Thursday, April 18, 2013

Living is Learning

The abbreviated version of my post:
(For my short-attention-span and most of my male readers, ie. Andre and Josh-o)

"This is a throw-down, a showdown
Hell no, I can't slow down
It's gonna go down, first offense on the mix
down, go on and break
- Maestro Fresh-Wes

Last week, while I was hard at work, diligently typing away with all the dedication and passion of the employee of the month that I am (if my work HAD employees of the month), it occurred to me that my new mission in life is to become a breakdancer.

I know, right?!  Why didn't it occur to me before?  Too much valuable time has already gone by in which I could have been perfecting my b-boy style moves.

Luckily, one of the IGers (Instagrammers) I follow - Chalene Johnson (of TurboKick and ChaLEAN Extreme fame) herself - just happened to post a quick tutorial on how to do a b-boy pose and so of course I had to try it out to gauge where I'm at skill-wise.

Yep.  Obvi I'm on the right track.  I mean, that's my first time and it already looks like I'm a natural at it.  Like I have this built-in, innate ability to just bend my limbs at will and turn tricks hold b-boy poses down.  If we're out and about, just beware...anywhere, everywhere, anytime is a good time to dance off.  I am confident that if I ever get challenged to a dance off, nobody's gonna see me coming!

If you've got a little bit more time to stick around...

Probably until I actually break something, I'm not actually kidding about the least, I think!  I tried a move the other day while I was playing a hip hop dancing game on Kinect and I was pretty sure I legit threw my hip out.  The guy on screen could do it and he made it look so easy and effortless...I was like, well, OBVI I can do that move!  Mmmm...not so much.  But I'm working on it!

For right now, it's breakdancing that got into my head for some reason, but I've got a long bucket list of things I want to learn and do and it's getting longer as the days go on.

I think where I'm going with all of this - and breakdancing was just the icebreaker, I guess you could say - is that with this lifestyle change I've embarked upon, I'm finding it easier to actually do the things that I've been tossing onto my list.  And nowadays, my bucketlist doesn't seem so far off anymore.  The first step is that I now seem to have enough energy, willingness or patience to go out and move.

I won $15! Baller alert!

A few weeks ago, Bart got it into his head that one of our date nights should be to go out and play bingo.  We were already home and had had dinner so usually, post-lifestyle change, when Bart asks if I want to head out, I would say no.  I mean, we're already home, I've had dinner, I've taken my pants off already for crying out loud!  Why would I want to haul myself up off the couch, turn off Netflix and head outside where it's quite possibly already dark and cold and...outside?  Inside is good.  Inside is warm and lovely and where my snacks are located.  So a lot of the time, more often then not, our date nights usually always turned into Netflix on the couch nights.  I didn't really see anything wrong with this for a long while.  Sometimes I miss it, even!

But as I've mentioned before, I finally hit that moment where it crossed my mind that this can't be all that my life is going to be about.  We're wanting to start a family (actually, we've been wanting to start a family for some time now already and it just hasn't happened as of yet) and when I think of us having kids and in the beginning stages where we won't have the choice of whether or not we can go out or later on when kids are more active and they WANT to go out, we can't - or at least I don't want to be the parents that just sit back and not be active with them.  And in terms of the eating...I knew we couldn't take our kids out to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner to all our usual fast-food haunts so I figured it was time to start the change now so that it was well-established as opposed to when we were forced to change later when the kids come.

Now that I'm typing it out, I think that was one of the biggest reasons for this lifestyle change and why I've been able to sustain it so far besides the fact that I am now addicted to a lot of the things that come alone with a lifestyle change!

I've gotten sidetracked, but the point of what I was trying to get at (I think...) is that lately, I've noticed I'm more of a positive person in terms of action.  When you ask me to do something, or go somewhere, or move, my answer is usually always "YES!" for the most part.  And along with that, instead of waiting to be asked, I'm also being more pro-active.  I'm getting out and doing things and I'm wanting to learn and grow MORE!

Now, because I've learned that I can almost do pretty much anything I want and set my mind to, nothing is holding me back!  I knocked down some goals with weight-loss and ultimate frisbee and it's having this whole domino effect.  I'm so excited about everything that I'm trying to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.  I'm making plans to visit friends, those visits have activities and plans to stay fit (unfortunately for Marti), I've been researching archery lessons, I want to learn to speak new languages, I've added another day of ultimate frisbee during the week, I want to go out and dance, I want to learn how to do the splits again, I want to be able to bust out break-dancing moves!  I want to do it all because I really feel like I CAN!

It's not to say that prior to all of this, I couldn't have done these's just that, the thought never occurred to me or they would, but I was too lazy to follow-through with it.

CONFESSION: Follow-through has always been my weakest point, I had always thought.  I always thought of myself as the person who likes to start things and halfway through or just when the going gets tough, is over it already.  I would never see things through to the end or its natural course and I was always okay with that.

But now, maybe not that anything has changed, but I've been able to find a new perspective.  I never refer or allow anyone else to refer to what I've been up to for the last seven months as a diet.  Because a diet implies that it's short-term or that there will be an end-date in sight.  A lifestyle change is open-ended.  It allows me to make better choices in what I do to myself and for myself without any restrictions that give me the opportunity to feel like I'm failing.  I've taken this to mean that I don't have to restrict myself or force myself or have "cheat" days.  There's no cheating in a lifestyle change.  There's making choices that are, for the most part, the best for you.

Last week, Bart broke down and ordered chicken wings from Wings Up here in town

CONFESSION:  Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure it was me.  But whatevs, it's not a competition or anything.  We don't have to keep track of who does what! Geeze!

...and it's a big deal because these chicken wings are massive and DELICIOUS.  Delicious in the deep-fried, breaded, extra saucey goodness, delicious way.  We hunkered down and for about twenty minutes, there was complete silence except for the sound of wing gnawing and sauce slurping.  My mouth is watering right now remembering it.  Is eating chicken wings part of my usual, daily plans for dinner?  Nope.  Did we do it anyway? Yes! And I didn't regret a single chicken wing or delicious crumb of it.  Because I know that it's no longer a usual meal for me.  I can enjoy it because it doesn't come around very often and I now have the willpower, knowledge?, allowance?, strength? to be able to pull myself back and enjoy that moment.  Because I did it, it doesn't mean I've fallen off the "diet" wagon and might as well just stay off and enjoy myself - which was how my mindset worked previously.  It meant that in the next few weeks, I was going to be making healthier choices for myself and perhaps run an extra km or two if I found it in me to be able to do so.

And now that I'm more active and more prone to say "YES!" to active things, I technically don't even have to force or coerce myself to bang out extra exercise time if I do happen to indulge in something.  I'm hoping that in the long run, there's a give and take happening and I'm balancing food intake and exercise in a way that my body is agreeable to.  So far, it seems that things are going good.

In the meantime, I think I'm going to continue enjoying this crazy, exciting desire to try new things and I will keep working on those break dance poses and other things on my checklist, so that one day, I can pull some of those skills out of my back pocket if the need for it arises.

I totally want to do a dance off!

Anything particular on your bucketlist (big or small) that you're working towards?


Marti Wills said...

HAHA! Love the post! OMG the break dancing. You are the ONLY person who can go from random thought to total obsession as fast as I can!

Excellent stuff on the lifestyle change. You are so right! I need to think of it that way too.

SO SO SO happy to see you out and up and enjoying life and HAPPY cuz you KNOW you are one of my fave peeps of all time! And everything you said about getting ready for kids is spot on. OH and archery ROCKS. I HAVE had a passing thought or two about doing that again. I did it as a kid.

as for bucket list - that's a good one. I had one for such a long time and I worked so hard on accomplishing it but wasn't adding to it and now I kinda don't have one.....I should work on that. I do have a couple travel things on it but now personal goal type stuff.
hugs! can't wait to see you!

Courtney said...

Love the new look! Your moves are pretty rad! I have absolutely NO rhythm. NONE.

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