Monday, September 9, 2013

Insane in the Membrane

Listen, y'all. Something has happened. I don't even know who I am anymore.

I have been abducted by aliens of some sort and my body is being used for all kinds of heinous shenanigans.

Like cleaning.

Today, after a full day's worth of work, I got home and we took Chewy-bear out for a nice long walk because little man totally deserved it after just being let out in the backyard on the weekend, and then we got home and while Bart cooked dinner, I hauled FOUR bins of baking crap that had been piling in the spare room (soon to be Miss Mini Bolton's room!) and brought them downstairs to be put away in the downstairs kitchen cabinets.  And then after that, I cleaned the entire kitchen.  I washed all our dinner dishes and wiped down the counters and the stovetop and put away everything that was in the dishwasher.  And then after that, I took up the clean laundry that was in the dryer and I put the clothes away.  Like, not just shoved them in drawers.  I folded them.

This may sound like a regular, daily evening activity to most of you clean, normal people, but I've pretty much been the epitome of slob.  Jillian Jiggs has NOTHING on me, my friends.  I could let the laundry pile up until I have zero underpants, and when normal people would just go ahead and wash theirs, I would just go out and buy more.

So this whole Suzy homemaker act...well, I'm not really sure what to make of it.  And it's not like Bart even bribed me with a trip to Red Lobster (yes, that's pretty much all it takes to force me to do something, I feel no shame in admitting this).  I wanted to do it.  It might have even - dare I say it - given me satisfaction.  *shudders*

This is what it must feel like to be one of Stephenie Myer's characters on The Host.  I have been body snatched.  And I'm helpless and powerless to stop it.  It must be stopped.  It's setting a precedence.  I'm shooting Bart dirty looks because he's totally not even hiding the fact that he hopes that there isn't another switch.  He'd rather keep this cleaning weirdo who looks like his wife *LOL*

What makes all this even more outlandish to me is that in between this little bout of cleaning spree that has taken over me, I was STILL antsy and wanted to keep moving so I got it in my head that I should try an Insanity workout.  Right. Now.  At 22 weeks pregnant (don't tell my mom! LOL)

UPDATE: Throwing it back to my last progress pic update about a month before I found out I was preggo!

Perhaps I'm making it sound more awesome and amazing than it actually is - it's not like the cleaning body snatcher.  That's legit crazy.  What this was really was that I managed to get myself moving a bit.

One of the main reasons why I thought it might be a good idea to get moving is that I've officially moved into the 'no sleeping on stomach zone'.  Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was still managing a half side, half stomach sleeping pose that was more or less comfortable.  Now that I'm pretty much stuck on my side, I've been noticing that my hips have been feeling really tight and stiff.  I've also noticed that I don't have this uncomfortable feeling after and a couple days after I run.  I haven't gone for a run since early last week and I believe it was only once, so I was definitely noticing that I was feeling uncomfortable.

I left all my running gear at work since we've got a run planned for lunch tomorrow, so I thought I would try something else and my eyes honed in on my very sadly neglected Insanity set.

I figured I would just put it on and do the best I could and just change or modify anything I couldn't do.

Yeeeeah, still didn't stop it from being super hard.  As in WTF am I thinking doing this!?  I briefly considered turning it off after the warmup and just telling myself that the warmup was enough.  I got moving and that was fine and dandy.  I earned a Skinny Cow sandwich!

But it's not Insanity if Shaun T isn't pushing his face onto the camera and staring you down and telling you that you can do it.  And to MOVE.  So on I went.

I took water breaks after every interval and for each set, I either modified it, moved at half the speed or both.

Surprisingly, I was able to get through quite a lot of the warmup just as it was.  I just maintained my speed as opposed to the increased speed with each warm up set.   With the jumping jacks and high knees, I did them as is, but moved at quite the slower speed then the rest of the Shauntourage and I was fine with that.  I was still huffing and puffing and I knew that I was getting the heart rate up.

Suicides: This I knew for sure I wasn't going to attempt in it's entirety just from having to run from side to side and touch the ground, I figured it might strain too much, so instead I started off just as a suicide looks, but instead of going all the way down to smack the ground, I braced my hand on my knee and went halfway down.  Because I wasn't going all the way down, I tried to focus on quicker steps in between to get my heart rate up.
Power Squats: Jumping around at any kind of height isn't the most pleasant feeling, so instead I just modified it to a basic squat and tried to focus more on getting the squat form-perfect as opposed to just half-heartedly moving up and down.  Plus, I've seen the pictures, preggos can still squat.
Ski Jumps: I pretty much did this exactly as instructed, except that I kept my hops a lot smaller and my traveling quite more compact.  Whereas a lot of the crew managed to hop around from side to side at quite a distance, I just kept things nice and tight with small hops and movement, but again concentrated on getting the form and technique right so that I was putting a lot more emphasis on keeping my knees and thighs close together and getting low on the squat.  My butt is totally feeling it as I type, actually.

I'd like to point out that that is SWEAT dripping down my nose. 
Gotta say, it's been a really long time, but I've missed getting that sweaty during a workout!

Basketball Drills: Just like the suicides, I didn't "scoop" the "ball" right from the floor, but instead started halfway and again kept my hopping to a minimum.
Level 1 Drills: This I modified quite a bit.  My moves here I'm pretty sure was a 2 to 1 ratio, where I would complete a full set in the time it took them to do two and instead of hopping up after each set, I pretty much stayed on my knees.  I got down, push-ups from my knees and then did the floor run and then got back on my knees and then straightened up (instead of jumping my feet back in and hopping up to a standing position).
Ski Abs: I definitely couldn't hop around on my hands while springing my legs in from side to side, so instead, I remained in an all fours down position and brought one knee in to do alternating side crunches.
In and out:  Same thing with hopping in and out while bringing my knees in and back out, the belly just wasn't having it, so instead, from the all fours position, I did a variation of a plank where I brought out one foot then the other to be in a complete plank position and then bringing one foot in and then the other to end back on all fours again.  I wish I had some examples to show, but Bart was working on tearing up some floors in the basement so apparently he was too busy to take pictures of me working out *LOL*

The stretching I've got to say was my FAVOURITE parts.  Since I stopped doing Insanity, I've been pretty lazy with stretching of any kind (as in none at all).  It's just so easy to plop down and not do anything at all after a run, so it's been quite a long time and it felt gooood

All smiles now that it's all over!!!  (Excuse the unmade bed - Suzy homemaker/body snatch) only happened later on this evening when I got home from work.  Plus, I'm still against bedmaking.  I'm gonna get back in it anyway!

And that's my first foray into pregnant Insanity.  I didn't have my heart rate monitor and I'm not really keeping track of calories burned so besides wishing I knew what my heart rate was at at some points, I'm happy with how it went and what I did.  I didn't do everything as quick as I was perhaps "supposed" to do, but I did as many of the moves as I could the best way I could in the time given to me and I think that's what really matters.

Hopefully, this extra bit of energy that I had today will spill over into tomorrow or in the next few weeks and months to come so that I can continue to just keep moving, regardless of the exercise or workout that I'm doing.  And if everything goes well - all fingers crossed - I won't feel like I'm starting from ground zero after the little miss is born.

I'm currently eating a bowl of almost plain air popped popcorn and I don't even feel a little bit guilty.  Me and the little miss earned it!

Here's hoping my thighs and my buns will be up for the 5K we've got planned for lunch tomorrow!

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