Monday, August 26, 2013

Journey to 10K

It's all fun and games until you suggest to your running buddy that you should try to double your current running distance....and she LISTENS.

Tara doesn't seem to get the concept of "all talk" which is what I usually am.  I get these ideas in my head that sound good at the time but she doesn't seem to understand that that's all it is.  IDEAS.  Next thing I know, we're actually DOING them.

Like, years ago, we started taking walks at lunch and I was telling her about this program I had heard about called Couch to 5K and the basic idea behind it and she seemed to think that was me saying WE should do that.  The next week, we had our our phones loaded with the program and I'm cursing the guy telling me it's time to run when we had just finished running 60 seconds before!

Fast forward to present time and I'm just getting comfortable running a 5K without stopping and there goes me and my big ideas again!  Run Happy Races goes and announces that they've put together a Happy10K virtual run and I've got another blingy medal in my mind!  I just WANTED the medal, I didn't really stop to consider the fact that I'd actually have to GO 10K to get it. *face palm*

Gu Brew Electrolyte Drink Tablets: Pink Grapefruit & Strawberry Lemonade
Nuun: Strawberry Lemonade
Purchased from: The Running Room
Of course, I'm not me if I don't decide that I need that extra little something to ensure that I get 'er done and it's been a really long time since I've picked up any fitgear so my new focus was hydration tablets.  I don't even know how I got fixated on this, but all of a sudden, I was wide awake at 3:30 in the morning after getting up and couldn't get back to sleep and here I was researching hydration tablets that were safe to drink during pregnancy.

QUICK REVIEW: I first tried the Nuun tablets because I'm a sucker for pink lemonade and I had initially started out my research with that brand.  I'm not sure if I made the mistake of just trying it out when I wasn't really that thirsty, but I didn't like the taste of it very much.  It had an almost too sweet flavor for me with an aftertaste and maybe I was overthinking it, but my tummy didn't feel so great after it.  The next day for our lunch hour 5K, I tried out Gu's Pink Grapefruit, and while I wouldn't say it's delicious and I could drink it all the time, I liked it MUCH better than the Nuun tablets and it's been my go-to for the last few runs that I've done.

So, it's the trailer weekend and I've conveniently blocked out the fact that I'm supposed to be "running" 10K at 19 weeks pregnant and I'm stuffing my face with campfire delights.  Does calling it carbloading count?  Because if that sounds more athletic and purposeful, then that's what I was doing.  Especially if eating two smookies and a bunch of roasted marshmallows on their own count as athletic carbloading, then I was in ELITE mode, my friends.

Sunday rolls around and I'm waking up already knackered.  We had decided to get out on the road by about 8-ish to make sure we didn't fry on the asphalt in the heat, so when my alarm went off at 7, I rolled over.  Tara opens the door to our room and she demands that I get up.  In all honesty, she said - and may I quote: "Get up and fucking hydrate." BWAHAHAHA, such a ball of sunshine first thing in the morning to get you up and at 'em, hmmm?

But I'm up and slightly more willing to move and first things first, we start prepping.  Having a lot of fitgear takes some time to all get together, you know!  Starting off with some Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer.  The more I drink this stuff, the more I'm loving it.

DISCLAIMER: I did ask my OB about drinking this while pregnancy as the label cautioned that I check first before taking.  My OB gave it a quick onceover and said it was fine, but of course, the quickness of it didn't really have me at ease so I did some in-depth research (READ: Googled it) and couldn't find anywhere where it flat out said not to (some of Vega's products flat out say that it's a no-no during pregnancy) and some of the articles I did read followed with my OB's go-ahead made me decide that I was okay with drinking it.  Especially since it's only for a run, we all know that that's not going to be happening on a daily basis.

Next on the prep-list: load up my Nathan hydration belt - one of the BEST and favourite investments I've made for running besides my Skora shoes - with my Gu Brew and I was all set to go hydration-wise to beat the heat.  Grabbed the rest of my gear and finally there was really nothing else for me to do to stall and we were out the door.

First stop: washrooms! *LOL*  We were planning on being out and about for a while so the first thing this pregnant mama-to-be wanted to do was make sure that I wasn't freaking out looking for my next tinkle spot.  Any time that we were presented with a washroom, we stopped to take it!

I didn't realize until after I'd post the above picture on IG that the top left hand corner picture is my very first belly bump picture. Ever.  Before I had gotten pregnant, I had seen ladies put weekly pictures of their baby bumps taken at the exact same time, in the exact same place, wearing the exact same outfit, etc. and I had thought that was pretty cool and it seemed like exactly the kind of thing I would totally do.  Fast-forward to actually getting pregnant and I did no such thing.

CONFESSION: In all honesty, I think one of the main reasons why I didn't do it is because even though I had lost weight previous to me getting pregnant, I was still carrying the most, if not all of, my remaining weight in my belly.  So when I found out, I wasn't all that keen on taking pictures of my belly because first off, it doesn't really look any different and the further into pregnancy I got, it wasn't like I could tell the difference :(  So there was an actual reason for doing that, I just hope I don't regret it later on.  Perhaps I'll try to start taking regular pictures more often now that it seems that it's really starting to show an actual pregnancy as opposed to just a belly bulge from being overweight.

Going back to the run and the photo collage since I'm too lazy to post the individual photos right now, I can't believe how fast the run seemed to go.  I mean, no kidding around here, I was DREADING this run.  But the views and surroundings, it was hard not to enjoy being out there early in the morning when hardly anyone was out, the sun was shining and we had all the public washrooms to ourselves!  I nabbed a lot of calm lake water shots and sun shining overhead as we made our way along the 8K path winding around the lake, park and dock.  It was pretty perfect timing, too.  From the trailer to the beginning of the path, it was 2 km  to get there and we knew we would finish once we hit the end of the path since it was only 8 km long. 

I used my HRM to monitor my heart rate and we ran and only stopped for walking breaks once my HR hit around the 170s.  I did push myself a little bit and instead of stopping exactly when my HR hit the 170s, I set mini goals for myself around that time instead.  Like when I noticed that I was at my target HR, I would huff out that we would go until the next pole or tree or piece of garbage on the ground or something.  Just an extra, teeny, tiny push.  It didn't shoot my heart rate up any, and it allowed us to go just that little bit further a little bit faster.  Once we started walking, we set a goal that we would go again as soon as my heart rate got back into the 140s which hopefully showcased the hard work I put in before getting pregnant because it seemed to come by really quickly.  Good thing we set that goal, otherwise, there were some moments where it was hard for me to get started back up again.  If Tara didn't push or if we hadn't said we would start running again at a certain point, I would have just been content to walk the remaining km's and just finish at 4 pm or something *LOL*

It was funny to see my FuelBand hit its target goal and surpass it before 10 am and next thing I know I was running while staring down at my watch counting down the meters.  For some reason, Tara's and my GPS watches had slightly different distances and she had to keep going a little bit further than I did.  I briefly entertained the idea that I would just keep running with her until her watch hit the 10K mark, but as soon as mine did, I was pretty much done.  I started my cool down walk while she looped around a washroom/changeroom for the splash pad and I got right down to my stretching and it felt GOOD.

I think with the combination of the pre-workout energizer and my hydration belt with the tablets, I was feeling really good.  Sometime a little after the halfway point, I had noticed that me legs were starting to feel a bit tight, but Tara reminded me to keep drinking my water and that was pretty much the most that my legs bothered me.  I've never run a 10K outside with just plain water so I guess I don't really have anything to compare it to, but I remember commenting to Tara while we were walking around cooling down and catching our breath that now that it was over, it didn't really feel like we went 10K. 

Of course I had to take a photo of my shoes during my stretch as a nod to the wonder that are my Skora shoes.  I had zero issues during my run/walk, pregnant and all, and I still can't really believe that I'm banging out km's in any kind of shoe, let alone Skora's, when before, I couldn't imagine even walking down the block for any reason whatsoever without getting in the car and driving it instead.

Not exaggerating even a little bit when I say that I seriously felt like I earned this two-scooper later on that day!  This is probably one of the things that kept me going when I wanted to just hide out in a bathroom stall and not come out until our husbands came to get us.  

And that's THAT! 10K and I've got my sights set on RunDisney's Princess Half Marathon for 2015 since I will unfortunately not be able to make it to this February's.  But this one is a big goal and I've got a year after my little one to make it happen.  It's a win-win situation all around.  I'm hoping this big goal will inspire me to keep moving and keep staying on the healthy lifestyle change track after the little munchkin is born and it's also a good opportunity for a first family vacation to Disney (and also if I do it, I get a blingy TIARA MEDAL!)

Thanks for sticking out this blog post with me (if you're still around LOL)!

Vega Pre-Workout Energizer
Gu Brew Electrolyte Hydrator
Nathan hydration belt
Skora FORM running shoes
Women's BodyGlide (though I've been told there's absolutely no different in the product besides the fact that the package is pink and costs $2 more)
Nike+ FuelBand
Nike+ GPS SportWatch powered by TomTom with Nike+ heart rate monitor and strap
Nike+ for iPod app (music and additional tracking)

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Marti Wills said...

I am SUCH a slacker on my working out of any kind :P No running and only T25 twice a week at most! hoping I can get back on it when school starts....You are AWESOME tho - 10K!!!!! Oh and we're totally going with ya to disney!

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