Friday, April 12, 2013

Have a Purpose...

I can say that I have definitely gotten into the spirit of the Happy5K.

"Have a purpose. Push yourself."

I guess I've been living it for the past six months without realizing it and the Happy5K has just been able to give me a name for what I've been doing.

So how am I making sure I don't quit or fall off the wagon - especially now that I seem to have the beginnings of a mini runner blooming inside previously chubby me?

Sign up for races!

I am currently working on my race schedule for 2013 and it's looking pretty dynamite if not a bit overzealous for a newbie.  But of course, I've got things in my head and I wouldn't be me if I didn't get carried away!

A few years ago, I saw some pictures pop up on my Facebook newsfeed from some friends.  In their pictures they were dragging blocks of cement and running through open flames.  And the last few pictures, they were posing and wearing medals.  They had me at MEDALS. 

Of course I'm clicking through like a fiend until I finally find out what this is all about.  They did a Spartan race.  Being a big fan of 300, I was definitely intrigued but medal or not, I knew thought I didn't have it in me to sign up and complete a race like that.  But there it was, the little obstacle race seed planted in my head.  It took a while to take root and bud, but a few years later, I think I see the beginnings of a sprig popping up.

Now that I'm running 5K and don't really have any intentions of running much more than that, I figure I have to do something to change things up or else I'd get bored of running - especially knowing I wasn't the biggest fan of it to begin with.  Then the Spartan Race came back to me and consider my fire lit. 

....except, reading about it has me seriously thinking I am not ready for it and that perhaps I should be taking baby steps into the land of obstacle racing.  Like, here's me knocking out 5Ks and all of a sudden I think I can do anything? (Which, is actually pretty AWESOME because I actually feel that way since at one time I couldn't even get CLOSE to doing a 5K and now I can - it's a great feeling!).

But look at that logo, alone! I TOTALLY wanna know at the finish line! I want to be a SPARTAN!!! Aroo!

However,  doing more research, I came across this obstacle race and put it out there on Instagram and starting reading reviews and comparisons of the two.  And it's pretty unanimous that the Spartan Race came out on top as the harder of the two races.  Which tells me that perhaps, since I'm having a few doubts and misgivings about the Spartan Race, maybe I should start on a smaller scale and try being a warrior first. 

Melissa did the Warrior Dash last year (or is it already a couple years ago?) and she said it was really fun, and the cincher?  The Warrior Dash location is really close to Tara's trailer so we're going to make a weekend of it!  OBVIOUSLY if we do the dash, that just means we can drink and eat lots of sliders at the trailer after!  Done deal, consider us registered to become Warriors in July!

But theeeeen, as I'm posing questions about Spartan vs. Warrior, my friend Courtney asks if I want to do the Badass Dash in town.  That is a big, fat YES!  While the logo doesn't really feel all that badass to me, I know for a fact that I totally want to be a badass warrior in 2013!  I was okay with the Warrior Dash because it's close to the trailer and we can make a weekend of it, but I'm not really the biggest fan of traveling too far to get to a race.  Badass being in town is a no brainer and I'm really pumped for it - though it being at a ski resort has me worried that there'll be a LOT of uphill running (*barf*).

So that puts me up to 4 official races for 2013 at the moment.  Warrior Dash in July, Badass Dash in September, and the 5K and the 2K in October.  And then if I go ahead and sign up for the runs I usually do every year, that'll bring me up to six 5Ks for 2013 and I don't think that's at all excessive.  They're 5Ks after all!  Can't miss the CIBC Run for the Cure which is also usually in October and then the Resolution Run on New Year's Eve to close out the old year and welcome in the new year on the right foot (and with a nice, new running jacket to boot!)

Tara and I discovered something today though.

HOLY MOLY, I WANT TO DO THIS!  First of all, it's in DISNEY WORLD, second of all, you get to wear costumes and OBVIOUSLY I'm meant to do this run wearing a tiara and a pink tutu and THIRDLY:

My eyes are still round as saucers every time I see these!  I want that medal around mah neck!

Clearly all the sparkly bling is blocking out the fact that this is a half marathon and I can barely entertain myself with my own thoughts during a 5K but who cares? For a medal like that AND running it in Disney World which is the happiest place on earth, I feel like the time would just fly by!

Sadly, we missed 2012 and are very upset that we didn't know there was even such a thing as runDisney, but now that I've got it in my head, I really have my sights set on this run for 2014.  Too bad, there are other plans in the works that will most likely make us unable to go, but who knows, I haven't written it off just yet!  If I'm going to ever run more than 5K, then it might as well be in a tiara and a pink tutu and for one of these medals!

Whatever races I eventually end up, all I know is that I am very excited and pumped and looking forward to participating in these events to celebrate the fact that I can!  I am LOVING this feeling and at the moment, I am feeling unstoppable!  Now someone hand me a tiara!

P.S. I would also like to do the Color Run as well :)

P.P.S. I have also updated my progress pics as the last time I had taken any pictures was in January on my birthday! I can't believe almost three months have passed by!

Tomorrow will mark the last day of the Happy5K virtual race and I'm going to celebrate it by running my 5th 5K in 5 days :)  Have a purpose. Push yourself.

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