Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lord of the Track (...not)

This week has been off...clearly, as my last post would show *LOL*

Minus the emotional breakdown, active-wise, things have just been feeling weird.  On Tuesday, Mother Nature forgot that school started and the fact that it felt like fall in July and the temperature shot up to over 30 degrees celsius.  So with the heat, we decided to go to the indoor track and run as Tara didn't feel like scraping a pregnant Asian off the sidewalk and carrying her the rest of the way back to work.

Top washroom picture was before I knew what an epic fail the run was going to be so I was all smiles and peace signs.

I was running behind (actually working LOL) and didn't have time to change before it was time to head out, so we were running late and Tara was harassing me to get going.  I didn't have my hydration belt ready and Tara told me that OBVIOUSLY there would be a drinking fountain at the track so off we went.  We got there and looky-look, I can't see a fountain anywhere!  I had tossed a Gu Brew tablet in one of my bottles to dissolve in the little bit of water that was there, since I planned to fill up the bottle when we got there, but with no fountain in sight, we just got started.

P.S. I took a chance and tried to take a sip of the leftover water that was in my bottle (the one with the Gu Brew tablet). Don't ever do that.  I thought I was going to spit it out all over the track and it was all I could do just to bring myself to swallow it.  

Blaaaaaaah.  My shins/calves were on FIRE.  I felt sluggish and lagging and even though I never, ever felt like I needed water before, because I knew I didn't have any, I felt THIIIIIIIIIRSTYYYYYY.

(I don' think he actually says that in the movie, but that's how it sounded like in my head)

Fast forward to today and we're back at the rec centre again - this time it's raining - and I'm expecting great things to happen because I started hydrating this morning and had a good breakfast.  I was nice and prepared and had my hydration belt filled and everything!  We get on out there and boom. WALL.  That is my calves.  First lap around the track and everything is feeling tight and hurty.  Set my mind to at least make it 1 km before I stop for a walking break, but walking actually made me whimper out loud.  HURTY!!!

Excuse my Smeagol fascination today.  He's totally stuck in my head and that's the voice my thoughts are taking.  It's funny and Bart is getting irritated because I keep shouting stuff out loud. HUUUUUURRRRTYYYY!!!

It felt sucktastic, yo.  I ended up doing a combination run/walk where I "ran" the track twice and then walked once.  That little squiggle dip at 2.5 km was when I thought I would get creative and I tried to do a walk/skip where it would be faster than walking, but skipping so that it wouldn't make me as tired or hurt my legs as much.  Then I realized I looked stupid, so I stopped.

I had a thought while I was going along.  The rec centre track has labelled lanes where one lane is labelled JOG and the other RUN.  What is the difference between jog and walk?  And when does a jog turn into a run?  Is there like, a universally known speed where your jog is no longer considered jogging and is now in fact a run?

Is this the time where you figure out that I don't run with music?

I tried to keep powering through because my mom's birthday was yesterday and everyone knows that you can eat whatever you want when you're at a birthday!


Yeeeah, so that powering through thought didn't really last that long and I finally just kind of called it quits to use the rest of the time that I had left to STRETCH.

I don't know why I always skip it or neglect it since when I DO stretch, it feels so GOOD!  Minus the part where it was really hard to get up after I was down. 
Was feeling really down because of my lackluster performance but my frown got turned upside down because it was a fun snack day!  

I found this Artisana packet that I had randomly picked up the last time I was Virginia and forgot about.  I tried it out with my apple slices and it was really good!  I was a little bit leery about it because it's coconut and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about coconut, but I shouldn't have doubted the chocolate part!
Going to stretch out some more and enjoy breakfast Friday tomorrow!  Hopefully next week, things will look better.  That or I think I'm getting to the point in pregnancy that I should probably start tracking my time/distance and perhaps just track my heartrate and activity.  
One more picture and then I've gotta skidaddle!  In baby news, the other day, we went to dinner at my sister-in-law's place and my nephews were home which was nice because I haven't seen them in quite a while.
It's freaking me out a bit though, because if our little miss takes after Bart's side of the family....she's pretty much going to be as tall as me from the moment of birth. 

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