Thursday, September 19, 2013

Setting my sights on DISNEY!

Apparently from just being satisfied with being able to run 5k straight, I've gotten a bit more lofty in my goals because the other day, I went a little bit crazy and messaged Tara with our new long-term goal/plan.

SOURCE: RunDisney on Facebook

We had heard about this last year before we had started really getting back into running and we thought it was a cool thing, but neither of us were really interested in running more than 5k (we weren't really even interested in running 5k) so it was just a nice passing thought before moving on.

The other day, I got an E-Mail reminder about registering for the Disney Marathon Weekend and it kind of ignited the spark of interest again after clicking on the link.  Now that we've got 10k under our belts, it seems just that tiny bit more feasible that we could run/walk a half marathon. 

Looking through the site and seeing how everything has already sold out and watching the videos and I'm a total goner.  In fact, I was sitting there feeling pretty sad that we couldn't go this 2014 since less than a month before the weekend, I'm to be giving birth or something.  So what can we do but set our sights on 2015.  At the end of the day, this will actually give us time to train and to really keep me in line before and after our little miss comes along. 

So here it is in my head so of course I can't let it go.  And in order to really solidify a goal you've set, I'm a firm believer in putting it out there.  You can set as many goals as you like in secret, but if you REALLY want to ensure that you meet that goal, you have to put it out there.  So here it is!


Weeee!  That's exciting to even just type out! ...but it's also not me if I didn't go overboard, right?  So what we're actually going to sign up for is the Glass Slipper challenge.  Which is running the Enchanted 10K on Saturday and then the half on Sunday.  He he he!

Do I even need to tell you why?

SOURCE: RunDisney on Facebook
'Cuz we get THEEEEEESE!!!  And not just that!  If you do the Glass Slipper Challenge, you get the individual medals for each race and then you get ANOTHER medal to signify that you did both the races in one weekend!  Uuuuum, we're already down there, we might as well go big or go home, right?!

Plus, after looking at the race pictures and watching the videos, how can you NOT want to be a part of it all?  I mean, it's frickin' MAGICAL!

SOURCE: RunDisney on Facebook

SOURCE: RunDisney on Facebook

So, if you're gonna do a long run, you should DO an AWESOME one!  And I don't know how you can get any more awesome than THAT!

Okay, and it's me typing this, so let's be honest, I totally WANT to dress up and wear a tiara to do this run and I want to take an indecent buttload amount of pictures and I want those medals and all the SWAG that goes along with it!

Throughout the course of the run through the Disney parks (Magic Kingdom and Epcot), there will be Disney characters that you can stop and pose and take pictures with (SOLD!), there's actually being able to run through the parks and the CASTLE! and there's the expo and the race retreat after and more Disney characters, it just sounds like an awesome weekend to do something pretty darn cool!
Also, if everything goes according to plan and if the run is still sometime in February, it will also be shortly after our little miss' first birthday so we were thinking of just making an entire vacation out of it.  Go for a run weekend and stay for the rest of the week and celebrate that my (not here yet) little girl is ONE (and that I managed to make it through more than a year of growing and keeping a whole entire other human being relatively okay!)  If that's not a cause to celebrate, well then I don't know WHAT is.
Since the upcoming 2014 run hasn't actually come and gone yet, I don't know when the 2015 weekend will be so I'm kind of up in the air about that, but at least it gives us a lot of time to plan and prepare as best we can because despite how lovely and magical and lovely I'm imagining this whole weekend/vacation to be, it also goes without saying that it's going to be frickin' expensive!  But that's where us turning it into a whole family vacation falls!  We're not spending an insane amount of money to just run around a theme park, we're going to do that AND have a family vacation!  To celebrate a bunch of things no less!
Depending on how much things change, the 2014 Glass Slipper challenge registration was $270.00 provided that registration happened before the first cut-off date, plus $15 if Tara and I want to register as a team.  Then for family members to watch, they can join the ChEAR squad (oh, I just got that now!) and depending on how much money family wants to put out, they'll get access to different spectator areas $65 - $120/person and then there's the Race Retreat after for family AND the runners $120/person.  
Of course we don't really have to have anyone on the ChEAR squad or we don't actually have to have anyone at the Race Retreat (or go ourselves for that matter) but it's that whole experience thing.  I'll be running a HALF MARATHON for crying out loud.  I want the whole shebang!!!  I want a bajillion pictures of us running and posing with characters!  I want the whole party after to celebrate!  I want to live each second of it UP!  (That is, I'm assuming I actually FINISH the race as there are pace requirements LOL).
So just the running portion of that is already quite the drop in pennies, then we'll also have to plan for the flights, accommodations, park tickets, car rentals, gas money, food, and all the million other things that Disney will get us to want to buy, etc. and so forth blah blah blah.  
But hey.  There it all is.  I've already told Bart that we're as good as going so he said now all that's left is to plan and save and make it happen!
I'm already so excited I can barely stand it!  I may have also promised that as soon as I cross the finish line, we can perhaps think about bringing home an extra souvenir from my belly!  If I'm goal setting, well, I might as well be GOAL setting!!!
Here's to setting our sights high and aiming for MAAAAGIC!
P.S. Judging from my lunchtime 5K performance's a good thing we have a LOT of advance notice.  This girl needs to keep training *LOL*

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