Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Work Wellness and Uphill Battles

So, I've been trolling everyone's blogs (in a non-creepy way, hopefully) who went to the Runner's World Half Marathon and Festival.  And while I can barely make it through a 10K  let alone a half marathon, I totally got caught in all the blogging excitement and found myself wishing I had been able to go and participate in the hat trick and see the RW offices and hang out with all those people who make running look as easy as breathing (like, easy breathing.  Not the huffing and puffing I just did today at lunch time.)
I think what caught my attention the most was seeing RW's office environment.  It just sounds like such a cool place to work!  I follow the Vega Team on Instagram and they post occasional pictures of the happenings in their offices and I end up just staring at the pictures and getting all bitter at my own workplace.  I know I'm being unfair since these company's whole "platform" (I'm not sure if I'm using that in the right context?) or reason for existing is for health and wellness so it only makes sense that they'd have a lot of focus on...well, health and wellness!
From reading SkinnyRunner's blog, I was all coveting the bike room (even though I very recently had some horrifying experiences with a bike seat, it didn't stop me from being all envious and whiny about it) where employees can take out bikes and go for a spin or participate in lunch time jogs and what not.  I mean, even though I might not ever want to bike around while I'm at work, I like knowing that the option is there.  And who knows, maybe with my blossoming love for spinning, I might be on the verge of a bicycle affair and my work's failure at having a bike room is what's getting in the way!
Perhaps the powers that be at work felt my growing disgruntled-ness (and apparently I'm making words up now) because a few weeks ago, I got an E-Mail about an upcoming Work Wellness Fair that was happening.  We were invited to sign up for seminars and fitness classes as well as attend a fair that would be going on throughout the day.  Of course, the invitation meant that you could go IF you weren't busy or could spare the time.  So, I can see that even though my work is trying, it's still not all the way there in that it's only on an availability basis as opposed to 'let's close the offices and make sure you all get out there for some healthy living info!' kind of thing.
Looking through the invite, I think I may be a little too hard on them since it's inviting me to the 3rd annual and this is kind of the first time I'm hearing about it. Whoops!  Might have something to do with the fact that I have any E-Mails with the subject line [Staff Notice] getting automatically filtered to my junk mail...
I looked through the sessions being offered and registered for:

CONFESSION: Okay, when I first saw this (before I signed up) I could have sworn that the registration schedule said genital yoga.  Seriously, though.  How could I not think it at first glance?  How do you mess up GENTLE?  I was imagining myself attending the session and raising my hand partway through a move so I could ask, "While I'm doing this, what am I supposed to be doing with my vagina?" And I'd be the one getting weird looks.  #awkward
I even Googled it in case I was just being a n00b and I didn't realize it was a name or type of yoga, ie. Moksha yoga or something.  It's not.  Although I'm kind of interested in what the session would be like if it really was genital yoga.  Perhaps it could clarify what a kegel is...TMI?  I've been told I need to examine my boundaries a little bit...
In any case, I'm finding that I'm really looking forward to attending tomorrow and wandering around the fair.  Not only because they're offering mini massage therapy sessions and I've sort of become a bit of a massage whore (I had a massage appointment at a spa last week and I've got one again this Friday and then another one at a different spa on Sunday after the run), I can't resist fairs and expos that give away free samples and swag bags.  Plus, I've been on the market for a new eReader so cross your fingers that I'll win one!  Meh, on the cooking classes.  Someone else can have that with my blessings (clearly just guaranteeing myself the fact that if I do win anything, it will probably be the cooking classes).  Updates on all that tomorrow!
In other fitness news, Tara and I went for a woggle today at lunch.  
A few weeks ago, Tara and I were talking about how I noticed that when I whine to her and tell her I don't want to go running, she does the good friend thing and makes me go.  Even if I get mad at her.  She's firm and we go.  And at the end of it all, I end up being happy that we went.  But when she comes into my office and says she doesn't want to go, my first response is: "Wanna go for breakfast?" So not only do I not choose the hard option of making us both accountable and going, I am also negatively enabling her.  (But SRSLY, who doesn't want BREAKFAST?!)  I remembered that today when she messaged me and said she was hungry.  That was technically code for 'I don't want to run, let's go get breakfast.'  But I was wise to my bad friend ways and so I said NOPE!  We're going for a run!  Yes! Even though it's super cold out!  We are GOING!
And to make my stance even bolder, I chose the 5K route with the HILL!  Not only am I being an awesome friend by making us go out there when we don't want to, I'm not even taking the EASY way!
I read somewhere that when you train on hills, you'll do much better when running on flat/even ground.  So here I am thinking that I've studied our Niagara 5K route extensively (read: I used MapMyRun and clicked on the elevation ticky-box) and it's pretty much one straight line.  So if we used our two runs this week to go uphill, we'll be laughing on Sunday - and I JUST MIGHT get my chance at a Niagara 5K PR (eternal optimist is my middle name, friends!)
I have some crap ideas.  I mean, I shouldn't even be making these kinds of decisions while I'm SITTING on an office chair inside a warm (that's not technically true since I'm convinced the higher ups keep our offices SUPER cold in order to keep us moving/working - yes, I'm totally on to you!) building!  We get out there and I'm at the base of this long sloping incline and I want to die.  Or at the very least walk.  
But I like to think that I am nothing if not resourceful and I will stop at nothing to try to meet a goal.  Today it was a deal with myself.  I was going to post an IG video of me going up the hill.  Of course, my pride would not allow me to post a video where I am walking uphill.  That would be unacceptable.  So that only leaves me one choice.  I have to get running.  So, open up the video and hit that round red button and here we go.  Start running.  I talk and pant and gasp and whine and cuss until I make it up the hill and really, the video itself and the content is inconsequential.  The whole moral of the story, if you will, is that I made it up the hill without stopping for a walk break.  Goal.  Set. Served.  Boom.  
At the end of the day, and I'm thinking after my little mini doubt-fest yesterday, it doesn't matter how you get things done.  As long as you go about doing them.  Today, my motivation was to be able to post something.  I set a goal where I was going to run up that hill and I did it.  It didn't matter that I wasn't really going that fast, or that my huffing and puffing and talking probably made it harder.  It took my mind off the fact that what I REALLY wanted to do was stop and turn around and walk DOWN the hill and at the end of it all, there I was at the top.  I'm going to take my small victories as they come.  And with that...here's the video:

So, friends, let's have at it:
What kind of fitness friend are you? 

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