Sunday, September 29, 2013

*insert witty donkey/ass title here* Race Recap

So, before I could even think of a title, Bart had to wake me up while my fingers were over the keys and my chin resting on my chest.
Today was twofer Sunday and clearly I can't handle it as much as I thought I could.
I guess I shouldn't be that surprised considering that today technically started last night when I was at a birthday party and I didn't get home until 12:30 this morning.  And of course, even though I've known about this run for a while and that it was happening on the 29th, I hadn't gathered any of my "running" gear or packed anything to be ready to go, so after I got home, I figured that it was now a good time to do so.

Finally get to bed a little after one and for once in quite a while, I feel like I get into a really nice, deep sleep.  Only to wake up 4.5 hours later trying to figure out what the hell that noise is.  Oh.  It's my alarm.  At 5:30 am.
Why the frick did I sign up for this stupid race again?!  Who cares about the donkeys?!  I. Want. To. SLEEP!
I did wake Bart up so I could bribe him to message Josho to tell him I couldn't make it #aintnoshameinmygame  Apparently, I suck at bribing people because $5 got me nowhere.
I stumble around and it's a good thing I decided to get everything together before I went to bed so it didn't require much brain cells to get everything on.  It's getting harder to bend over to tie my shoes, so I kind of do some combination of leg lift/open knee shenanigan and I'm awake now that I'm sweating just trying to get my shoe on.
I mix up my Vega pre-energy workout drink and drop a Nuun tablet into a measuring cup full of water and once I get everything transferred into their containers that I'll be taking with me, we're good to go.  Run out the door and then turn around, unlock the door and get right back inside to grab the drink containers that I totally just forgot about two seconds earlier and then we're good to go.
First order of business - gotta tinkle!

I just realized I haven't even talked about this run that I'm doing that I've already gone on about! *LOL*
My friend Josho and his fiancee had visited a donkey sanctuary just outside of town and they really liked it.  They liked it enough that they're actually going to be holding their wedding ceremony there next year!  Today, they mentioned that the donkeys at the sanctuary are going to be all dressed up in little bow ties which I'm super pumped to see!  Anywho, just like an animal shelter, a donkey sanctuary needs money in order to provide care for their wards and so this 5K fundraising run came about.  When I saw that Josho had signed up, I wanted to run it as well!
It being a trail run didn't really phase me - even though I've never actually DONE a trail run before and I remembered reading something that didn't really recommend pregnant women doing a trail race because of the uneven ground and roots, etc.  But I wasn't at all worried considering that my "running" is more like walking now.  If it's even walking...perhaps a shuffle.  Whatever, it's for the donkeys, man!  (I didn't even mind [so much] that there wasn't even a medal.  Kind of...)
A couple of asses...
Josho had this pretty sweet shirt that his fiancee got him.  And I was super pissed I didn't have one too.  I mean, seriously.  Look how cute that donkey is!  I was happy that it got sunny so I could wear my Hello Kitty sunglasses though.  Here's us practicing our running form.  We're kind of awesome like that.

I guess this might be a good reason to get up at the ass crack of dawn to run around with donkeys (see what I did there?)

We get to the start line and apparently there's still a bit of time before we get started.  I don't do "waiting" very well.  I had a lot of things to say in the seven minutes it took for them to count down to the start time - as you might be able to tell...
Whyyyyyy is it taking so long?
I'm tired.
I'm cold.
My feet hurt.
I have to pee.
I don't want to warm up.
I hate donkeys.
I woke up early for this?
I'm hungry.
I might have to poop.
Why aren't we going yet?
Aaalrighty.  FINALLY.  I'm kind of in love with this picture.  I would love it more if it actually showed me running, but enh, what can you do.  We started off at the back of the pack which kind of sucked because we ended up behind the walkers and the donkey trails were really narrow once we got off the dirt trail.  There was no overtaking so for the first 2.5 km, there was nowhere to go and no choice really.  It was pretty much having to put my feet exactly where the person in front of me put hers, otherwise, because of the long grass and the uneven ground, couldn't really tell if you were about to step into a hole or a dip in the ground.  So it was all eyes downward and trying not to freak out that my Skora running shoes were getting wet and dirty. #trailrunningn00b

And there it is.  My longest 5K run - ever.  Even compared to my very first 5K run in Niagara a few years ago *pouts*
I'm trying to keep it all in perspective in that 1) this was my first ever trail run, 2) I'm 24 weeks pregnant, 3) Donkey trails were narrow, 4) We got stuck behind walkers (not the zombie kind - although they moved just as slow) for the first 2.5 km
So I guess at the end of the day, I'm happy that I we got out there at all and that I kept it under an hour!
Pretty much the entire run was done on grass/donkey trails in the woods and less than a kilometer was on a run-able dirt trail.  Once we we hit that and was able to break out from behind the walking pack, I started a slow jog until I realized that the ONLY surface that I could actually run on is going UPHILL.  Donkey balls.

We finally crossed the finish (which was also the start) line and boom.  There it is.  My first trail run and I'm done!  As soon as I crossed, they had a volunteer cut off the twist ties that held our chip timer and we headed back up the way to the "Mule Motel" where the post-race snacks were located!
There was lots to choose from: bananas, apples, orange slices, small packets of candy (oooh, I just remembered that's still in my pocket!) and packets of fruit gummies, granola bars and small baggies of corn nuts.  They also had full-sized bottles of water that they were also handing out at the halfway point, so it was really nice to refuel.
After my potty break (of course!), we made our way over to the closing ceremonies where they did some raffle draws and check me ooooout!  I won a prize!

Holy moly!  A GINORMOUS Christmas wreath!  It totally reminded me of when horses get wreathed after a horse race *LOL*  Look at meeee!  I've been wreathed!  And I'm also eating an apple.  Also kind of like horses do when they win horse races.  Except I didn't win a race - just a wreath (that I have no idea what to do with).
I paraded it around for a bit until I made Bart carry it the rest of the way.

And then we all know walking up and down hills and donkey trails getting my pretty shoes dirty TOTALLY earned me this:

There's a side of pancakes that couldn't fit onto the picture because it barely fit on the table.
Race thoughts:
I was really surprised when I heard after the race that this was the first time the race/fundraiser was being held.  Everything was well planned and executed that it all felt like clockwork.  We parked off-site and then was shuttled by school bus to the sanctuary.  We were dropped off right at the registration tables and it was a short line to pick up our numbers and our chip timers.  While we were in line, there were ladies handing out our t-shirts, although at this point, I was already dressed with everything I was going to wear and didn't really want to have to hang on to a shirt for the entire race.
I didn't see an actual bag check area, but I did hear some people asking where they could leave their jackets, etc. and they were redirected somewhere.  The racer cap was at 300 and according to the website, the race was full and there would be no same-day registration so I was a bit surprised that there was a registration table set up.  Looking around before the start of the race, it definitely didn't look like there was 300 people, so perhaps that's why they had the table.  
We were asked by one of the volunteers if we had any comments and I did hear a lot of people mention that the donkey trails that we started off with (the first 2.5 km) were REALLY narrow.  As in, at the start of a race when everyone is all packed together, it's hard to really get going when you're stuck behind people slower or people who are only intending on walking.  It might be a good idea to set some corrals, but I guess in a small race like this, it would have been better if they turned the race course backwards and started off with the more open space and then ended with the narrower trails when everyone is more spaced out.
The only other thought I could think of was during the halfway mark, they had volunteers handing out bottles of water and everyone I was with turned it down.  Perhaps because a 5 km doesn't really merit a stop for a full bottle of water, but I think it might also be because nobody wants to finish the rest of the race carrying around a bottle of water.  I think it might have been easier for the runners if they poured the water into cups and handed the cups out to the runners so a quick drink and toss could have happened instead.
A lot of runners also commented that they wished there were more donkeys along on the trails.  I guess with logistics and animal behavior, perhaps it's not possible, but the animals were all in their caged areas at the beginning/end of the route and that was all you could see of them.  Maybe if the volunteers stationed along the route had a donkey so there could be photo ops would have been fun too.  Also a way to kind of "remind" yourselves of what you were running/fundraising for.
Other than that, it was a really fun race and a great way to spend a Sunday morning!  I'm looking forward to running it again next year and getting a PR *LOL*

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Introducing: The Spin-STAR!

Hel-loooo friends!
After last week's first encounter, I guess I may be jumping the gun at nicknaming myself the SpinStar and overhauling my blog to talk about how awesome {I am} spinning is. 
But at least I can say that this week definitely felt better than last week. 
I was a little bit worried at first since it didn't seem to be going that way in the beginning.  First, I attended a baptism for my oldest friend's daughter and got my first pregnant experience at being around crying, screaming babies.  Melissa and I have agreed that perhaps I need to hang around babies more to get used to it all without getting overwhelmed.  She also assured me that while it can be hard at times...the experience is the best, most awesome thing EVER.
© Catherine, Cardio Confessions 2013

The thing about Filipino baptisms is that there's food.  Actually, I should reiterate: The thing about Filipino baptisms is that there's FOOD

I was a goner the second I walked in the door to Melissa's parent's place.  I was actually up at the buffet table getting seconds before half of the guests had even gotten their first plate.  Sorry, but when you put sliced up hotdogs and scrambled eggs in fried rice, it's every person for themselves, man!  #snoozeyoulose #aintnoshameinmygame

As I was making my way to the door to head over to the gym, Melissa busted open a container filled with some kind of smores brownie/cookie/deliciousness.  I don't really know what it was, but because I was missing out on cake, she wanted to give me something sweet for the road.  I grabbed one and then started making my way around to say goodbye to everyone and by the time it was really time to go, I had no more smores deliciousness left!  I was like, "Mel, I thought you said you were giving me something for the road?" Hehehe, good thing Mel has a billion years (26) of putting up with me so she knew me and already had the container open and YAY! More smores deliciousness in my greedy little hands.  I totally shoved it in my mouth and I was driving away, I realized that I was more than just full.  I was like, uncomfortably full.  Shallow breathing, short puffs of breath full.

No matter, I committed to myself that I was going to give spinning a second shot and wouldn't it be just convenient if I didn't go because I totally gorged on hot dog fried rice and deep fried Filipino spring rolls.  Start driving over and I'm glad that I had left when I did because I would get there at a good time and spend some quality time with my chosen bike.  I could NOT have another one of these:

Image Source: Google Images | Some eCards
The day before I was determined to make sure I had a better ride than last week, so I went over to Canadian Tire and picked up one of those slip-on gel seat covers.  To make sure that everything was a-okay, after I picked one up, I had to test it out.  On my own with a bank of empty spin bikes, I had all the time I needed.  I looked the bike over and checked out all the knobs and doo-hickies.  If they're on the bike, they've got to do something right?  First, I adjusted the seat height.  Can't get much more straightforward than the lowest it could go, so: check.  Next there was another knob.  Okay, let's twist it and see what that does.  Hot dang!  That knob moves the seat FORWARD!  Well I didn't know that!

Next up, the handle bars.  Last week, I was positive that my handlebars were too low, which caused me to lean over super far and thus, lady bits/butt bone -> seat -> *whimper*  It took a couple tries to get the handlebar as high as I needed it to go (I even think that it would feel better if I pushed it up one more knotch for next week) but my position was a lot more comfortable this time around and I also learned that a little bit of a slight hip tilt forward also helped.  I think it was still due to the higher handlebars though.  If the bars were too low as they were last week, it caused a bit of a back arch while leaning over, hence the unwanted contact.

After a little bit of a delay (I got to the gym parking lot before I realized that I had forgotten my gym bag at home and had to go back for it O.M.G!), I was in class and a bit sad that I didn't have that extra time cushion to customize my bike before the class started, but ah well, I still didn't poon out when I had the chance to get straight into bed instead of grabbing my gym back and hauling ass back to the gym!

My goal this week (besides saving my ass - literally!) was to notch some more miles on my belt and to give 'er a little bit more than I did last week!  I guess both goals were easier this week since I didn't have to constantly stop pedaling to smack the feeling back into my butt cheeks (or to silently cry the time away) and knowing that I ate an indecent amount of spring rolls that I DESERVED to turn that resistance knob up!

Just because I know I deserved it doesn't mean I loved it:

But thank goodness, Courtney got me through once again and I've now got a second (more successful) spin class to my name!  Things can only go UP from here because I'm aiming higher!  I want MORE miles!  I want MORE calories and I want MORE resistance!  I don't want to walk away from these classes thinking I got nothing out of it, because in a class like this, there's just no such thing!  If you feel like you got nothing out of this class, chances are you didn't give ENOUGH!  And that's on you, my friend!  You can only get out what you put in and if you put in half-assed-ness, well got yourself a half-assed workout! #truestory  Next time, I want to barely be able to walk out because I OWNED that ride (and not because my bike chair kicked my butt!).  I notice that I'm still too quick to reach for that resistance knob to turn it the other way.  Gotta keep working on that!

So that's that!  I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for not just throwing in the towel after my less than favorable experience last week!  And check it out: I went more than 2.5 miles farther than I did last week!  I think it was the towel.  Last week, I didn't think I would need one and everyone had one, so this week I made sure to bring one and it totally made me look like a legit spinner.

This week, I also switched my HRM from my Nike+ monitor to my Polar bluetooth one and worked out based a lot on my heart rate.  I love that my HRM chart totally illustrates the "route" that Courtney had us take - including the hills and mountains she had us like and the speed bursts!

The ups and downs caused my seat to fall off a little before halfway into the ride and I realized that it didn't seem to matter so much (two thumbs up for preparedness!) but I'll continue to bring it anyway because I'm a real biker now and also I paid $20 for it. 

Confession: I totally caught myself in uber concentration mode during speed bursts and resistance upping.  Meh, whatever works!

So for those of you who are working up to your first spin class, just know that it may not feel like a ride in the park - or on a fluffy cloud for that matter - and that "oh, it's just biking" is totally NOT the right mindset to start the class with if you don't want to get your butt kicked and that a little extra time before the class start is MONEY if you want to ensure the most comfortable ride possible.  Also the best advice to note: this is YOUR ride.  Nobody is looking at you and nobody is watching or judging you - hell, everyone has their OWN mountains to climb, so you just do you.  Don't be afraid to make it the best ride for yourself that you can.  If you're uncomfortable, try to adjust your bike in ways that will make you more so.  If you're too comfortable, well then, what the heck are you there for? To coast?  Turn that resistance knob, man!  As Courtney says: Get comfortable being UNcomfortable, my friends!  It's the only way to get better! (

Next up for me?  I clearly need some more spinning/cycling gear.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Setting my sights on DISNEY!

Apparently from just being satisfied with being able to run 5k straight, I've gotten a bit more lofty in my goals because the other day, I went a little bit crazy and messaged Tara with our new long-term goal/plan.

SOURCE: RunDisney on Facebook

We had heard about this last year before we had started really getting back into running and we thought it was a cool thing, but neither of us were really interested in running more than 5k (we weren't really even interested in running 5k) so it was just a nice passing thought before moving on.

The other day, I got an E-Mail reminder about registering for the Disney Marathon Weekend and it kind of ignited the spark of interest again after clicking on the link.  Now that we've got 10k under our belts, it seems just that tiny bit more feasible that we could run/walk a half marathon. 

Looking through the site and seeing how everything has already sold out and watching the videos and I'm a total goner.  In fact, I was sitting there feeling pretty sad that we couldn't go this 2014 since less than a month before the weekend, I'm to be giving birth or something.  So what can we do but set our sights on 2015.  At the end of the day, this will actually give us time to train and to really keep me in line before and after our little miss comes along. 

So here it is in my head so of course I can't let it go.  And in order to really solidify a goal you've set, I'm a firm believer in putting it out there.  You can set as many goals as you like in secret, but if you REALLY want to ensure that you meet that goal, you have to put it out there.  So here it is!


Weeee!  That's exciting to even just type out! ...but it's also not me if I didn't go overboard, right?  So what we're actually going to sign up for is the Glass Slipper challenge.  Which is running the Enchanted 10K on Saturday and then the half on Sunday.  He he he!

Do I even need to tell you why?

SOURCE: RunDisney on Facebook
'Cuz we get THEEEEEESE!!!  And not just that!  If you do the Glass Slipper Challenge, you get the individual medals for each race and then you get ANOTHER medal to signify that you did both the races in one weekend!  Uuuuum, we're already down there, we might as well go big or go home, right?!

Plus, after looking at the race pictures and watching the videos, how can you NOT want to be a part of it all?  I mean, it's frickin' MAGICAL!

SOURCE: RunDisney on Facebook

SOURCE: RunDisney on Facebook

So, if you're gonna do a long run, you should DO an AWESOME one!  And I don't know how you can get any more awesome than THAT!

Okay, and it's me typing this, so let's be honest, I totally WANT to dress up and wear a tiara to do this run and I want to take an indecent buttload amount of pictures and I want those medals and all the SWAG that goes along with it!

Throughout the course of the run through the Disney parks (Magic Kingdom and Epcot), there will be Disney characters that you can stop and pose and take pictures with (SOLD!), there's actually being able to run through the parks and the CASTLE! and there's the expo and the race retreat after and more Disney characters, it just sounds like an awesome weekend to do something pretty darn cool!
Also, if everything goes according to plan and if the run is still sometime in February, it will also be shortly after our little miss' first birthday so we were thinking of just making an entire vacation out of it.  Go for a run weekend and stay for the rest of the week and celebrate that my (not here yet) little girl is ONE (and that I managed to make it through more than a year of growing and keeping a whole entire other human being relatively okay!)  If that's not a cause to celebrate, well then I don't know WHAT is.
Since the upcoming 2014 run hasn't actually come and gone yet, I don't know when the 2015 weekend will be so I'm kind of up in the air about that, but at least it gives us a lot of time to plan and prepare as best we can because despite how lovely and magical and lovely I'm imagining this whole weekend/vacation to be, it also goes without saying that it's going to be frickin' expensive!  But that's where us turning it into a whole family vacation falls!  We're not spending an insane amount of money to just run around a theme park, we're going to do that AND have a family vacation!  To celebrate a bunch of things no less!
Depending on how much things change, the 2014 Glass Slipper challenge registration was $270.00 provided that registration happened before the first cut-off date, plus $15 if Tara and I want to register as a team.  Then for family members to watch, they can join the ChEAR squad (oh, I just got that now!) and depending on how much money family wants to put out, they'll get access to different spectator areas $65 - $120/person and then there's the Race Retreat after for family AND the runners $120/person.  
Of course we don't really have to have anyone on the ChEAR squad or we don't actually have to have anyone at the Race Retreat (or go ourselves for that matter) but it's that whole experience thing.  I'll be running a HALF MARATHON for crying out loud.  I want the whole shebang!!!  I want a bajillion pictures of us running and posing with characters!  I want the whole party after to celebrate!  I want to live each second of it UP!  (That is, I'm assuming I actually FINISH the race as there are pace requirements LOL).
So just the running portion of that is already quite the drop in pennies, then we'll also have to plan for the flights, accommodations, park tickets, car rentals, gas money, food, and all the million other things that Disney will get us to want to buy, etc. and so forth blah blah blah.  
But hey.  There it all is.  I've already told Bart that we're as good as going so he said now all that's left is to plan and save and make it happen!
I'm already so excited I can barely stand it!  I may have also promised that as soon as I cross the finish line, we can perhaps think about bringing home an extra souvenir from my belly!  If I'm goal setting, well, I might as well be GOAL setting!!!
Here's to setting our sights high and aiming for MAAAAGIC!
P.S. Judging from my lunchtime 5K performance's a good thing we have a LOT of advance notice.  This girl needs to keep training *LOL*

Monday, September 16, 2013

You spin me right 'round, baby...

Honestly?  I have no words.
The class was yesterday and I can barely form a coherent thought beyond the fact that I've never been more aware of my butt than I have been for the last twenty-four hours.
This can be taken many different ways out of context, so I guess I should elaborate.
My friend Courtney ( has been on this amazing journey on finding a healthier, active life and ensuring that she's passing along to her kids the value of being active by having fun while doing so (it's pretty darn amazing actually, let her blog do the talking and you'll see!).  She recently got a new gig as a spinning instructor after falling in love with it and yesterday was her first ever official class.  So of COURSE I wanted to be there!
I've been meaning to try a spinning class for a while now.  Actually, going back years and years when I first had a membership at LA Fitness (thinking back to my first high school boyfriend which means quite some time ago) and in order to take a spinning class, you had to come up to the desk to get a pass because there were only so many passes available.  I think the first thing you can do to guarantee that something is popular is to limit it and tell people that they may not get in and that you have to have something special in order to get in.  I don't care if it's to a port-a-potty, but those key words right there always means that people WANT. IN.  
I never actually worked up enough nerve to get a pass (or to really want one that bad) but it was always in the back of my head.  Then I quit the gym and signed up and donated to a couple more and then kind of forgot about it.
Now, let's fast forward to a few years later (okay, that's not really what I was going to say, but Alanis Morrisette took over and that's what came out of my head).........and now I have that song in my head (Hands Clean btw, I had to Google it) . But actually, going along with that, fast forward to quite a few years later and here's Courtney jazzed about spinning.  Either I'm an excellent enablee or Court's just the best kind of enabler, because she's so excited about it that I really want to know what it's all about - like, beyond mere curiosity.  Once she announced that she got the spinning instructor job, I told her I was ALL. IN.
In retrospect, I wish I was the kind of friend who could be supportive using words.  WORDS mean that I don't whimper at the thought of having to sit down.  But I'm jumping ahead...
So here we go...
All smiles before the start of class. 
I am SUCH an ignoramus.
I get there early because I still have that residual "only special people can get bikes" mindset that LA Fitness instilled upon me from a young age.  But in reality, I just want to get there early so I can pick out my bike closest to the door or a garbage can or both.  Whichevs, I just didn't want to have to vomit into my cupped hands and have to stand there awkwardly wondering where I was going to dump it.  A garbage can or an exit were pretty much my backup plans.  I was armed with my Nike+ SportWatch as I remember reading that it could be used for cycling too and I had two bottles of water spiked with a Gu Brew hydrating tablet.  
Before I left, I briefly considered grabbing a towel because I had always seen the hardcore spinners with towels, but then I was like, let's face it, I'm not really going to go that hard that I'm going to need one (famous last words?)
So here I am, I've got my bike all picked out, it's right by a water fountain, garbage can, paper towel dispenser and the door.  Basically, it's your run of the mill sweet spot in a group class setting.  I'm also half an hour early which is cool because I get to hang with Courtney and she gets to help me adjust the bike because I have no idea what the heck anything does.
All set and ready to riiiiide!
Or Cruise as Florida-Georgia Line and Nelly are suggesting I do.
So I'm all nice and set up, stamped and certified ready to go by the instructor herself and I get on and try that baby out.  In my head I'm thinking "Psssh.  This is going to be so easy peasy!" and in actuality, I'm eyeing Courtney's cycling shoes because clearly I need a pair to look like a legit spinner.  But in the meantime, my Skora's will have to do.  Still quite a bit of time to go and I'm pedaling and moving forward and backwards back on the seat trying to find my "groove" let's say.
The class finally starts and there's a good number of people that has shown up for a Sunday at 4 pm and looking out the huge window I can see that it's started kind of raining out and I'm thinking it's a good afternoon to go for a spin.  Let's get this thing going!  Courtney introduces herself and then she says something along the lines of "it's going to feel like we're biking up a mountain." and I'm looking out the window and my head/neck does this super quick 180 version of the Exorcist and I'm like, "what was that now?  Did she just say a friggin' MOUNTAIN?!"
Yeah, she frickin' said mountain and I'm already tired and we're just warming up.  I look down at the knob in front of me and I give it an experimental turn to the left.  He. he. he. That feels much better.  I'm spinning on a cloud right now.  I figured it's my first class, I'm just going to wade in nice and easy. butt kind of hurts.  I've moved forward and backward and I've leaned further forward and rested my elbows on the handles and then sat back with my hands on my hips and I can't seem to find just the right way to sit on this stupid bike.  It kind of hurts.  But no matter, apparently, I'm supposed to dial that knobby thing up to what feels like a seven effort and we're supposed to begin our ascent up this flipping mountain.  

CONFESSION: I whimpered OUT LOUD a total of two times in this class.  Once was when it was time to dig deep and turn that knob thingy and get up that mountain and the other time was when Courtney said we could sit back down on our seats.
Before the class started, a latecomer ended up coming in and taking the ONE and only bike that was behind me.  I was kind of pissed because I didn't really want him having a front row seat of my first spin class.  But about 12 minutes after the class started, I was glad he was there.  At least someone would be able to pick up up and untangle my feet from the bike after I had passed out.  It's all about safety, people.
CONFESSION: I totally caught Courtney's eye 12 minutes into her class and pointed at my watch and mouthed, "How long is this? An HOUR?!?!?!"
I guess I should be a little bit happy that I didn't end up trying to coast through class on my little cloud.  I was able to try and push myself a little bit and got a good workout in.
CONFESSION: Okay, that wasn't really my original plan.  When Courtney first said it was time to turn that resistance knob to get it to where we're feeling REALLY uncomfortable, to the point where we had to get up and pedal to get ourselves up that hill, I thought I would be sneaky and turn the knob the OTHER way so that it would be easier and I would look super awesome pedaling like a superstar fiend up that hill.  YEAH. NO. I don't know if it's because my little legs are so short or if it was because it was so easy with zero resistance, the second I tried to power up that hill, my foot totally came down hard in the pedal and I pretty much slammed my girly bits into that bike seat.  I am 100% sure I went cross-eyed trying not to cry out loud.  Yeah, twist twist twist that resistance.  When it was time to stand up and pedal, I turned that baby so I could barely even turn the pedals.  It would hold me up and away from that stupid, evil seat.
Oh yeah, DISCLAIMER: I mention my girly bits in this entry.
Near the end of the ride, I'm out of breath and I'm sweating and I have to pee and I want to get a paper towel to wipe the sweat out of my eyes, but there's no way I was getting off that bike.  I was too scared to even stop pedaling.  Earlier on, I realized that my SportWatch would not work in an indoor spinning setting and that little screen in front of me was the ONLY thing I had to show for my efforts.  The one time my resistance was too hard that I couldn't pedal, the screen kind of flashed blank at me and I almost died thinking I had lost all my data from the class.  There was NO way that was happening and I was leaving this class with nothing to show but a sore ass and a bra full of pooled sweat.  Hey, whatever, man, you gotta find your motivation where you can!  And numbers and data are mine.

So here I am at the end of my first ride and I'm trying really hard to ignore that my butt bones are weeping at the thought of having to sit in the bicycle seat for another second more when I'm distracted by the fact that the girl in front of me gets off her bike to get a paper towel and her bike is telling her she went over 22 miles! Say whaaaat?!  She went THAT MUCH farther than me!?  I KNEW I should have started pedaling as soon as I had come in!  I had a half hour on everyone!  22 miles! Then I had to let it go because we were supposed to be keeping our RPMs between 70 - 80 or something and clearly, you can see that I was pretty much donezo for the day.
But I made it through my first class and I'm pretty sure I made it through the worst kind of exercise pain I have ever experienced.  Ever.  It was all I could do not to limp, horse-back walk my way out of that class room.
I thought I was saved by the end of class?  So, SO wrong.

Today, I whimpered every time it was time to sit down somewhere.  I'm also pretty sure I lost 10 minutes of my lunch just from slowly trying to get in and out of a car without too much pain on my butt.  I wondered if I needed one of those blow up butt rings that people sit on.  I haven't ruled it out yet.  However, I AM convinced without a shadow of a doubt that bikes or bike seats were made/created by the devil.  I don't even think I'd wish a bicycle seat on my worst enemy.  It's just so wrong.
BUT! (Or should I say BUTT! He. He. He. Whatever, you try being funny when you want to cry real tears because of your butt) besides my dramatic antics and the misery that is currently my derriere right now.  I really liked the cycling class.  It REALLY puts a lot of onus on you to decide what kind of workout you get and it's all about you and your bike.  Nobody else.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I even heard Courtney say that.  To just close our eyes and just ride.  Do whatever it is we needed to do to get that last push in.  To be able to see if we had it in ourselves to turn that knob one more time (which of course I didn't, unless she meant to lower the resistance, but I doubt that's what she meant).  And it's cool.  You can only walk out of there feeling whatever it was that you put into it and that's my kind of workout.
Walk out of there feeling like you didn't get anything out of it?  Chances are you didn't push yourself.  Walk out of there feeling like you just went head to head against a frickin' mountain and won?  Chances are you went all out and you've got pride and endorphins to coast through the rest of the day.  Walk out of there feeling like you want to no longer have anything to do with your butt?  Chances are it was your first spinning class, so simmer down.  But whatevs!  Spinning puts the fate of your own fitness in your hands and I like the honesty in that.
For the longest time, I bought into SO many different fads and gimmicks because it promised me that I would get the body I always wanted for the least amount of work (or none at all!) and they seem to succeed because people totally buy into that.  Because somewhere along the way, the idea took that you don't have to do anything to get things out of life.  And I've slowly been learning that if you really want something, you gotta work for it.  
I have promised to come back next Sunday for round two (hopefully the rest of my body parts are also as willing and able as my mouth is to promise such things) and now I'm not only going to show support for a friend, but also to get what I can out of that class. 
I also liked it that there wasn't a lot of stress or trauma to any joints.  My and the little miss seemed to do okay minus the bouncing around I did at the beginning when I was trying to cheat my way out of resistance.  
I'm hoping that tomorrow feels a lot better than it did today and that I can sit in my chair for an extended period of time without a funny, desperate, miserable look on my face.  It's good to have goals!

Friday, September 13, 2013

What it's all about...

Fridays by default are usually always pretty awesome, but today kind of took the cake for me because it was a whole bunch of little awesomes put together to make a nice, day-long full of awesome.  That's a whole lot of awesome in one sentence.

Thursday brought about an excellent mail day in which mine and Tara's Happy10K medals came in.  And you know what that means...medal ceremony time!  I mean...isn't that why people sign up for the these kinds of things and put their bodies through unspeakable misery?  So they can get a medal that totally shoves it in everyone else's face!?

We got into work and I dragged the step stool over to our designated awarding area.  I got too excited to get the ceremony started that I didn't have time to put the music on - I believe the last time we had a ceremony "We are the Champions" was playing.  Yes, we are THOSE kinds of jerks about our achievements.  #notgonnalie

I got up first - they would only let me up on the first rung - but it was high enough for me anyway.  I said a little impromptu speech where I believe I may have thanked everyone in the office for coming out to attend the ceremony (never mind that we made them all come) and then I reminded them that the ceremony was to celebrate Tara and I running 10K and to remind everyone else that they didn't.

CONFESSION: I never really said I was all that humble...

Next up was Tara who insisted on going up to the top rung and she didn't need a speech so I medal-ed here and she proceeded in jumping off the top rung for our jumping picture.  Then followed more jumping pictures...quite a few actually. 

CONFESSION: You can believe I wore that medal the whole day!  I considered putting on all my other medals, but then just went with the Happy 10K one since it does say 10K on it.  I didn't want anyone to forget...

After the medal ceremony, Tara handed me my next Friday Awesomeness.  Last night she made macaroni and cheese casserole and she promised to bring me some and I totally ate it for breakfast because the baby totally insisted.  (Normally, I'd have a picture of the magic that was the mac and cheese casserole, but I ate it so fast I forgot to even take a picture of it.)

Next Friday Awesomeness was our usual "Breakfast Friday" in which we take a break from "running" (at least whatever it is that I'm doing these days) and have breakfast for lunch.  I proceeded to tell myself I earned it because of the medal around my neck and ordered a pancake on the side of my breakfast.  I didn't need to worry about the afternoon's food coma, because let's face it, it's Friday after all. 

Except that when I got back to work, that's not really how it turned out.

Since Teresa left for a one-year stint over at a different department a couple of months ago, we hired her replacement who started the last week of July part-time and then full-time first week of August.  Very shortly after that, I went ahead and announced that I was baking the ultimate bun in my oven and it was kind of a toss-up of what was going to happen to the office since in less than five months, I'd be leaving and the only other person left would be someone whose only been around for about the same amount of time.  (What can I say, I have excellent timing?)

To help out, we decided to hire my replacement immediately instead of a few weeks before I leave so that I can have the most time to train two newbies.  With that said, my replacement has been here for about a week now and it was about time I gave up my desk so she can actually sit in my "station" and be able to use all the equipment that she'll need to actually do the job.  Seeing that it was Friday afternoon, I figured no time like the present to move stations around so that by Monday morning, she'll be all set to go.

Unfortunately, the first step in doing that?  Vacating out of my spot *pouts*

CONFESSION: I was kind of envisioning my desk remaining untouched as kind of like a one-year shrine to me so that when I came back, everything was as I left it. (Also, as a reminder to anyone left behind that I will be coming back and not to dare mess up anything that I've left them with...but apparently, that's a controlling kind of attitude to take.  So I've been told.)

I've never really made it a secret that I considered myself a lifer at my job.  I don't really have super high ambitions or aspirations and I'm not much of a corporate ladder climber.  I like my job and I like to think that I'm pretty darn good at it.  So it wasn't really all that surprising to me when I realized that cleaning out my desk would take a liiiiittle bit longer than I had anticipated.  Let's just say that if zombiepocalypse began that day, I'd be all set to wait out the next civilization.  Apparently, I'm a work-hoarder of epic proportions.  There was no event that I wasn't really prepared for.

Among some of the things that you can't play "Where's Waldo" with in the picture, I found four Starbucks tumblers (I had a Starbucks phase where I liked to walk around with a Starbucks tumbler and my BlackBerry and act superior to other people.  I still do that, I just don't require the Starbucks prop anymore), four pairs of shoes, a resistance band set when I had this moment where I wanted to be able to workout and stay fit anywhere, a can of root beer, two cans of Chunky stew, two boxes of crackers, one box of breadsticks, a bag of chocolate granola, two cartons of almond milk, a collection of dishes and spoons (can't say they were clean *wince*), a bottle each of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, two boxes of feminine hygiene products, two bottles of body spray, two sticks of deodorant, floss, toothbrush and toothpaste, an alarming collection of jewelry that I didn't even remember I owned, a bunch of Christmas ornaments that co-workers had given me, a sewing kit, a manicure kit, and a crap ton of mini chocolate bars (some full-sized ones as well), and packets of ketchup, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, pepper, mustard and the occasional horsey sauce from Arbys.  And those are pretty much the things that you can't see in the picture.

Whatever, zombiepocalypse would have seen me outlasting zombies and emerging from work not starving with really good oral hygiene and smelling lovely while still being quite toned.  In heels, no less!

Anywho, getting myself all packed up and sorted (of things that I needed to take home - which I know for a fact that Bart will NOT appreciate) and things that could stay until I come back, took quite a bit of time so we didn't actually have any time to train for the rest of the afternoon.  Meh, Monday seems like an excellent time to start up again.

She got herself all moved in and proceeded to move everything around that I had left for her.

*Eye twitch*

She like...moved everything.  And re-arranged things. *eye twitch eye twitch eye twitch*

Watching her do it, I had to make sure I covered all my bases.  I reinforced the fact that I have EVERY intention of coming back and should things change where Teresa doesn't come back and she ends up with a full-time position, she best understand that come December 2014, she'll be clearing out this very desk and putting EVERYTHING back where it used to be so that when I come back in January 2015, MY desk is as I left it.  Because it will go back to being MY desk.

Apparently, I have issues.  But you know, can't say that I left things unclear and that there will be any misunderstandings!  Besides those couple of things, I'm sure I'm quite delightful to work with! *LOL*

And that brings about my Friday of Awesomness!  Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lord of the Track (...not)

This week has been off...clearly, as my last post would show *LOL*

Minus the emotional breakdown, active-wise, things have just been feeling weird.  On Tuesday, Mother Nature forgot that school started and the fact that it felt like fall in July and the temperature shot up to over 30 degrees celsius.  So with the heat, we decided to go to the indoor track and run as Tara didn't feel like scraping a pregnant Asian off the sidewalk and carrying her the rest of the way back to work.

Top washroom picture was before I knew what an epic fail the run was going to be so I was all smiles and peace signs.

I was running behind (actually working LOL) and didn't have time to change before it was time to head out, so we were running late and Tara was harassing me to get going.  I didn't have my hydration belt ready and Tara told me that OBVIOUSLY there would be a drinking fountain at the track so off we went.  We got there and looky-look, I can't see a fountain anywhere!  I had tossed a Gu Brew tablet in one of my bottles to dissolve in the little bit of water that was there, since I planned to fill up the bottle when we got there, but with no fountain in sight, we just got started.

P.S. I took a chance and tried to take a sip of the leftover water that was in my bottle (the one with the Gu Brew tablet). Don't ever do that.  I thought I was going to spit it out all over the track and it was all I could do just to bring myself to swallow it.  

Blaaaaaaah.  My shins/calves were on FIRE.  I felt sluggish and lagging and even though I never, ever felt like I needed water before, because I knew I didn't have any, I felt THIIIIIIIIIRSTYYYYYY.

(I don' think he actually says that in the movie, but that's how it sounded like in my head)

Fast forward to today and we're back at the rec centre again - this time it's raining - and I'm expecting great things to happen because I started hydrating this morning and had a good breakfast.  I was nice and prepared and had my hydration belt filled and everything!  We get on out there and boom. WALL.  That is my calves.  First lap around the track and everything is feeling tight and hurty.  Set my mind to at least make it 1 km before I stop for a walking break, but walking actually made me whimper out loud.  HURTY!!!

Excuse my Smeagol fascination today.  He's totally stuck in my head and that's the voice my thoughts are taking.  It's funny and Bart is getting irritated because I keep shouting stuff out loud. HUUUUUURRRRTYYYY!!!

It felt sucktastic, yo.  I ended up doing a combination run/walk where I "ran" the track twice and then walked once.  That little squiggle dip at 2.5 km was when I thought I would get creative and I tried to do a walk/skip where it would be faster than walking, but skipping so that it wouldn't make me as tired or hurt my legs as much.  Then I realized I looked stupid, so I stopped.

I had a thought while I was going along.  The rec centre track has labelled lanes where one lane is labelled JOG and the other RUN.  What is the difference between jog and walk?  And when does a jog turn into a run?  Is there like, a universally known speed where your jog is no longer considered jogging and is now in fact a run?

Is this the time where you figure out that I don't run with music?

I tried to keep powering through because my mom's birthday was yesterday and everyone knows that you can eat whatever you want when you're at a birthday!


Yeeeah, so that powering through thought didn't really last that long and I finally just kind of called it quits to use the rest of the time that I had left to STRETCH.

I don't know why I always skip it or neglect it since when I DO stretch, it feels so GOOD!  Minus the part where it was really hard to get up after I was down. 
Was feeling really down because of my lackluster performance but my frown got turned upside down because it was a fun snack day!  

I found this Artisana packet that I had randomly picked up the last time I was Virginia and forgot about.  I tried it out with my apple slices and it was really good!  I was a little bit leery about it because it's coconut and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about coconut, but I shouldn't have doubted the chocolate part!
Going to stretch out some more and enjoy breakfast Friday tomorrow!  Hopefully next week, things will look better.  That or I think I'm getting to the point in pregnancy that I should probably start tracking my time/distance and perhaps just track my heartrate and activity.  
One more picture and then I've gotta skidaddle!  In baby news, the other day, we went to dinner at my sister-in-law's place and my nephews were home which was nice because I haven't seen them in quite a while.
It's freaking me out a bit though, because if our little miss takes after Bart's side of the family....she's pretty much going to be as tall as me from the moment of birth. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting a grip...

I've found myself in this weird dynamic where I forget that although this blog is public and I love it when I get visitors and readers and people who comment with feedback and "I hear ya's", I also forget that it's mine and that I can write whatever I want.  So much so that lately, I'll find myself thinking about posting or wanting to write about something and then catch my "other" self saying "naaah, nobody wants to read about that."  Or I think it's not interesting or entertaining or helpful enough and then I end up not posting anything for days on end.

Today I'm going to try and overcome that because I'm hoping that one day I'll read back on it and it'll help me understand me or at least remind me of things when everything is moving at lightning speed and I just need a moment or two to collect myself.

Because today was kind of whack.

It was one of those days that felt bad enough that there was just no pulling back from it.  Or, hopefully to better describe it, one of those days where no inspirational words or posters was going to help and in fact, hearing it or even telling it to myself pissed me off even more.  It's like sometimes, I know the inspirational things are supposed to help put things in perspective but it also feels like you're no longer entitled to having feelings.  I have this complex now where I feel like I am no longer entitled to feeling sad or upset about something happening because I have to remember that somewhere other there, someone else is experiencing chemical warfare and aren't I such a selfish bitch for even daring to feel bad about something not going right in my life.  Or is that just me?  Chances are, in the mindset I'm in, I'm over thinking things.

Example: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt (but let's be honest, I never heard of it until the Princess Diaries movie).  I'm sorry, but sometimes, with my consent or not, I've felt it and it doesn't make me feel all sunshiny wonderful when besides feeling that way, I am now being blamed for it.  And I feel like the closer I'm getting to motherhood and learning how to be a parent and comparing and feeling like I'm being measured against other parents, I don't think my telling myself that quote is really going to make me NOT feel it.

I know I'm rambling and ranting and raving...

Today just wasn't a fun today and perhaps it really is mostly my fault for not preparing better, not planning better, for putting too much on my plate or whatever the reason.  But I guess it got to the point where I got home, sat down for a few seconds and Bart walked in the door and reminded me that we were supposed to be somewhere and that we were already running late.  After getting home from work late because I was trying to take care of things at work and then driving home thinking of all the things there left to do at work, or at home, or things that I should be doing, or things that I haven't done, etc., etc., etc., it was just the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.  I kind of lost it to the point where Bart gets out of the bathroom and finds his wife sobbing uncontrollably and inconsolably on the couch with one of her legs halfway back in the pant leg of the pants she had just taken off a few minutes ago (you mean you don't immediately take off your pants when you get home?  Yeah, me neither...)

This was the time when I used one of those inspirational, pick-me-up quotes to pull myself together and we managed to finally get out the door (with my pants on) and get headed to where we were headed.  But I guess I can't just push whatever emotional (hormonal?) thing that was happening to me away, because as we got nearer to where we were supposed to be, I found myself losing it again so that Bart had to pull over into a parking lot and just give me a minute.

And somewhere during this heartbreaking sobbing of mine, I'm having a conversation with myself where I KNOW this reaction is completely unnecessary.  I HATE when other people get like this because it solves NOTHING.  The only thing to do is just get through it.  Pick up and go.  I was pep talking, berating, scolding, encouraging, inspiring myself to just stop whatever this is and just do what it is I always do.  Just keep going.  Focus on getting through because this crying business wasn't really helping matters either.  And even though this kind of self-talk usually works for me, for some reason this time around, it was probably the oil that was continuing to ignite my hysterics.  Because the sad, overwhelmed, stressed out me is now sad that I can't even take a minute to feel sad, overwhelmed and stressed.


I feel like I'm going around in circles and not really getting anywhere.

But I wanted to write about it.  To acknowledge that it happened and that I felt sad.  For no reason, or for no good reason, and it may or may not have been my fault, partially or otherwise, but I felt it.

It's kind of scary though.  Seems like a sneak preview into what post-partum feelings might feel like.  When you know you just want to cry and you can't really figure out why or how to stop it.  It's like I was trapped within myself and had no control or choice except to ride it through.  Does that seem a bit dramatic?

Later on, we were at my sister-in-law's and she had a big dinner prepared for us and I felt perfectly fine after, so now I'm wondering if I wasn't just really hungry (or shall I say HANGRY) and needed to eat.  Which kind of explains it considering that I was so busy at work I forgot to drink ANY water or eat any of my snacks and only had a bowl of cereal for lunch (raisin bran which is my current favourite - the one with two scoops of raisins). 

Anywho, so yeah...that happened.

On the bright side, I ran 4km at lunch and then had chicken wings for dinner and my Happy10K medal came.  :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Insane in the Membrane

Listen, y'all. Something has happened. I don't even know who I am anymore.

I have been abducted by aliens of some sort and my body is being used for all kinds of heinous shenanigans.

Like cleaning.

Today, after a full day's worth of work, I got home and we took Chewy-bear out for a nice long walk because little man totally deserved it after just being let out in the backyard on the weekend, and then we got home and while Bart cooked dinner, I hauled FOUR bins of baking crap that had been piling in the spare room (soon to be Miss Mini Bolton's room!) and brought them downstairs to be put away in the downstairs kitchen cabinets.  And then after that, I cleaned the entire kitchen.  I washed all our dinner dishes and wiped down the counters and the stovetop and put away everything that was in the dishwasher.  And then after that, I took up the clean laundry that was in the dryer and I put the clothes away.  Like, not just shoved them in drawers.  I folded them.

This may sound like a regular, daily evening activity to most of you clean, normal people, but I've pretty much been the epitome of slob.  Jillian Jiggs has NOTHING on me, my friends.  I could let the laundry pile up until I have zero underpants, and when normal people would just go ahead and wash theirs, I would just go out and buy more.

So this whole Suzy homemaker act...well, I'm not really sure what to make of it.  And it's not like Bart even bribed me with a trip to Red Lobster (yes, that's pretty much all it takes to force me to do something, I feel no shame in admitting this).  I wanted to do it.  It might have even - dare I say it - given me satisfaction.  *shudders*

This is what it must feel like to be one of Stephenie Myer's characters on The Host.  I have been body snatched.  And I'm helpless and powerless to stop it.  It must be stopped.  It's setting a precedence.  I'm shooting Bart dirty looks because he's totally not even hiding the fact that he hopes that there isn't another switch.  He'd rather keep this cleaning weirdo who looks like his wife *LOL*

What makes all this even more outlandish to me is that in between this little bout of cleaning spree that has taken over me, I was STILL antsy and wanted to keep moving so I got it in my head that I should try an Insanity workout.  Right. Now.  At 22 weeks pregnant (don't tell my mom! LOL)

UPDATE: Throwing it back to my last progress pic update about a month before I found out I was preggo!

Perhaps I'm making it sound more awesome and amazing than it actually is - it's not like the cleaning body snatcher.  That's legit crazy.  What this was really was that I managed to get myself moving a bit.

One of the main reasons why I thought it might be a good idea to get moving is that I've officially moved into the 'no sleeping on stomach zone'.  Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was still managing a half side, half stomach sleeping pose that was more or less comfortable.  Now that I'm pretty much stuck on my side, I've been noticing that my hips have been feeling really tight and stiff.  I've also noticed that I don't have this uncomfortable feeling after and a couple days after I run.  I haven't gone for a run since early last week and I believe it was only once, so I was definitely noticing that I was feeling uncomfortable.

I left all my running gear at work since we've got a run planned for lunch tomorrow, so I thought I would try something else and my eyes honed in on my very sadly neglected Insanity set.

I figured I would just put it on and do the best I could and just change or modify anything I couldn't do.

Yeeeeah, still didn't stop it from being super hard.  As in WTF am I thinking doing this!?  I briefly considered turning it off after the warmup and just telling myself that the warmup was enough.  I got moving and that was fine and dandy.  I earned a Skinny Cow sandwich!

But it's not Insanity if Shaun T isn't pushing his face onto the camera and staring you down and telling you that you can do it.  And to MOVE.  So on I went.

I took water breaks after every interval and for each set, I either modified it, moved at half the speed or both.

Surprisingly, I was able to get through quite a lot of the warmup just as it was.  I just maintained my speed as opposed to the increased speed with each warm up set.   With the jumping jacks and high knees, I did them as is, but moved at quite the slower speed then the rest of the Shauntourage and I was fine with that.  I was still huffing and puffing and I knew that I was getting the heart rate up.

Suicides: This I knew for sure I wasn't going to attempt in it's entirety just from having to run from side to side and touch the ground, I figured it might strain too much, so instead I started off just as a suicide looks, but instead of going all the way down to smack the ground, I braced my hand on my knee and went halfway down.  Because I wasn't going all the way down, I tried to focus on quicker steps in between to get my heart rate up.
Power Squats: Jumping around at any kind of height isn't the most pleasant feeling, so instead I just modified it to a basic squat and tried to focus more on getting the squat form-perfect as opposed to just half-heartedly moving up and down.  Plus, I've seen the pictures, preggos can still squat.
Ski Jumps: I pretty much did this exactly as instructed, except that I kept my hops a lot smaller and my traveling quite more compact.  Whereas a lot of the crew managed to hop around from side to side at quite a distance, I just kept things nice and tight with small hops and movement, but again concentrated on getting the form and technique right so that I was putting a lot more emphasis on keeping my knees and thighs close together and getting low on the squat.  My butt is totally feeling it as I type, actually.

I'd like to point out that that is SWEAT dripping down my nose. 
Gotta say, it's been a really long time, but I've missed getting that sweaty during a workout!

Basketball Drills: Just like the suicides, I didn't "scoop" the "ball" right from the floor, but instead started halfway and again kept my hopping to a minimum.
Level 1 Drills: This I modified quite a bit.  My moves here I'm pretty sure was a 2 to 1 ratio, where I would complete a full set in the time it took them to do two and instead of hopping up after each set, I pretty much stayed on my knees.  I got down, push-ups from my knees and then did the floor run and then got back on my knees and then straightened up (instead of jumping my feet back in and hopping up to a standing position).
Ski Abs: I definitely couldn't hop around on my hands while springing my legs in from side to side, so instead, I remained in an all fours down position and brought one knee in to do alternating side crunches.
In and out:  Same thing with hopping in and out while bringing my knees in and back out, the belly just wasn't having it, so instead, from the all fours position, I did a variation of a plank where I brought out one foot then the other to be in a complete plank position and then bringing one foot in and then the other to end back on all fours again.  I wish I had some examples to show, but Bart was working on tearing up some floors in the basement so apparently he was too busy to take pictures of me working out *LOL*

The stretching I've got to say was my FAVOURITE parts.  Since I stopped doing Insanity, I've been pretty lazy with stretching of any kind (as in none at all).  It's just so easy to plop down and not do anything at all after a run, so it's been quite a long time and it felt gooood

All smiles now that it's all over!!!  (Excuse the unmade bed - Suzy homemaker/body snatch) only happened later on this evening when I got home from work.  Plus, I'm still against bedmaking.  I'm gonna get back in it anyway!

And that's my first foray into pregnant Insanity.  I didn't have my heart rate monitor and I'm not really keeping track of calories burned so besides wishing I knew what my heart rate was at at some points, I'm happy with how it went and what I did.  I didn't do everything as quick as I was perhaps "supposed" to do, but I did as many of the moves as I could the best way I could in the time given to me and I think that's what really matters.

Hopefully, this extra bit of energy that I had today will spill over into tomorrow or in the next few weeks and months to come so that I can continue to just keep moving, regardless of the exercise or workout that I'm doing.  And if everything goes well - all fingers crossed - I won't feel like I'm starting from ground zero after the little miss is born.

I'm currently eating a bowl of almost plain air popped popcorn and I don't even feel a little bit guilty.  Me and the little miss earned it!

Here's hoping my thighs and my buns will be up for the 5K we've got planned for lunch tomorrow!
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