actually such a disaster zone that I'm convinced that the whole "clean-up" day may have been started just to get me to clean up my space).  I announced that I don't clean in my OWN house, so I wasn't really about to start doing that at work - even for a slice of pepperoni pizza! *LOL*  Instead, I hung out in the makeshift craft room and decorated clothespins which is JUST as equally important a contribution to the office since now we have lovely clothespins and we're TOTALLY going to win the contest.

Last weekend, my family and friends (my mama, my cousin Kristine and 'The Melissas') hosted a baby shower for me and Ava.  Even though they refused to let me help, I'm still that anal, obsessive-compulsive control freak that I couldn't stay out of it 100%, so I did the guest favors.  Caramilk chocolate bars with their own customized wrapper that I made myself and had printed on shiny, glossy paper.
CONFESSION: I overestimated the guests attending (perhaps on purpose) and bought more than 50 chocolate bars in the name of giving them away.  Not all of them got wrapped and in fact, some may have gotten unwrapped further.  And then eaten.  And then I hoped that there was lots leftover because then I could take the rest home and eat them.  Which there was and I did.  Thank you, indeed!

I didn't anticipate this, but there seems to be some people upset or in shock by this and I, by no means intended this to come off as trying to be better or to put others to shame.  These are my baby shower thank you cards all written up, sealed, stamped and addressed, ready to go out in the mail (they were actually put into a mailbox yesterday to go out).  
CONFESSION: I mentioned it in varying degrees because I still feel pretty bad about this, but these ones are done not really because I am a firm believer that thank you cards should go out immediately - in fact, I don't think much about thank you cards at all, but because for my wedding showers and the actual wedding itself, I never sent out thank you cards.  I think as an observation on culture - or perhaps I'm just using it as an excuse - but generally, Filipinos don't really do thank you cards.  Everyone sticks around for the gift opening at most events so they get to see their gift being opened and I generally call out who the gift is from and then thank the person right then and there.  There isn't usually a need to go ahead and say another thank you in mail-based format.  Because like myself, I don't really know what to do with a thank you card I receive after.  Do I keep them? Is there a certain amount of time that I keep them?  Do I need to send a thank you card to acknowledge that I got their thanks and that it's no problem?  Do I buy another set of blank notecards and is it acceptable to write just NP in the middle?  Stamps are expensive these days you know...seems a bit much to send back another card that says NP on it... 
ANYWHO.  While I heard nothing from my side of the family, apparently Bart's side were expecting thank you cards so I was hell-bent on sending out thank you cards this time around, if not for me, but for Ava, so she doesn't get embarrassed that her mom is an etiquette-ignoramus.  Can't start her off on the wrong foot with the other side of the fam, now can we?  Since I committed to it, I had the envelopes sitting at the front desk where guests sign in and while they were there, they were asked to just write their names and addresses on the blank envelopes so that it would help me out later on in that I could just worry about writing the cards instead of also having to find addresses for everyone (thanks to FB invites, people don't really need to know other peoples' addresses these days).  Since all the attendees had already done it, I had a nice stack of empty envelopes addressed and just waiting for a card full of written gratitude.  
Irony?  None of Bart's side of the family that were invited to the shower were able to make it, so the people who were REALLY expecting the thank you cards were non-existent.  But I had already committed, so there it was.  The very next night, after I showed Bart Ava's haul, I went through the cards and one by one systematically wrote out our thanks.  If I allowed any more time to pass, I just KNEW they would never get done again.  Then I had to make sure that I put stamps on them right away because I knew that even if they were done, if I didn't stamp them and send them out as soon as possible, they would just sit on the kitchen table until something was spilled on them and then they'd get thrown away and there goes my resolve.
Longest. Confession. Ever.
CONFESSION within a CONFESSION: There are still 7 cards still sitting here beside me because they didn't fill out an envelope with their address and they're not listed on Canada411.  I just know these ones won't make the cut and I'll bet you these are the people who are totally waiting for a thank you card and then they will secret begrudge.  I just know it.  (Or could I view this as their providing permission for me NOT to send them one because they didn't fill out an envelope, therefore telling me without words not to bother...? Hmmm...)

Speaking of Ava's haul (I know that's not really a good lead in since I mentioned Ava's haul like, three paragraphs back, so we technically weren't actually JUST speaking of it).
All joking and flippant comments aside, we are very, VERY blessed to have the people we have in our lives.  They were very generous to us and our awaited little munchkin and we are overwhelmed at how wonderful it feels to know that our little one is already so loved and excitedly expected - not just by us, but by the people who mean the most to us in our lives, too. 
Girlfriend has enough clothes to last her an original outfit change without wearing the same thing twice for at LEAST the first six months of her life (of course, I'm unrealistically pretending that she's not going to barf, spit-up, dribble or blowout her outfits within seconds of her getting into them).  Our family and friends have graciously and generously taken care of all the most important things that she will need (even attending with tools and materials to the things they can't actually provide for her since I alone have the only access to them).  I am still in awe every time I look at the things that need to be put away and are waiting on a little baby to be used.
CONFESSION: I say every time I look at the things because technically, they're still all neatly piled in that corner since I neatly piled them into that corner on Sunday night.  Her room is totally not ready.  It's not really even her room yet.  It still remains the room where we threw and dumped all our crap for the last six years and then closed the door so we could at times allow people into our house.  Currently, there is still an empty china cabinet/hutch in there (that we used to use to hold/display our bottles of alcohol and various types of alcoholic beverage glasses), a ladder, a tub of that cement stuff used to fill in holes in dry wall and a bunch of other varying degrees of crap.  Is it bad that I'm waiting for this "nesting" thing to kick in so that I'll actually feel like I want to get in there and start doing things?  I gave both my parents a key to our house each and told them that it's in case of emergencies like that one time they needed something from inside our house and Bart and I were out of town, but I'm kind of secretly wishing that they'd use the key and get into our house while we're away and surprise us by doing up the baby's room.  I mean, I asked my mom if she would retire to take care of Ava and she said no.  I ask her for ONE thing and she said no, so I think it's the the least that they could do.  *LOL* OMG, I don't even think I can joke about that.  It seems awful and I SWEAR it's 100% a joke (unless they really DID do it, in which case, I would totally send a GIANT thank you card!)
Aaaaand that leads me into the weekend!  Hope all my American friends (and dare I say readers???) are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and that you are escaping unscathed the madness that is Black Friday over there!  It's not Thanksgiving over here, but all sarcastic and slightly evil comments aside, I don't need a set holiday for me to know and express how THANKFUL I am for our family and friends and for the amount of love they have showered on both my family and our soon-to-arrive little one.  We are very, very blessed and from this emerging family to you, we wish you many blessings as well!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Days go by...

"Days go by and still I think of you
Days when I couldn't live my life without you"
- Dirty Vegas
I think that's the first time I knew what the actual words to that song was.  It doesn't really work with what I was going to chat about today except for the title, but now I've got it in my head.  I'm not going to complain because for the last few days, when the radio wasn't blasting Christmas music at me, it was playing that holy grail by JT and Jay-Z (one can only listen to Jay-Z go "UH, UUUH, UUUUH" so many times), so I'm happy for a little break.
But as the title goes, the days seem to be going by and I'm trying to maintain some kind of handle on them, but besides this week (which seemed to move at snail's pace) the days feel like they're going by so quickly!
Girlfriend looks tired!
Contrary to many other weeks (okay, fine, ALL the other times), I was a little excited to get to the track today.  A little incentive never hurt anyone, right?  And today, my incentive comes in the form of THIS:
Gadget: PolarLoop by Polar
Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram
I know, I know, I totally caved!  Are you even surprised? I'm so weak...
It was haunting me and it was actually the E-Mail announcing a "Black Friday"-ish type sale that kind of decided it all for me.  I ended up getting it last night and had it all set up so I was excited to get some numbers and data on the thing!  I hope to have a good hang of it over the next week or two so that I can get a good review up of it up - and not just a review, I'm really interested in how it compares to my NikePlus FuelBand.  Y'all know that I can get pretty brand loyal so I don't try out or switch to other brands very lightly *LOL* I'm *TRYING* not to be too biased about it...
Anywho, there was a little bit of a surprise when we got to the track today!
Excuse the blurry photo, I was trying to do a photo walk-by without being too conspicuous
Our local TV news station was setting up to tape or broadcast or something!  At first I thought they must have caught wind of my dedication and were there to make me locally famous.  But with each time I passed them and they had yet to flag me down to beg to interview me, it seemed less and less likely.  Unfortunately, by the time we left, the two who had set everything up were sitting down and hanging out so I never really did get a chance to find out what they were there for.  But if you're watching, they did take footage of our feet walking, so a pair of those walking by could be MEEEE!  My feet are FAMOUS!
Speaking of my session at the track...
Things are starting to feel...I wouldn't really call it difficult, numbers are still pretty much the same, I'm down to an average of 3 km per lunch session (usually about half an hour give or take a few minutes) and it's now a mixture of a 'walk + shuffle = waffle' as opposed to before when I was still able to woggle (walk + jog + waddle).  The only thing now as the weeks go by is that it seems harder to get the 3 km.  My legs seem to be cramping up more or just hurting/bothering me and I'm not sure if it's really for any specific reason or if it's in my head mostly because I don't really want to even be at the track anymore.  There's been times where I've felt cramps in my belly and I'm not really sure if it's something telling me to stop or if it's just normal and it's the baby stretching or Braxton-Hicks or again, just in my mind because I want to stop.  I don't want to be too easy on myself and just keep passing things up just because I'm not entirely certain what things are supposed to feel like, but I'm also trying not to be too hard on myself, so when I feel a bit crampy, I slow to a walk and when it's still there a few minutes later, I slow to a slower walk and then when it goes away I move to a shuffle and then a walk and then a waffle.  I try to listen to what my body is saying but sometimes I wonder if I'm not going too easy on myself since I see other pregnant bloggers who are still able to run long distances (at speeds faster than my waffle!) and I start to wonder if I just used pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy.
Gadget: Nike+ SportWatch

At the end of the day, I'm okay with my 3 km lunches 2 - 3 times a week and it's still more than I ever would have done a year ago, so I'm hoping that at the end of the day, it's contributing positively to my pregnancy and also for after my pregnancy.
Speaking of after pregnancy.  I'm trying to find a balance between realistic goal setting and reaching too high/far and I've set my FIRST race.
Source: WarriorDash Online
Boom! Now I know after I wasn't able to do the last one and instead watched Tara and Teresa run it, that I not-so-secretly promised myself that I never wanted to do it.  But this was pretty compelling.

...and at the end of the day...there's no pictures of me looking all bad-ass covered in mud and jumping over pits of FIRE! 
We originally signed up during the LAST pricing stage last  year so this price looks mighty attractive at the moment...
CONFESSION: So that if I REALLY don't feel like going, skipping it and losing out on only $35 doesn't seem to hurt as much...hehehe!  Also, I'm sharing the deal with all of you here in case you all end up signing up before me and I end up getting the message that the race is sold out, I'd be okay with that.  Because I intended on signing up and it's not really my fault that it got sold out before I could...
I'd like to say on the record that it was TARA who came to my office and convinced me that for $35 we should sign up.  Even though she was the one who said she would never do another one again...
In all honesty, if I just forget that the course description is being described as MOUNTAINOUS, I'm kind of excited for this and glad that we're signing up this Monday.  It's giving me some inspiration and accountability and a goal.  Yes, I don't know what life is going to be like once the little one gets here, but while I'm in this motivated mood and really sincerely wanting to get back into shape and back into the lifestyle change that I was on before my hormones decided eating only chocolate and deep-fried foods IS a lifestyle change, I want to keep the momentum going.  I want to set goals that are realistic and reachable.  I don't think this is asking too much of myself six months after giving birth.  I think it gives me something to work towards and will also contribute to my longer term goal of completing the Disney Princess Half Marathon in early 2015.  It will be a challenge, but it is also determined by me - as in, I can choose to run or walk up the hills and I can choose which obstacles to tackle.  It's putting the power of my goal to fitness and lifestyle change in my hands and I'd really like to be able to say that I gave it my all.
So there.  It's out there.  On Monday, I will be signing up and in 2014, I will not only be a mama, but a WARRIOR Mama!  WHO-RAAAH!

CONFESSION: I'll bet that news crew will totally regret not asking to interview me!

Q: Have you signed up for any races in 2014 yet? What are you most scared and/or excited about? 

Monday, November 25, 2013

About a girl and her shoes...

I haven't made it a secret how disappointed I've been in how quickly my running has changed since I found out I was pregnant (and to be honest, since before I found out I was pregnant, but of course, the decline in "performance" was related to that and I just didn't know it).  
I've been complaining a lot about my legs and my calves and how much they've been hurting during the most easiest of runs - and let's face it, even walking - and a lot of people have been quick to blame my shoes.  My beloved Skora running shoes.
They look at it and understand that it's a minimalist approach and right away they're quick to point out that perhaps, it's not providing enough support. Before I started using Skora's to run, I was also in the category of thinking I needed bulkier shoes for "support".  I had just started running and was super out of shape and attributed having sore legs and feet to my shoes (as opposed to just being REALLY out of shape and not used to what I was now asking my body to do).  So I tried out a LOT of shoes.  I even went for the approach that I would get what I paid for so I went pretty expensive (at least it felt that way to me!).  I was trying out Saucony, Asics, etc., I was looking for the dark gray markings on the arches to signify that it had maximum arch support, I was putting expensive insoles into the expensive shoe, I walked down countless aisles getting people in running shoe stores to analyze my gait, I was wearing special socks and yet, every single time, my shins and calves would be on FIRE.  I would go back to the drawing board and think I needed more support or more bulk or more SOMETHING.  As much as everyone says they hate running, it never really sounded like people hated it because it was trying to kill them through slow, torturous pain.  Yet, that's what it felt like for me.  At the end of an interval or a run, my feet and legs would be flop-flopping around because I couldn't bear to flex them in a normal walking pattern and lifting them again to take another step was something I would carefully consider to see if it was worth it.  That could NOT be what it running was all about.

So my friend Courtney started talking about these shoes that she was trying out and she had nothing but nice things to say about it.  I understood she was an ambassador and that she was given the shoes to try out and review, but the more she talked about them, the more it seemed like it was more than just a tit-for-tat.  Plus, she did a follow-up review on them after the initial review. 

"So, I just wanted to give my Skora's a quick little whirl and next thing I know: Boom. 2 miles in half an hour. Done. I don't even LIKE running, but I sure am loving these shoes and what I can do in them!"
- Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram, 10 months ago

Seeing as how I felt like I had tried enough shoes touting all this extra support, I figured, ah, why not give these a shot.  At the very least, they look really cool so if I can't run in them, I can still wear them and look good!  At this point, I had just gotten back into running so I hadn't been going any significant distance (yes, 5k counted as a significant distance to me back then - and still does!) so I was VERY surprised and SERIOUSLY happy when I ended up going 3+k straight my first time out in the shoes.

I know for the seasoned runner - and heck - even for me at the "peak" of my running, 3k in half an hour isn't that much, but besides the fact that it was the furthest I'd run in a significant amount of time and that I could do it straight without the shin pain was what I was really focused on.  The reason why I was so happy to be able to go that far is I usually have to stop because something is cramping or just plain hurts.

I remember three years ago when Tara and I had started taking up Couch to 5K, I told her that being out of breath and out of shape was something that I felt like I could handle and deal with while running, but the pain in my shins and calves was what was really making things difficult.  And that's how this very first run was different for me.  Because even though I hadn't run in a long time, I was able to do it because even when you're out of breath, you can slow down without stopping so you can catch your breath, but the pain was not something that could be helped.

"Woke up this morning thinking it was just another Monday (albeit a holiday) and next thing I know, I ran my very FIRST 3.2 miles without stopping once. In 48 minutes at a speed of 4 and incline of 3%. Even though it wasn't that long of a distance, I feel like it was more a test of my mind than a test to see how long or far I could go. This is just the start! Next time, same distance, faster time! :) #seecatrun #firstfive #becauseican"- Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

Thinking it was a fluke, I tested it out again the following week and had even better results and I think it's what really sparked the interest in running for me. 

I don't go back and look at my IG pictures from earlier days too often and it's really getting to me the captions that I posted with these photos.  I love how inspired and proud I sound and I feel like I'm not getting it across very clearly how epic of an accomplishment this was for me.  Even when we did our first 5K all those years ago, there was never a time where I could go for 5k STRAIGHT without stopping.  I hadn't achieved that yet and all of a sudden, with the help of some shoes, here I was doing it!  And PAIN free!

Without the distraction and misery of being in pain during a run, I was now able to set my sights on actual goals now that I could finally hit running 5K without stopping. 

Because running still wasn't a "for the love of" kind of thing, I never fathomed running more than 5K so my goal was that if I was going to be doing 5K, I wanted to get faster and faster every time.  As happy as I was with going that distance, I wasn't going to settle on that time!  I didn't have to anymore!

I'm not going to lie, when I bought the shoes, I knew next to NOTHING about running or running shoes in general (CONFESSION: I still know next to nothing about running and shoes in general).  I read about how Skora shoes are made and about how they have a wide toe box and zero drop and I have no idea how an outsole design can change the amount of interference on a run (I don't really know what an outsole is, either).  But I know that the shoes feel good on my feet and I know that since I laced into those pretty white, pink and lime green shoes for the first time and hit my first 3K without stopping in them, I have never looked back. 

I know how it felt to run in shoes that were heavy and bulky and "supportive" and I can tell the difference in how I feel in them, not counting the actual statistical evidence that the numbers on the treadmill and my running gadgets have told me to my face.

So after all of that, coming back to now, you may be able to see how I get a little bit defensive when people go blaming my Skora shoes for bringing back the pain I used to feel when I first started running.  They did it enough that I started thinking that perhaps they were onto something.

Maybe Skora's weren't cut out for the preggos out there.  Maybe there really isn't enough support. 

Finally I decided that second-guessing wasn't enough for me and I was going to put a definitive stop to these accusations! (Okay, I make it sound more dramatic than it was since I'm sure the "maybe it's your shoes" were just a passing comment, but still - that's how it felt like to me! Wild accusations!!! LOL)

I packed up my Asics and my Saucony's with all the bells and whistles that I used to run in and whispered to my Skora's not to worry.  I was testing out a hypothesis.  I wasn't going anywhere!  And off we went to the indoor track for our usual lunch time "run" - which for me has now turned into a waffle (walk + shuffle).  And there it was.  SAME results.  About halfway through my second lap around the track my legs felt like they were stiffening up and cramping.  Then there went my shins and my calves and then I my feet were flopping around again during the walking intervals because it hurt too much to flex my foot into a regular walking gait.  I was staying hydrated and drinking water and basically trying to do everything the same as when I wear my Skora's.

I don't remember much about conducting science experiments from my grade 9 days, but I do remember that there should be a control (something to measure the experiment against: I have tried running in Skora's and running in other shoes that are NOT Skora's) and that it should be able to be duplicated (I ran separate times in different pairs of shoes).  So even though I didn't do it a bunch of times using a bunch of different people as test subjects, I'd still say that my little experiment proved my point.  My Skora shoes are not to blame for my decline in running ability and based on my scientific results, in conclusion my experiments have found that I'm actually just pregnant and carrying another human being inside my belly and all the changes in my body that go with that is a significant cause as to why it hurts when I run. #preggoproblems

Even though I knew it, I'm glad I now have something to fire back at people when they're quick to blame my shoes.

I just need to have more material when other folks start in on me about continuing to "run" while pregnant.  I guess I just happen to know a lot of old-school people who stress out a bit at the thought of me shuffling around a track while preggo.  I can only tackle one obstacle at a time, but I'm glad to know that my Skora's are waiting and will be ready for me when I'm ready to make my comeback with a little one in tow! 

Actually, a running comeback with a baby in a stroller sure sounds like a good reason to break in a NEW pair of Skoras. And perfect timing, I just got the notice that there's a sale going on!   If that's not excellent reason enough, then I don't know what is!

Disclaimer: The infomercial gushing might have led you to believe differently, but this is not a sponsored post (again, I still have no idea what those are or how to get them) and I am not affiliated with the company.  If you weren't able to tell from the IG captions or from the post itself, I just had such a BAD experience with trying to learn how to run and trying out different shoes that when switching to Skora also switched my running experience, it's kind of hard not to create a bond with that.  Although it may not be that dramatic, you know how some people who are in crazy life-threatening situations together create a bond or feel so close they feel like they're in love or something?  That's kind of what happened with me and my Skora shoes.  They brought me back from otherwise writing myself off as a runner and then saved me from running in pain so that I could focus more on getting better at this activity that I have a love/hate relationship with but still want to be best that I can be at it.  With that said, it's kind of hard not to have a love affair with them (besides the fact that they look really cool and I only wear outfits that match them and henceforth when I go out, I deduce that I too must also look cool).  I've totally gotten away from what I was disclaiming here *LOL* Oh right.  I don't know what kind of post I meant to write when I set out to write this, but these are my sincere opinions, thoughts and feelings on this shoe and if I had thought to put on a pair of snowshoes or clogs and been able to run 3k straight from having quit running two years before and have gotten consistently better results each time I set out wearing them after, I'm sure I'd have the same affectionate feelings towards said snowshoes or clogs.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Out of my gear element

Everyone knows that gear is my thing.

Whatever the activity, capture my attention with gear.  If it's electronic and gives feedback data of some sort, I want it.  Not just that I want a matter of days it's MINE.

Last year, to help jump start my lifestyle change goal, I wanted to add a bit of fun and games to the idea of getting myself to move more daily.  Seeing the Nike+ FuelBand (Short Review: Watch This) seemed right up my alley.

Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

Recently, Nike+ has come out with a new release of the FuelBand SE.  The most visible change in is it that it now comes with colors similar to the SportWatch (which I also have, as a member of the Nike+ trifecta club).  Since the SE's release, I've been contemplating how much I need a newer, more brightly colored FuelBand when I opened my E-Mail and received notification about the PolarLoop.

Source: PolarLoop

Hot dang!  Polar's got an activity tracker!!!

At first I was quick to just nod and go with it.  Polar's got its own fuelband.  That's cool.

Then I started thinking...

I'm a lover in all things Polar because of a major feature.  Heart rate monitoring.  When I started my lifestyle change, it was of course on the basis of losing weight.  I was able to jump start my weight-loss by monitoring the calories I was eating and the only way I could confidently figure out how much calories I could take in was to know how much I was burning.  I never believed in workout machine outputs or estimates.  If it wasn't connected to the way my heart was beating, then it was just a number.  It wouldn't help me.

I had started my foray into working out with a HRM with a Polar RS100 and it got me through until I lost interest in losing weight and running.  When I started the lifestyle change, I needed a new gadget to jump start my motivation.  Enter the Polar FT4 and we were BFFs all throughout my Insanity days until I re-discovered my love/hate relationship with running.  I then discovered PolarBeat that was an app I could run on my iPod and I went there as well.

So if the FuelBand gives rudimentary calorie information (rudimentary because it's based on basic information as opposed to the heartrate itself), it would be a shame if a product made by Polar wouldn't be heartrate monitor capable.

A quick visit to the website showed me that as an additional bonus, the Loop can be paired with the H6 or H7 sensor.  Well, cheese on a cracker, I've GOT an H7 sensor! 

The other tidbit I picked up while I was doing my quick visit to the website was that it said WATERPROOF as a feature.  Not water resistant. Huh. Now there's a very big difference in wording.  The PolarLoop was very specific in that it said it was waterproof for the purpose of SWIMMING.

Line 'em up and bang, bang, bang.  Right there were two of the cons I had encountered during my love affair with my FuelBand and right there, the Loop lined them up and shot them down by including them as features.  Hook, line and sinker.

I want it.

CONFESSION: This wasn't actually the reason why I started this post.  I got carried away and now I can't find my way back because I really want the Loop (one additional bonus is that it's running slightly less than the FuelBand.)

Ahem, okay, so where was I?

GEAR! Yes.  Electronic, gadget, techy-thingy.  I love 'em, I want them.  So you would think it would be the same sort of love affair with baby gear.

There's tons of gadgets for babies.  All different kinds of baby monitors, movement trackers, high-tech jogger strollers, breast pumps, toys, bouncers and swings.  You name it, there's like a high-tech version of it.  They even have baby wipe warmers.

At first, I thought going to register for our little one was going to be like a free pass in baby gadget heaven.  I was ready.  In fact, I was even impatient for that lady to hand me the scanning gun.  She wanted to go over how the gun worked and I was like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, lady!" You're talking to the gadget QUEEN!"

I get my techy greedy little hands on the scanner and I set out with a gleam in my eye and I hit a wall.

Not a real wall.  But the proverbial newbie, ignoramus wall.  There it is, right there before my eyes.

I know NOTHING about any of this.

WHY is there 800 different kinds of soothers?  Whyyyyy is there a bajillion different kinds of bottles?  And what the heck is THAT?!  There's baby monitors that monitor movement and alarm if the baby moves or doesn't move. Hel-LO, heart attack 20 different ways in one minute?  There's cameras to watch the baby, there's stroller tires that come in plastic or air-filled.

I look like a guppy with my mouth opening and closing wordlessly.  I don't know what to do.  My scanner gun is no longer at the ready.

I like fitness gear way better.  Less scary...

Disclaimer: I don't know how to do sponsored posts or any of that jazz.  I purchased the Nike+ FuelBand myself when I first saw it and tried it out.  All opinions regarding the FuelBand that I've mentioned in my blog posts are all my own.  If I buckle and make the PolarLoop my own (probably in the next couple of days if my one-track mind is anything to go by), any opinions regarding that will also be my own.  If it was a sponsored post, opinions would still be my own and still truthful. :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Roundup

30 Weeks
Source:Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram
Sadly, I haven't been very physical or active (as in exercise on purpose) since the Niagara weekend.  Since then, it feels like I've finally "popped" as they say, although I've clearly been showing for quite a while now.
It's been *knock on wood* a very easy and enjoyable pregnancy thus far, so I'm having a hard time adjusting to any kind of discomforts and lately, it's really been feeling like I'm hauling another little human around with me.  Similar to a beached whale, any time I want to roll over in bed, I have to really haul myself over - even having to rock myself back and forth to gather momentum.
It almost seems like overnight that I've gone from feeling her every once in a while to feeling her all the time.  In the way that she seems to be running out of room in there so that every time she makes even a tiny movement or shift, I can feel her.  I had my hand on my belly as she was moving and while I'd grown accustomed to her sharp kicks and jabs, it was definitely weird to feel this slow, undulating movement underneath my hands.  Eeee! SQUIRMY!
Besides getting used to the new adjustments in my change in center of gravity, I've been busy going overboard in helping plan and execute a baby shower for my BFF Melissa - not to be confused with my other BFF Melissa (yes, you have to be named Melissa to get lifelong BFF status with me *LOL*).  
Collage: Made with PicMonkey

I spent a lot of the weeks leading up to Saturday working on DIY projects that I of course punked a majority of from obsessively stalking Pinterest.  The photo "booth" turned out to be a really fun hit with everyone and it was a good way to make sure that Melissa got a picture of all the guests.  I had made a lot of blank conversation bubbles in the hopes that the guests would write out their own messages to Owen or the parents-to-be, but everyone kind of just grabbed the pre-made ones.  I'm definitely going to insist that we set up the same thing for my shower in a couple of weeks which, incidentally, is at the same venue.
I totally pigged out at the tea party - in the most unladylike way.  I walked around double-fisting cucumber sandwiches and then just randomly walked by the table and did gingerbread cookie/rice crispy squares grab and stuff-in-my-mouth maneuvers.  Shameless.  I didn't feel too bad because I did get a bit of a work out in...some upper body workout...
Note to self: I really need to start lifting weights or something!  Babies are HEAVY man.  After that picture I took with Olivia, I had to hold her out to her mama and was like, 'take her, taker her' because my arms were tired - and also, I'm still in the "awkward holding" phase.
I really insisted on a tea party theme and I loved every minute of it - even the set up (probably ESPECIALLY the set up) and the clean up, but it was a busy day for sure.  Right after that, I had to head over to the next city over to meet up with Bart for a wedding rehearsal dinner.
Collage: Made with PicMonkey

I cried a little bit when I realized that most of it would be a standing room only.  I didn't want to be that girl who was all like, let's all sit 'cuz I'm pregnant! Waaah!  So I sucked it up and then I managed to forget that my legs and bag were on fire when the rehearsal part was over and I had been fed and we were taking pictures.  Weird how that happens...
Collage: Made with PicMonkey

Sunday was also a write-off.  Apparently wild and crazy tea party baby showers and rehearsal dinners wipe me out and I slept in until noon and then got up and went over to Bart's parents' house to spend some time with his dad for his birthday...where we shamelessly ate half of one of his birthday presents (a bag of chocolate covered almonds). 
Then right after that it was straight to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet where I ate my pregnant body weight in crab legs and melted butter.  It was a hard weekend to eat through, but someone had to do it...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

This and That...

Hello!  If you've jumped on over here from NFIM's FB Page, first, thanks SO much for visiting :) I can now proudly state that for this one time, more than just my mama visited my blog! I hope you're not too scared off by the amount of text and chitter chatter that I unload via blog posts (I've been told I "talk" too much).  If you clicked over to check out my NFIM Race Weekend Recaps, please check Part 1 and Part 2 by clicking the links!

So it seems like this week is looking more like last week - except with less food binges (unless Voldemort has taken over my body and I have junk food binge sessions that I don't remember - I haven't seen any ominous messages on walls written in chocolate or anything... #nerdalert)
On Sunday, Bart and I drove up to Toronto with some friends to see an "ice show" as Bart had posed it to me a couple weeks ago.  He mentioned that our friends Andrew and Erin had gotten some free tickets and invited us to join them.  I shrugged and said why not and then threw a major pregnant hissy fit when I found out that it was in Toronto and not in town like I assumed it was.
Unfortunately, that made me bitter about the whole thing and I was all belligerent and determined not to have a good time on the way up there.  Especially since by "ice show" I was kind of expecting to see like, a Disney on Ice kind of thing.  When I found out it was for a taping of Battle of the Blades, I was is that?!
Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

Turns out it's a reality show that is similar to Dancing With the Stars, but instead of taking celebrities and teaching them how to ballroom dance, they take hockey players and teach them how to figure skate.
CONFESSION: For some reason, I was imagining a split between the movies "The Cutting Edge" and "Blades of Glory".  
It wasn't this...
Source: BuzzFeed
It sounded more interesting after that, but I still wasn't really all that sold.  I started thawing out a bit when we stopped at Jack Astor's and I got some food in front of me *LOL*
Afterwards, we headed over to the arena to pick up our tickets and my mood went downhill again when I saw the line-up to pick up tickets and get in.  It was COLD, man!
One of the production people with those ear/mic pieces came out and started yelling about the different types of line-ups and all I heard was "blah, blah, blah, free mittens, blah, blah, blah."
Funny how your mood can turn around once you realize you get free stuff! *LOL*  We finally get to the front and good news, our tickets are there and ready for pick up and they hand us our Canada Olympic gloves.  SWEET!
CONFESSION: When we heard there were free mitts up for grabs, you can totally bet your bottom dollar that all of us - at the same time - started pulling off the gloves we were already wearing just in case they were only giving them away to people who didn't have any.
There was none of this, either...
Source: BuzzFeed
So long story short.  It turned out that I actually had a really good time!  We walked in thinking we were going to get some back row seats somewhere in the dark and we had floor seats, third row from the ice.  There were skaters coming at us and you could like, reach out and push touch them if you wanted to.  We were like, whaaat?  And it was a live taping and when we realized where we were sitting, we were all like, "We're going to be FAMOUS!"
While we were weaving our way through traffic on the way to the show taping, I also realized that I was supposed to be in Toronto the following day for a conference.  How I forgot that, I have no idea, but I'm all about conferences (Read: I'm all about the food at conferences!)
Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

But besides that, I really do enjoy conferences and always get a lot out of it.  I'm also the one that takes eleventy-billion pages of notes, so that might be why.
The hotel where the conference was located was also across from Yorkdale - a pretty big, fancy shopping mall, so I wasn't hurting too badly about that and I ended up winning a Tassimo machine during the business card draw, so I was as happy as a pregnant little clam.  
Immediately after the closing of day one, I nipped on over to the mall and made a beeline for lululemon.  We don't have a store in my neck of the woods, so when there's one nearby, I always like to stop in even though I am aware that I'd have to sell organs or fluid in order to afford their stuff.  Which speaks pretty much for the entire Yorkdale mall, everything is so high-end and pish-posh feeling.
Walking around with a lululemon bag and a Starbucks (red cup!) made me feel like I fit in moreSource: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

I knew nothing was really going to fit me at my current stage, but I wanted to use this opportunity to buy a goal outfit for myself to keep my motivation up for after the little miss gets here.  The outfit ended up just being a running skirt and a bra because let's face it, I can't afford a lululemon outfit! *LOL*

I've been a big fan of running skirts since I got my first one at Target in the States, so as soon as I saw this one, I knew it was going to be coming home with me!  The ruffles had me!  The other pair of lululemon shorts I currently have are a size 10, so I thought I would be brave and get a size 8 which was the size of jeans I was fitting into prior to my pregnancy.  But somewhere in between me picking it out and then me getting to the cash register, I chickened out and ended up going with a size 10 again.  I still want to be able to fit into a size 8, but at this point, I also didn't want too much time to go by before I could even WEAR it!  
I also got a Ta-Ta Tamer - BONUS: From the clearance rack! - as I had heard a couple of times that these were good to have for getting back into physical activity without hitting myself in the face with my own boob.
Now that I was all goal-outfitted and all inspired to run, I headed back to the hotel and was determined to hit the gym!  I haven't done ANY running since Niagara, but there was no way I was going to miss a little exercise while I was on conference.  It just seems more official and admirable when you go for a run while you're at conference.
Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram motivation and inspiration kind of died the second the treadmill started up and I remembered I was preggo and had been lazy for more than a week by this point.
I know it probably has nothing to do with the treadmill or the situation itself and more to do with my mindset, but it's so funny how I used to only want to run on a treadmill and now I really, really hate it.  Everything just feels so different and slower and yuckier on a treadmill.  I want to be out and about!  Plus, it's easier to keep going knowing that you're nowhere close to home and you're going to have to keep your legs moving if you want to tinkle on your own toilet.
The "run" felt hard and I took it really easy.  "Running" even when I could technically walk at the speed the treadmill was at.  I did try hard to remember some of the tips I've been reading and picking up through the books I've started to read.
Source: Si11ySkitt1es on Instagram

I've currently started this one by Jeff Galloway as I've heard some pretty great things about his Run-Walk-Run method.  I'm thinking of employing this method and training plan when I start training for the Disney half.  
So besides just feeling like a focused, dedicated athlete for even just getting my feet into my Skora's and my butt on the treadmill, I was also going in with the mindset that I wanted to try a few things.  I experimented with some breathing rhythms to accommodate what I had read so far in Runner's World's book Running on Air and I was trying to make sure that my exhalations were coinciding with alternate foot landings.  When I got bored/tired/light-headed at that (that's what you get for trying out methods where you haven't actually finished reading what the method is), I focused my mind on my form and did some "check-ins" to see where I was at.  Were my shoulders hunched around my neck?  Were my fists clenched too tightly?  
Focusing on some of these things helped keep my mind occupied whereas otherwise, I would be focusing on the thoughts that were asking me when it was time to stop.  I was reading in one of the books (this is also what I get for starting a BUNCH of books simultaneously - but I'll get the actual source for you once I find it again) that once you've gotten past the part of "trying" to be a runner and you want to keep going and set goals and things, you can't just be a "distracted" runner, where you get out there and move and you make use of your time planning out grocery lists or to-lists and admiring the sky or flowers.  If you want to improve or move on from just your basic runner, you also have to do it mindfully.  You have to engage your mind in the run itself and not just go through the motions.  I think for me currently and I'm thinking especially later on, I'll have to work on that quite a bit.  
It's one of the reasons I don't run with music usually - I like to get lost in my own thoughts and then realize the run is almost over.  If I allow my mind to engage in and check-in with the run, then it will realize that I'm running and demand that I stop immediately!
I want to say that I'm going to get a run in today, but at the risk of sounding like an excuse board, Tara's away for the second half of the conference that I was at and I didn't bring any of my running stuff (so actually, yeah, that's an excuse for sure because there's no reason why I couldn't have brought my stuff and run on my own - although at 30 weeks, I don't really think I should be wandering around the streets on my own...excuse, still? Yeah, probably).  At home, Bart's gone cray-cray with the fact that we had a water leakage in the basement a while back and he tore up all the dry wall in the basement because he was convinced that it was now infested in mold (it actually was).  The treadmill is down there so as I've been forbidden to go down there, there's no option to do that either.
I know, I know...I have all these reasons why I can't go for even a short run and I have it entirely in my capacity to find a way around that, but it's just getting so much harder to do so.  I've also got some events lined up that are taking my attention - Melissa's baby shower is this Saturday and I've got things going on to take care of with that and next week, I have remembered that I agreed to make a wedding cake for the wedding that weekend so apparently...I'm going to have to make a cake!  I promise I will try my best to get moving one way or another!  I've written it down there, so it must come to fruition!
Q: How often do you let excuses get the best of you?  What are ways that you get away from that and get the job done?
Q: Have any other running book recommendations?  I'm in the running book zone at the moment!

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Week After...

Hello!  If you've jumped on over here from NFIM's FB Page, first, thanks SO much for visiting :) I can now proudly state that for this one time, more than just my mama visited my blog! I hope you're not too scared off by the amount of text and chitter chatter that I unload via blog posts (I've been told I "talk" too much).  This post is more of a roundup of the week after Niagara, so if you were interested in reading about my actual race weekend experience, please check Parts 1 & 2 of my race weekend recaps!  I am almost looking for blogs to read and follow, so please let me know you stopped by for a visit in the comments (CONFESSION: Let's just face it, I love getting comments!)

So remember that time I "ran" a 5K and a 2K in Niagara (Recap Part: 1 | Recap Part: 2)?
Then there was that time where I "accidentally" (okay, not-intentionally may be a better word for it) took the entire week off after and did nothing but stuff my face.
I don't know why I let myself do stuff like that when I regret it so much after the fact.  *sigh* Hindsight...20/20...all that jazz.
To be a tiny bit fair to the me who didn't really intentionally mean to get all lazy, the night after we got back from our Niagara trip, I was busy hanging out and blogging about the experience and IGing pictures of my and my new best friend John Stanton when I realized that my left side was kind of ache-y.  
In case you only saw the pre-race photo of me and my BFF.  This one here is post-race.
Shoot, I wish I had asked him to put the medal ON me! There's that hindsight again!
For a while I thought I had just twisted the wrong way and there was a cramp in my side, but by the end of the next day and it was still there and hurting more I knew it might be something else.  So of COURSE I complained and whined about it for one more day before I finally went in and saw my chiropractor because I was suspecting it was something to do with my rib, and sure enough, it was.
CONFESSION: So, one of my OB's rules when I first began to see him was to never, EVER Google anything pregnancy-related instead of calling him, but we all know that was never going to happen, so I did it anyway because for some reason, I was worried that the baby's foot was stuck in between my ribs and every time I twisted and turned to try to alleviate my pain, I was squishing her teeny, tiny little foot.  Or her hand.  Or whatever other little baby parts could get stuck in my ribs.  See, I'd like to know how come things like THAT isn't covered in "What to Expect..."
So, after explaining to me as nicely as he could (it really looked like my chiropractor was hurting himself trying not to roll his eyes at me after I told him my fears) that that can't really happen, I was told that my ribs had indeed done a slip and slide - although he can't really be for certain if the baby didn't just kick or punch it, or if it didn't just happen of its own accord due to the hormones causing my joints to relax and loosen in preparation for labour - and it actually had a bunch of muscle pinched between them.  HA! I knew it was pinching SOMETHING!  So I wasn't entirely wrong there, now was I?!
Anyways, I got all nice and cracked (un-Toronto-Mayor Ford-like), I did notice that it felt a lot better than it was feeling before, but it was still really sore and I was told to ice it for the next few nights.  I still feel a twinge every now and again that I'm hoping will get cleared up with my next visit, but I can move a lot more freely now.  
The bad thing about not being able to move around too freely was that the week after Niagara, I felt like I had accomplished something pretty big considering I was in my third trimester and apparently I can't handle things like that.  I felt like I deserved to eat EVERYTHING for the whole week.  And by EVERYTHING, I mean every BAD thing.  Add to that the fact that it was Halloween and it was game over for me.  I earned Halloween.  It was like Halloween was invented for me specifically after I "ran" Niagara so that I could eat.

I was missing that peanut butter cookie sandwich from Niagara so badly that I had to recreate it - you know, for the sake of bringing in Halloween treats for the office.  It was thoughtful, selfless thing I did there.  Unfortunately, it wasn't the same as the real thing, but it did take the edge off.  
I was also distracted by the fact that I had a doppleganger walking around the office that day.
L: Me back in May | R: Halloween Tara/Cat

BWAHAHA, still cracks me up every time!  You can't see it in the photo since black really must be very slimming, but she's got a stuffed bear in her shirt to replicate the pregnant part of me.  
I had my OB appointment that morning so I didn't get a chance to see Tara first thing, but everyone was all scandalized when she came out and people were asking her if I knew what her Halloween costume was *LOL* As if I wouldn't think it was the most hilarious thing ever!  Plus, I gave her most of the pertinent stuff - like the knee-socks since Tara doesn't really condone them.  I'm lucky she even comes out running with me when I insist on wearing them.  Clearly it helped her out this Halloween since it's now a trademark and one of the ways that helped identify her costume so she wouldn't just look like a weirdo walking around the office.
And it's not Halloween if I didn't harrass Chewy-bear.  This was a sad one for him though.  Usually I like to dress him up in super hero costumes.  His first Halloween, he had a really awesome Superdog costume and last year he was Batdog.  I dropped the ball on his costume this year, so he got to be:

So this is how I guarantee that I find pools of vomit or pee on my side of the bed only.

This past Wednesday was also the last game of the Ultimate season.  It was bittersweet for me because it also marked my last season of having any hand in Ultimate at all.  I haven't been playing and the fall season was the last season I would be captaining since the indoor winter goes through until January and I knew I wouldn't be able to commit for that full length of time.  I'm hoping to be able to get out to watch some of the games so I can continue to remind myself how much I LOVE this game and how much I want to come BACK!
My team came in third - which seems to be our going rate for placing.  HOWEVER, we once again took top spot for sportsmanship - because what can I say?  I have an awesome team!  The players will mention that while we have great sportsmanship, their captain can come off as a little scary *LOL*  Apparently threatening to cut them (and not from the team) scares some people off...
I couldn't even take pictures of the stuff we ate.  I justified it in that the sportsmanship award was $50 in free food that night so if it's free, it technically doesn't count, right?

Now that Ultimate is done and my running - or the ability to - is dying down, I'm starting to get really antsy about letting things go for fear that I'll be unable to pick them back up again.  Actually, I should clarify that it's not the fear that I'll be unable to.  It's the fear that I won't want to.  You can clearly see that I don't trust myself all that much in terms of my priority in heatlh.
I'm hoping that what Courtney told me the last time I had a little meltdown will hold fast and true when the time comes.  It was SO needed at the time and I was so grateful to read it and have something to hang on to that it totally brought tears to my eyes.  I'm not sure how much of it was hormonal tears as me crying over every single little thing seems to be coming back with a vengeance, but it was truly taken to heard nonetheless.
You will find your new self once she arrives. She will become your "why". You will run again, you will PR, and you'll make it work. You got this!
I guess I'm still definitely in the 'me, Me, ME' mindset and can't really fathom what will happen after the little one is actually here.  Plus, I guess I was also looking at it in the way that she's not even here yet and I'm "blaming" her for the reason why I've lost or missed out on something when perhaps, she may be entirely the reason why I will come back to it and have more passion for healthy living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Poor little munchkin.  I seem to have put so much on her little not-yet-existant shoulders!  BAD CATHERINE!

I may have mentioned somewhere that I can get obsessive about things at times...
In an effort to maintain my interest in running, I got it in my head that I wanted to pick up some running books.  I always read these tweets and FB status updates from runners and especially Skora Running, where they post these different running facts and info and I wanted to fashion myself after that.  
I didn't want to just be the person who laces up and goes and just runs for the heck of it.  I want to be a mindful runner.  I want to know what happens when I run.  I want to know the reason for things happening when I feel something.  I want to know how to prevent injury.  I want to know what overtraining means since I can't fathom such a thing (since I go out for the BARE minimum amount of runs).  I want to know why a person may prefer a zero drop shoe as opposed to one with a crap ton of cushioning.  I wanted to know what the heck zero drop really means and how it relates to the anatomy of a runner's foot.
I was a bit surprised at the AMOUNT of running books that were available and also surprised at the thickness of it.  I mean, it's running.  Put some shoes on and get out there.  What in the world could these people be talking about?
Turns out, quite a lot and I busted out the high lighters a la university style and I made like I was aiming to be top student (which of course I am even though there aren't any actually classes.  I'm a gold star kind of girl!)  
As obsessive that I can get - I ended up with 4 running books in less than 48 hours, not only is it keeping me interested in running and the idea of getting back into running after the little critter comes, it's making me WANT to get out there!
Since when?!  I still hate running....don't I?
I've been reading techniques and plans and suggestions and all these different things I kind of knew but didn't know it was an official thing and it's inspiring me to want to know more, be more knowledgeable about running and to want to KEEP running.  To get FASTER.  To work for PRs!  To not just finish a half-marathon, but to do WELL in it!
And on that note....I'm at a conference out of town for the next couple of days (I'm actually currently AT the conference now) and I've brought some of my reading material with me!  It's currently downtime until the sessions start again tomorrow and I'm about to get started on Jeff Galloway's half-marathon book.  ANOTHER goal, I want to KNOW who these running peeps are - I mean, since John Stanton and I are BFFs now and all, it only seems right!
We've got an early start again tomorrow so I'm going to use my pre-bedtime downtime to get a bit of reading in!
Q: Did you dress up for Halloween?  Your kids? Your pet?
I don't usually like to dress up.  A headband of some sort is the most I can usually do.  We all know I'm shameful about dressing up my pet! *LOL*
Q: Did you manage to stay out of the Halloween candy?
Which kind can't you resist?
For me, hands down Reese's Pieces.  Or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 
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