Monday, April 8, 2013

Be H.A.P.P.Y!

An AWESOME mantra to live by on a day to day basis, I'd say!


Just getting back into the blogging groove, I'm not sure if I mentioned that Tara and I signed up for the Happy 5K.  The biggest enticement that got us?

CONFESSION: Okay, okay, besides the glittery medal that they told us all finishers get

- and also besides the fact that the run benefits supporting the search to find a cure for blood cancer - specifically leukemia and lymphoma - as if those two reasons weren't already enough reasons to get registered:

It's a VIRTUAL race!

Meaning, that runners don't have to gather in one specific location.  Meaning that nobody is left out due to the fact that they can't travel to the race.  You run where you are.  You run where you want.  When you want.  Heck, even how often you want!  It's that simple and that AWESOME!

The fact that the race is over a long period of time, you have the opportunity to run it once any time between the time frame you're given, or you can complete 5K over and over again, as each week there are different focuses to share.  Even though you only get one medal for the first 5K that you share, it's just such an awesome cause and awesome concept that I've been motivated to run 5K quite a bit over the last couple of weeks!

And if you like the sounds of ALL of that?  You still have time to get in on it!

Visit: to get more information about this awesome run/cause and to register and you have from now until April 12 to run, walk, crawl, skip, heck, I even saw someone swim their 5K and share it.  Your post gets you your medal and each post and subsequent ones thereafter get you further entries into awesome weekly prizes.  It's a win-win situation all around.  Not to mention that the endorphins make you feel pretty darn good after completing it - which is probably where my perky post is coming from!

Goal setting: have a purpose, push yourself.  When you apply these principles, it's hard to not come out a winner no matter what.

This week, our E-Mail asked us to share what pushes us, drives us, gives us purpose to run each week.  What gets us lacing up when all we'd rather do is snuggle down into some fluffy covers.  Or tuck into a hot, comfort meal.

I'd love it if I could wax poetic about my purpose being for the pursuit of health and well-being and I just want to run for the sheer joy of it, but well...perhaps that may not be true yet.  For right now, I'm driven by numbers and accountability.  Nothing pushes me forward more than thinking about the numbers I'll get to post afterwards.  Why would I want to post run stats showing I ran 3K when I could post run stats showing that I ran 5? *LOL* Right now, it's that simple and I'm hoping that drive will lead to other more noble examples of motivation.

Besides that, this also helps fuel the fire pretty well:

About 35 minutes before I posted this, I happened to glance at it and noticed I was in second place where yesterday I was in first. Whaaaat? Oh no she di'nt! *finger snaps* Nike Plus knew what they were doing when they started up those leaderboards.

Tara is the best motivator for me and I'm hoping it works vice versa.  When we first started with our FuelBands, it was afternoon fuel checks that got us up and out of our chairs for a break and adventures got us even running around the building and up and down stairs before getting back to paperwork.  It had us messaging each other for fuelchecks and jogging or jumping jacks in place before bed.  It may not work for everyone, but it sure works for us. 

Tara and I first started our running adventures three years ago and while we were on our run on Friday afternoon, it was really fun to look back on how far we've come and it's hard not to feel proud of ourselves for that.  We both got each other where we are today (running-wise) and it feels good knowing that because we both keep each other accountable with a good, healthy dose of competition, we have been able to progress with quantifiable stats.  We like getting medals, but we love knowing that we EARNED them :)

Jumping around a bit, I was thinking thoughts while I was on the treadmill today.  Looking back when I first started the C25K program and felt like I cheated by finishing the program on the treadmill, it's funny how different my perspective is now.  I felt like I cheated by running on the treadmill because it felt easier.  And now, I can't stand running on the treadmill and would rather be outside if I could.  I was musing on this little table turn thinking that running outside for me now is just what I think it's supposed to be.  Running.  Moving my body.  Getting from point A to point B.  Running on the treadmill...I feel like it has less to do with running or exercising my body as opposed to exercising my mental ability.  Running on the treadmill...sometimes I can't be 100% sure that I'm going to win against the part of myself that just wants to stop.

When I'm not focused on trying to get somewhere, there isn't really much else to focus on.  All of a sudden, my mind is focusing on things that perhaps aren't really even there.  One second I could be running and all of a sudden my mind will be trying to convince the rest of me that my knee hurts - even when it doesn't.  But the mind...she's a special thing.  Once she gets onto something...she can convince the rest of my body to go with that she thinks...where one second my knee wasn't second I could start feeling a twinge....basically, during a treadmill run, my mind pretty much does a body checklist.  Focuses on each part of my body and tries to convince me to stop.  If I don't bite, then it moves on to the next body part - 'your hair hurts, you should stop', etc.

Anywho, I don't really know where I was going with was just one of the random things that I was thinking during my run and it stood out for me long enough to blog about it.  Huh.

For record-keeping purposes and because playlists change in availability in streaming, I did up a Playlist section/tab with my current playlists written out.  So far I've got my running playlist up and a yoga/stretching list.  Feel free to check it out and definitely feel free to let me know if you think there should be songs on there that I have to have!

Have a good night everyone!

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Courtney Messier Lee said...

Love what your HAPPY stands for! Remembering that one for sure!

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